Pink Floyd - Relics

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see emily play, much like clouds this album is so good, it has such a different sound, piper at the gates and relics with a bottle of wine and a good bag of weed man can you have a better evening

Crazy mix up

The touch of Syd Barrett just makes it great. Syd made the songs so unique and different from everyone else, he changed the pyshedlic rock game


During the early days of Punk, Johnny Rotten was famed for his "I hate Pink Floyd" T-shirt. Ironically, the Sex Pistols tried to enlist the band's founder, the elusive Syd Barrett, to produce their first album. Why? Because the '67-era Floyd were every bit as groundbreaking as the Pistols were in '77. Proof comes in the form of Relics, re-released as part of Capitol's remastering of the group's back catalog. A collection of singles and album tracks, this disc kicks off with three Barrett diamonds, "Arnold Layne," the awe-inspiring "Interstellar Overdrive," and "See Emily Play." Barrett's drug-induced psychological breakdown led to his replacement by David Gilmour in 1968, but not before he graced Rick Wright's "Remember a Day" with mournfully loopy slide guitar work. Relics' Roger Waters-era highlights include "Cirrus Minor," "The Nile Song," and a personal favorite, "Careful With That Axe, Eugene." The disc closes with Barrett's "Bike," further proof that Syd wasn't like the rest of us anymore. Relics surprises at every turn, mixing pop songcraft, avant-garde deconstructionism, and eerie melody. It's a much-needed boarding pass to a place few minds have dared journey.

JMP Fritz

This album contains material with Syd Barrett and material with David Gilmour. Syd Barrett had some really good songs on this album like "Arnold Layne" (I think it was the best Syd Barrett song on the album, also the best on the album and it is also one of my favorite Floyd songs), "See Emily Play" (probably the most popular Barrett-era Floyd song), and "Paintbox" (the song was written and sung by Rick Wright). David Gilmour really nailed it on the previously unreleased tune "Biding My Time" (although the song was written by Roger Waters, the last three minutes of the five minute song had an epic Gilmour guitar solo alongside with fantastic drums by Nick Mason). This a great early Floyd Compilation album. I highly sugggest this album to all true Floyd fans.

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