Tyler Farr - Redneck Crazy

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Redneck Crazy Tracklist:


Great album, love all the songs


I can't even listen to a song because his vocals are way off and it is not even close to a good country song. They shouldn't make the voice be produce much.

Shawn McCue

I really like redneck crazy dirty living with the blues hello goodbye and my water in hot mess this is a good album Tyler keep doing what you're doing you'll be the next Lee Brice you're already better than Keith urban keep going


Sounds great, future legend


Tyler Farr is pretty good live for the most part. Bought this album back in Nov. when he was touring with Brantley Gilbert. After listening to this album 5 to 6 times, I think it’s just ok. A few songs are good, but I’m not to crazy about this album.


Can I put less than one star? Country music has fallen into conformity more than any other genre and this clown just proves it. The music has no substance. Constantly taking about county boy alcoholics and their trucks is not my idea of music... I'm sorry


I purchased Redneck Crazy but iTunes downloaded Hot Mess instead. I'm not sure how to correct this. the album says I've purchased the correct song but it's not in my playlist. Help!


Stop saying that its no good becauseit isn't like country music was 20 or 30 years ago. This is what we call country rock people.


I'm so tired of hearing all these brand new artist trying to make it. all they sing about is girls, trucks, beer, dirt roads, whiskey, etc. I miss old country, sing about something original.


Just another album full of stereotypical country garbage thanks to the powers that be in Nashville. Also, Redneck Crazy sounds like a crazy stalker song.

Taylor Blair

This song is awesome and I know all the words and it's a great song.


Great album, he has a great voice! Love him! Sexy too, and by the way if you don't like the new country don't listen to it!


I saw him live just last week at CUSA and holy crap... He kept me and my friends dancing the entire time! Hot Mess is me and my best friends new song because lord knows every country girl can be a hot mess at times :) Keep it up Tyler!!!!!

J wheels 007

Seen and herd him live and it was a good show! Like that he sings from the heart! Didn't know who he was till that night but now I have his album! Can't wait to see him again with Jason Alden and Florida Georgia line this summer!!!




I like some of the songs like whiskey in my water and chicks, trucks, and beer but I couldn't listen to him 24/7


Best songs ever!!😉


Love his voice! This is the country I like

Hope for this game

I love this song so much it's calm and relaxing. I listen to this song when I'm mad and just want to listen to music it is my favorite song and I know a lot of people that like this song also.


One of my favorites😍


I love this song! He is my favorite Pop Country singer !! ❤️❤️


Idk what's with these bad reviews, I really like this song


"Redneck Crazy" super catchy, i like! "Whiskey in My Water” my new favorite song, and I’ve decided that Whiskey and Ginger Ale is my new favorite drink :P No, but seriously, I’ve had this song on repeat for 2 days now. Tyler’s voice is pretty unique, it is deep/raspy. I was able to see him perform live and he definitely knows how to put on a show. Did I mention that he is pretty hot? :) “Hello, Goodbye” is another good song, sad but good; not sure why anyone would want to break such a good looking guy’s heart. Anyway, the album is definitely worth the 8 bucks. Highly recommend it.


I love this! Great music :)


Fun songs that have some romance in 'em :) I would buy it again and again!!


Such a good person, just enjoy seeing him sing. He has a style all his own and I love it


Everyone else doesn't know what they're talking about.


Enjoy most every track! It's definitely today's country. Love how well written the songs are! I still have to say Hot Mess is my fave! It has been since it was a single! Great job Tyler! :)


Love that rough country voice and true to the soul lyrics!


Best album I have heard in along time! <3 Tyler Farr!

Country girl 4 ever

He's sexy , his voice is sexy too :)


No depth No heart no soul


This whole album is AMAZING and he performs these songs so well live. I've seen him twice and met him twice, and not only is he a fantastic performer, but he is the sweetest person EVER! I love this guy so much and there is no bad song on this album. Perfect debut album. Won't be long til he is on his own headlining tour. He is an awesome artist. Ain't Even Drinkin is my favorite song off the album. I absolutely love it! Great job Tyler! I'd give you more than 5 stars if I could. I try to get so many people to listen to him because he's gonna be big. I can feel it. 😊


Why doesn't it let me get a discounted price for the songs I've bought. I've bought 3 and it's still priced at 9.99


Love his whole album! Watched him perform this past summer and it was well worth what I paid for! Can't wait to see what other songs he's going to come out with.


Another overly music produced weak vocal product from nashville! I've heard these songs written by the co writers before in some other form or fashion on other records!

Wendi Yates

Great job Tyler!! Love the new CD!


Redneck Crazy is a stalker, sociopath and socially awkward song. It promotes abusive violence in a r/s by stalking your ex, throwing beer cans at the shadow and starting a fight. I can't believe songwriters in Nashville have degraded the definition of Redneck man to this unseemingly low level.


Just saw him play in Rome Ga and he put on an AMAZING show! And even stayed and signed EVERY autograph! He is an awesome artist and this album is bad a%$ just like him!!!!! 5+++++ stars!! Keep it up Tyler!! :)


Best song and album of the year!


"Ain't Even Drinkin" is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time! SO great, catchy, and groovy. This should be Tyler's next single!!!


I can't stand this guy.


i'm not a big country fan..but this is some good stuff...very enjoyable..I see big things for tyler ahead


Yeah, songs `bout rednecks drinkin`! Woo hoo ain`t that original! Even true Rednecks can see through this Music Row line of horse manure.


Great new artist great sound great songs GREAT


Tyler Farr RED HOT


You must have it !!!!


This is just more CRAP turned out by Nashville of over produced pop singers trying to appeal to the masses! Where has country music gone? I miss it.


The song "Ain't even drinking" and whiskey in my water together with redneck crazy makes it a must!!!

Nikki Bateman

There are very few country albums this year that I could call a favorite. Tyler Farr's debut album Redneck Crazy has just jumped to the top of my list. I've been a fan of Farr's music since his first single "Hot Mess" was released so while many people obviously think he's a "new" artist, I don't. But then again, maybe that's a good thing! Tyler Farr has a voice that really sinks in. I could listen to Redneck Crazy basically all day. My favorite song on the album is "Whiskey in My Water" which is basically an up-tempo ballad (at least that's what it sounds like) that'll just put you in a good mood! Tyler Farr did such a great job with this album that I hope everyone buys this album!