Prince & The Revolution - Purple Rain (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

℗ 1984 NPG Records, Inc. under exclusive license to Warner Records Inc.

Purple Rain (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) Tracklist:


Unique, epic, futuristic, passionate. This album has range in terms of Prince’s music & artistic skill. Some tracks are expressive and earthy, other tracks are reflective, ethereal, otherworldly even spiritual. Won the Oscar deservedly for his compositions as a songwriter and composer. It’s rare to be both in the music industry nowadays.



MBA 0713

One of the best artists of all history 😢 wish you where still alive you died too soon 💔💔💔

Trust and Us



One of the greatest movie soundtracks ever


COME ON... the track “purple rain” isn't included in the “Purple Rain” soundtrack? Really? I knew the second Prince’s estranged sister took control of his ashes 90 minutes after they were released there would be issues with his music. Thirsty much? So sad how his artistry and music is being put out there for a profit. Glad I still have my original “purple rain” album to listen to. Geesh it’s despicable.

Silly Bear 🐻

1of the greatest songs of my time and there’s been a lot of grrreat songs in my life, thank u Prince


It doesn’t segue into Track 8 like it’s supposed to


This album stands the test of time. It’s hands down one the most listenable album out there.

Haleigh Collins

My first taste of real music was Prince. My earliest memory of this is sitting in the back of my dad’s convertible, the electric sounds of Prince’s guitar riffs blaring through the miniature speakers. Back then, I had no idea the lasting effect that this exposure would do for me. I have, and always will, be known as the friend with the “old” style of music. Although this characteristic may seem like a curse, its also a blessing. It introduced me to the greatest song of all time. In my opinion, “I Would Die 4 U” by Prince is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Prince’s usual lyrics don’t include references to religion, but this one does, which is what makes it so unique to prince’s discography. The vivid memories of listening to Prince with my father, the lyrical intensity of blending two very different types of music, makes this song more socially impactful. Prince has a way with words and has left his legacy for the world to appreciate and love. People every day thank Prince for shaping genres and leading the way for other artists to bend the norms and do the unthinkable.




Perefection! RIP Prince 🙏


What else is there to be said about the great one?! Purple Rain is the best...and that, I miss Prince so much!!!


My God it brings back memories good times boo thank you


Love song


The only true good song off this album is Purple Rain.


pure gold and endless classics!


This album is great. But darling nicki dosn't need to be there. Why is Lets go crazy explicit?


I live in Minnesota and you’ve brought greatness to us, I know u aren’t here anymore but u r loved believe me you made Minnesota greater. Ur like top three!


What Legends are made of...


Flawless with the roaring guitars, excellent vocals and poetic lyrics, the album blows everything out of the water, and lets go crazy is probably a contender for the greatest song ever made.


Man....I can just now listen to a full Prince song without having to turn it off because I start crying. I love this dude. Greatest album of all time without question. RIP Prince, we miss you.

Lycanthropy X



One of the greatest movies and soundtracks ever made! Classic!!! RIP Prince 🙏🏽


I've said enough.




Of course I love this album! I'm a crazy PRINCE fan and I'm only 16 !!!! I became one just at 15 and I'm saying that this man changed my life! Thank you Prince Rogers Nelson and I love you so much 💜💘 #ripprince 👼

Not Annoyed

This album reminds me of the movie and the bad acting in Purple Rain. I still like these songs, however. RIP Prince.


Still the best Prince album of so many stellar albums...In fact, one of the best albums of the 80s if not all time. Almost every song is a gem of writing, performance, and production. Style.


Classic !!!

FACD 50 1981

I love you Prince Rogers Nelson!


Must have!👍🏻💯


I love these songs! But where is the rest of the SOUNDTRACK? I want it all... That would be perfection!


As always. But I don't understand why I would die 4 u is explicit? Lol

Prince the best singer

This man was my life.

Watts strong



Prince was a genius. The music still lives on


One of the only albums that I own that has no flaws, no bad songs, nothing to skip. One song flows to the next perfectly. One of the best albums ever made. If you don't own this one, you're missing out. This is Prince at his most brilliant.


To this day, the rain still cries purple for you. R.I.P. sweet Prince. 💜


Another GOAT legend resting peacefully. He will be missed!

Original Gary Gee

The Movie is a Classic an so was the Original Motion picture soundtrack is a 5 Star album ; however I feel like ITunes robbed me without a pistol! All other songs and preformances were removed from the original cassests & LP's that appeared on the sound track in 1984. Shame on you Apple.


There will never be another one like him. No one can compare to him. No one.


that deserves a remaster.


Prince, nothing compares 2U


This album is amazing and really set Price into the rest of his career. Really changed my life with this one. One thing on the track listing though: Why the hell is Purple Rain listed as an Explicit song? The lyrics have no negative connotation at all. Its about relationships. So weird. Otherwise, LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM OVER AND OVER


I Love Prince!!!! One of my favorite artists. So talented, he is icon! He will be greatly missed R.I.P


Prince will always be a legend. Purple Rain and 1999 are some of my favorite songs. R.I.P


So many great songs! Title says it all!^