Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits

℗ 1991, 1995, 1999, 2002, 2003 Warner Records Inc.; 1989 EMI Records

Greatest Hits Tracklist:


I don’t see what’s so great about this band. Many of the songs sound off to me and aren’t enjoyable.


People think RHCP is good for some reason and I just don’t get it. They aren’t versatile, unique, or original. They play funk metal. A ton of other bands play funk metal. They are no different. Slap bass, funky drums, all complimented by a guitar and bad vocals apparently make the world go round. Go listen to Faith No More. Patton sings Kiedis’ songs better than he does

God of Thunder

If you want an introduction to one of the greatest bands of all time, this will have to suffice. It has most of their hits. It can't have Dani California or Snow (Hey Oh) because those songs didn't exist when this album was released. But "Around the World" and "Can't Stop" did exist: there's no excuse for excluding those songs. How did "Universally Speaking," and "Road Trippin'," two non-hits make it on here instead? If you want all the hits, get this and then download the other songs I mentioned.

eli how

But missing a few good songs like Dani California can’t stop snow Wet sand zephyr song but overall great album with great songs listen to it all the time


Could've had more songs like some of my favorites righteous and the wicked and my lovely man

Simpson fanatic

Love RHCP! Amazing greatest hits


The 3 non-album tracks alone is worth the purchase price. Some of their studio albums are so good front to back that this spliced up collection of hit singles pales in comparison. For those complaining about missing favorites, buy the albums and not just settle for their “greatest hits”. Try... Blood Sugar Sex Magik Californication By The Way Stadium Arcadium These classics are amongst the greatest alternative rock albums of all time and still tops anything released in the past 10-20 years.


Great collection of hits, except there’s no Can’t Stop


Love these songs :) also, did anyone else get double’s? It shows I payed for one album but it got me 2 albums for the price of one :)


...Dani California? If I don't love the Peppers so much I would have removed some stars. Still can't lose with this album


A band with a catalog like RHCP will always struggle to find an affordable collection of hits that completely satisfies everyone. This does a pretty good job. I have a few gripes, but then again, greatest hits collections by any band are always subject to that criticism; everyone has a different opinion on which songs from a band's history are the "greatest."

People don't hate on em

The only good songs they made where under the bridge and californiacation


a smoking grand one here!

Mine slum

I love RHCP and this album, but where is can't stop. That is my favorite RHCP song, and it's weird considering that was a huge song for them. Maybe it's just my bias to the song and the whole By The Way album


its great just (hey oh) or snow should be there


I love everything from this album...

Lana KLD

Thank you💜

sebastian chevaporankiano

The chili peppers are the best band of all time. They need to do another greatest hits album in a year or 2

Jvvnnb mbvbn

I will always love them but jeez I miss John :(


I mean fortune faded and soul to squeeze need I say more .

Beantown Brawla 45

Love then


One of my all-time favorite bands, they were rocking it then and they still are currently.


Feel the power of the Chilli Pepppers!


You need to have dis album


can't think of any better songs to put on a cd


RCHP🌶are amazeballs



Guy from San Pedro

Includes most of Red Hot Chili Peppers hits. But they should include Snow (hey oh!),Dani California ,and Can't Stop. But it's still great music

Trent Hunt

People that do not like this do not realize how versatile this band is and was. Not the worlds best but really really good.

Load dropper

This 3 star review is based off the song selection. Good songs but not my favorite. I was a huge fan of one hot minute which I understand was not a favorite of many. I think "one big mob, one hot minute" should be included but that's just me.


As a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, I think that it's really convenient of Apple to combine all these songs into one album! Still enjoying my purchase!


Give it away Give it away Give it away Now How deep is that ? Yeah Great Musical Ideas Guys You sing About Herion and everybody Thinks Yor deep But Your Not Your Wingy Libearal Eviromentalsts with no depth what so ever This band Represents everything wrong with 90's music Go Listen to nirvana Or Pearl Jam This Band are Hacks


I purchased this entire album but one song, Road trippin’, did not download. I can’t play it! How can I download again only that song??


Charged me tax for the purchase, but its a great song.


best artists


It's a timeless song that will never grow old 😍😍😍

My favorite band ever

You half to listen too Californiacation


one of the greatest bands ever!


Was not happy with purchase


There is a lot of rock but it says alternative dissapointed


Greatest thing you could buy.