Randy Newman - Toy Story (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack)

℗ 1995 Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.

Toy Story (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack) Tracklist:


Kalli Kid

I think that it is strait from the movie, I counted the breaks from and it is the SAME!! I am listening to it right now!! I just purchased it and I LOVE it!! I listen to it 24/7 and it helps me go to sleep!

B-Dog 🐶

This soundtrack is perfection. I used to be a person who said oh Toy Story! Awe man I wanted to watch.... whatever movie I wanted to, but now here I am buying the toy story soundtrack sitting next to my Signature Collection Buzz Lightyear with a Woody coming next! I am the Ultimate Toy Story Fan! I recommend this album to everyone who love music! Randy Newman was the guy to sing in the toy story movies! He has the perfect voice fo4 toy story! And it fits perfectly in with the movie that is just as good as the soundtrack! Toy Story is my life! (Figure of speech, I’m nine!)

D.J Burris

Finally after 18 years I now own "Toy Story" (1995) soundtrack! Unforgettable songs like "You've Got A Friend In Me" sang by Randy Newman including a duet with Lyle Lovett and 2 other great songs "Strange Things" and "I Will Go Sailing No More" the theme songs are wonderful! I cannot think of anyone else to compose the music to this soundtrack. Randy Newman is the best!

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