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DAYTONA Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Will always be appreciated


Pusha t has still got it. I love this album. What would meek do is just to fire and so is come back baby and if you know you know. There all fire but those are my favorite songs. I feel like this album has more bump then his other projects. Such a good album. I wish it was longer though but good work from pusha. Pusha t never disappoints.


I’m a year late, sure, but this album is awesome, Drake fans who know nothing about King Push hatin but wowow

Ro$$ the Bo$$

Push is one of the greats he delivers again it was well worth the three year wait hands down can’t wait for the next album

Shinobi naruto

"Daytona" is a highlight,an emphasis on Pusha T’s drug dealing character and solid lyricism.Aided by Kanye’s colorful and distinct production,this 7 track album is amazingly satisfying for its length.


Never really listened to Pusha T before this album, but man this album is it. The wordplay, the beats, and the story makes this my favorite album of 2018 and still 2019 so far. Big fan of Push after this and definitely a Grammy snub!

2 change



From beginning to end, flawless.

dirty caleb and the gang

Dark and twisted, best album of 18

Stop the Trash

Zero creativity Zero originality Zero talent Move. On.


Hot garbage belongs next to MGK album



Kendrell S.



Had a lot of help from Kanye but a few tracks still had some heat to them great to listen to.


Hard Lyrics


The only good song in the album, was the games we play but the rest of the album was complete garbo


Pure Heat. On repeat. 😩😩😩😩😩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Daytona by Pusha T is a collection of tracks that are short and clean. This is a high quality track listing. To me, a lot of rap albums are bloated these days with only a few half decent tracks among 15-20 songs. This is worth the listen or three and warranted a purchase from me. 5/5.


I only skip 7 of the songs on the album so you tell me


🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤 IVE BEEN WAITING FOR A WHILE FOR THIS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Daveeey Boy

King Pushhhhh💨

Mr sp3ctacular


Robert Blackwood

I haven’t been able to tolerate any hip-hop/rap lately, but ‘DAYTONA’ was pretty good. I enjoyed this album for the most part.



Grant Angeleno


Matty B162

He’s way better than drake

CaLi BoY 510



King Push! Period.

Floppy donkey d

Took you 5 years to make 7 tracks? You need a Drake feature.


You want hear a better rap album this year

Warren Dubby

Pusha T is one of the best lyrically. A masterful and grim embark on drug trafficking. Pusha takes you on a ride of slick wordplay and paints a vivid picture of what he’s come to know . Kanye West is brilliant on the production. Also loves Rick Ross’s verse on “Hard Piano” Key Tracks Santeria Hard Piano Baby Come Back The Games We Play


He is overrated being hailed as such a great lyricist (countless names underground or otherwise come to mind immediately of those who surpass him). Glad he called out Drake, if what he says is true. I don’t care enough to read wack beef soap opera monthly to find out, so whatever. Also, his ridiculous claims of being a drug lord to such a great extent remind me of another fake one - Rick Ross. And he is featured on this album too, lol smh. Kanye is a master producer, so clearly the beats are dope. All criticism aside, it’s a dope album for sure. He can rap well enough. Although the production outshines his raps. I have to say though, this album a week for the month, each being 7 songs is a tacky gimmick. Wait I thought I hard Pusha speak against rap gimmicks in Infrared...lol smh. Just like with the “biggest ever coke dealer rapper” image, this is fake. It’s cool to listen to, I enjoy it. But this isn’t a steak, it’s a burger; and it’s fast food (but ‘aight fast food, lol). BUT IF YOU LIKE PUSHA GET THE ALBUM AND HIGHLY RECCOMEND! If you want a finer meal, I don’t need to tell you where to find it. Google can, lol. ✌🏼🔥


One of the best albums this year 🔥🔥🔥


Just when I thought he was talking about one thing it was another. Double and triple meanings laced with that classic revamped clipse flow. Absolutely Amazing!


I haven't liked an album from start to finish like this in a long time. Pusha T's best stuff. I am not joking I love every track on this album. Me and my crew call these "Put In's",..That's when you can just push the disc in and let it play on without skipping. Listened to this about 15 times and still don't know what my favorite song on the album is yet. Nicely done Push!

Mike Mcfly

King Push!!!



Lil cleve1700

King 🤴 push


I thought they would have the common sense and decency (at least Pusha T, last I checked he wasn’t in the sunken place like Koonye) to change the album cover after all of the controversy and backlash. Nope.


Dude got mad bars but he disrespectful asf


This album was terrible. Pusha T only relevant now because he dissed Drake. Drake album gonna sell more copies than this trash.


Bars for days ✍️ nice with it


This album is pure fish grease.....Facts


Pusha T the Greatest King Pusha


True lyricist rapper! What happened to that boy

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