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Quiana Parler is an angel sent to sing. The instrumentation is perfect. A gem.


We saw them in concert at Bayview in MI. Entertaining, inspiring, and personable. Wonderful music!


Heard them on 12/12 on NPR, too! Had to get it! Glad I did! Love the album. I like the mix of traditional gospel as well a light Caribbean feel. I find this quite interesting.



creative genius shines through

I heard three of the members interviewed on Fresh Air by Terri Gross 12/12/17. Their story about getting together and deciding to record these songs is compelling, played some of the tracks from the album werte played , and they sang live in the studio.


From the eastern shores of South Carolina comes a sound that resonates through the bones of all of us. Bright, fresh spirituality in a historically-rooted rhythm that takes us into the stars. Thank you for producing this experience through music as soul food.


It's hard to sum this achievement up in an iTunes review. Suffice to say, this is a collection of some of the finest musicians to ever call Charleston, SC "home". Their contemporary take on traditional Gullah spirituals is an astonishingly accessible ear-worm which easily joins my permanent playlist. It immediately feels like a lifelong favorite that has somehow always been there... the performances are nothing short of spectacular. There's no music on iTunes that is more worthy of supporting with your purchase.