Journey - Raised on Radio

℗ 1986 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Raised on Radio Tracklist:


Amazing band with the voice of Steve Perry what a memories.


Maybe it’s not cool to like this album, but I like it anyway. It’s not as heavy as their previous albums and much more slick and pop oriented as well. I still happen to like it a bunch. It’s an enjoyable album from start to finish. So many good songs, like Girl Can’t Help It, Be Good To Yourself, I’ll Be Alright Without You and The Eyes Of A Woman. Still plenty of great guitar playing from Neal Schon. Good album. And yes, a very cool album cover as well.


One of Steve Perrys greatest!! Melodic and Haunting.

Prayer the rosary

Steve Perry put his style into this record. His image changed with the time. Him and J Cain with their perms are adorable. The songs are all my kind of music.


I like what I heard.


Journey Was tearing at the seams by the time Raised on radio came out and i sadly dont blame anyone for trying Steve perrys mom was dying and it shows the strain on the band to write another hit Its a ok if solid album Best tracks are as follows but before I metion that the different drummers and bass players killed the album flow in my opinion Best tracks 1. Girl Cant Help it 2. why cant this night go on forever 3. Suzane 4.Be good to yourself 5. Ounce you love somebody 6 and finally Ill be alright without you the other songs should have been dropped honestly and i love street talk as its a little more diverse but perry as a producer doesnt work as well as kevin elson and mike clay stone


I had got this album as a Christmas present and I have not stopped loving this album! I am Journey obsessed,so I know a lot of their albums,this one,is in the top 3!!!


Amazing album. I've listened to it like 100 times all the way through. Man I wish I lived in the 80s! The sound quality on vinyl is so much better though and everything is so crisp. Much better sound than mp3's can offer.

Hanford Homey

This album like the others is no exception to perfection. Plus the cover shows a place in Perry's old stomping grounds which is located off Hwy 198 in Kings county Hanford California. It is a portuguese radio station with the two towers on both sides.


Steve Perry is the voice!!!! Playing it on repeat right now lol


Love raised on radio. Best song Suzanne listen towards the end when he sings "Suzanne, don't walk away, I love you Suzanne! Hauntingly beautiful. You can actually hear pure emotion in that song. Never realized it before until I got some good headphones and cranked it up. Mr. Perry we need more music from you.


Dissed by long time Journey fans as "too formulaic and pop" - it was the first Journey album I was old enough to truly appreciate. I was in junior high...and "I'll be alright without you" was my theme song for a while. Now as an adult, this still may be my favorite Journey album...with my favorite Journey song..."Be Good To Yourself" - Steve Perry's voice from 2:15 to 2:22 does something to me that no other Journey song (and maybe no other song period) does...


This album brings back so may memories for me as I was a senior in high school when ROR was released. Every song is great, Steve Perry was the man! There will never be another group like this. My eleven year old son loves Journey and its great to pass along some of my musical interests to him. As long as the younger generation still listens, Journey will always live!


One of the best albums from Journey! Fav song- BE GOOD TO YOURSELF


Journey, being my all time favorite band this album rocks. There are so many good songs on this album such as, Girl Can't Help, Why Can't this Night Go On Forever, and. Be Good To Yourself. Today's music is not that good. As a 13 year old I really do applaud the people who got to live in the 80s.....the music was so much better

Rock n' Roll Clown

Why can't this night go on forever, why can't this album go on forever?? It really does have a Positive Touch. Steve Perry hands down best singer ever!!


It is the only Journey album in their entire career that doesn't have a single bad or un-catchy song on it. Just good stuff.


no steve perry NO journey


I really like all Journey music so it should be no surprise that I enjoy this album as well. The two live tracks at the end are outstanding and the hidden gem of the album is a song I had never heard "Happy to Give". What an amazing set of lyrics and vocal range Steve Perry shows. Long live Journey!

Travis G.

Can anybody else realize the similarity of "Girl Can't Help It" and "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac? That said, this is one of my favorite Journey albums. Quite underrated. I love the smooth R&B/Soul influences.


This album is amazing. I love every song on it. It is a great album after journey went on hiatus for like 2 years after frontiers. What can I say it is just one of their best albums.


In Long Beach, CA that summer - they were awesome! Steve Perry was really into the show, and they introduced a new member of the band "Randy Jackson" - you should have seen the mohawk/gumby fade combo he sported. Truly great memories, and the music still seems relevant. Today my 13 year old daughter is watching Glee, and American Idol, and now She likes Journey - I still can't believe that happened...


