Weezer - Raditude

℗ 2016 Geffen Records

Raditude Tracklist:

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Look I am a hardcore Weezer fan. I think this album gets to much hate. True most of the songs are bad but their are also good ones on here like “ If you wondering if I want you to(I want you to),” and “I don’t want to let you go.”


I had been a Weezer fan since the Blue Album. However, when the Raditude album was hyped and subsequently sucked like a black hole. It was the poison pill that ended my loyalty. Maybe I needed to listen to it a few times like Pinkerton; nope. That one was bad, bad-bad, like Star Wars Christmas special bad; where they should go out and buy all the traces of it’s existence and shoot it off into space as a warning to extra-terrestrial life to avoid this planet. Love you Rivers.

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