Hey all. This is one album that i thoroughly loved back then, and still love it. "Be Good To Yourself", has a great hook and is infectious to me anyways. Probably the only one i really don't have a thing for is Suzanne. I actually love the live "I'll Be Alright Without You". Larrie Londin's drums sound great in this....maybe it's just me. Problems among band memebers or not, i love this album. I saw the concert tour for this album, and Glass Tiger (who?) opened for them....they were good as well. Definitely suggest buying this album and adding to your collection! Rock On, Journey!!


I was a Journey FREAK before this album. Everything from the eponymous album to Frontiers was the best thing since sliced bread for me...then this stinker hit the market. Journey jumped the shark to popdom in 1986 and never looked back. What a disappointment this album is, and everything they made thereafter. I enjoyed the 10 years or so that Journey existed, but it makes me sad to see what they became. This album marks "The End of the Journey."

minnie swirl

"Raised On Radio" is a superb album because it's good from start to finish. Every song is a gem. Steve Perry is one of the greatest rock vocalist to ever grace the music industry. I loved the album when it first came out and I still love it to this day because the songs still hold up after all these years.

Journey Fan Forever

Journey had to introduce something different in the mid to late 80's. The sounds of Rock was changing and like always, Journey Raised on Radio brought out that unique sound that I have never heard. Most of their music from this album totally surprised me as the sounds and instruments were a bit different than previous albums; Neil Schon's screaming guitar is not as featured. More synthesized keyboard was utilized by Jonathan Cain. Just something different about Raised on Radio. Still a great CD, soothing melodys and who can top Steve Perry. The new vocalist Arnel Pineda (the Steve Perry voice) sounds great but where are you Steve Perry. Come back!!!


My favorite Journey album right here. Terribly underrated. They are the greatest!!!!!!!!!


This album, as most fans know, took a long time to produce. Perhaps it is over-produced. One of the things I love about Journey is how they can play perfectly and powerfully in one take (hear they're live recordings if you don't believe me). The album, while very strong because its Journey, lacks the force of their previous albums. On the upside, in many ways it allowed Perry to return to his Sam Cooke inspired roots, and his vocals shine. He is absolutely wonderful on Why Can't This Night Go On Forever, It Could Have Been You and Happy to Give. Positive Touch would have fit better on Street Talk (right after I Believe), or on another recording alongside Don't Tell Me Why You're Leavin'. The only real rock song on the album is the title track, and it seemed to be the less well mixed/arranged. This is the weakest Journey album, but it is still better than most of the albums made by the other great 80s rockers.


listen up this album rocks and rolls that should be enuff top 2 bottom ( which is an lost art ) every song has it's tale my personal fave off this 1 is be good 2 yourself listen 2 the words ....words 2 live by thank u journey!!! cop this 1 !!!


American Idol Randy Jackson played bass on this. lol


Loved this album as a kid, love it even more now as an adult. I agree with a previous review that it is a very underrated album. I think what I like the most is that the group filled gaps of missing musicians with excellent replacements (Randy Jackson-bass and Larry Londin-drums) to make it still sound like the Journey that everyone loved in the 80's. Give it a'll love it!

Journey Lover

i already have the album but itunes is stupid. i dotn want to by the whole album for 2 songe i dont have. itunes please fix that ive never seen something so stupid. but an amazing album Journey is amazing


While the rumors flew of Steve and Neal not getting along, they were still able to put out a brilliant album. The musicianship is classic Journey, with classic riffs by Schon, and keys by Cain. Of course, Steve Perry brings it, as usual!! The band has such amazing harmonies. Happy to give is such a melodic tune, all these tunes are great for radio play. One of the greatest bands ever!


"Raised on Radio" is one of Journey's best albums, though it has been largely overlooked by fans. It marks a subtle evolution from the harder edged "Frontiers" which is clearly the result of Steve Perry taking more control of the band and his production of this album. The album is replete with fantastic cuts, including "Girl Can't Help It," "Positive Touch," "Suzanne," "Be Good to Yourself," "It Could Have Been You," and the exquisite ballads "I'll Be Alright Without You and "Why Can't This Night Go On Forever." Admittedly there are some tracks which would have fit better on Perry's solo album "Street Talk," specifically "Once You Love Somebody," "Happy to Give" and "The Eyes of a Woman." The title cut, "Raised on Radio," should have been left off the album altogether. This 2006 remaster is a must have for any Journey fan. The sound quality is far superior to that of the originally issued CD. It also includes two great live cuts. I only wish they had included the fantastic instrumentals "With a Tear" and "Into Your Arms" from this era and included on the Time3 box set.