Prince - Purple Rain (Deluxe)

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Purple Rain (Deluxe) Tracklist:


Awesomeness at its finest

J Bird09

Prob one of the most talented musicians ever. His hits are plentiful and amazing. RIP prince. You’re gone too soon and sorely missed


When buying this thru ITUNES...What about the DVD? Will the DVD be included? Will there be a link or something?

rockstar toni

It's nice to hear some of his unreleased material but truth of the matter the money's not going to him. Hopefully to his family and not the vampires. If your a true Prince follower I would say don't buy this album. He didn't release this music for a reason.


If this were the only song on the CD I hadn't heard, I'd have bought it just for that. I've always liked that song he played in the movie, but didn't know it had a specific name. As for the other pre-order songs, I really haven't listened to them much-just a snippet here and there, but nothing focused. I'll have to give them their due shot soon. My only regret is that I didn't spring the extra five bucks and get the full version.

alfonso ribero

the remastering of the previously released 'purple rain' tracks is on point, plus you get eleven "new" rain-era tracks to can you lose? thank you, prince! 😎


I'm so excited for the release of Purple Rain (Deluxe) and June can't come any sooner. Love to hear Prince version of "Dance Electric". Update, I got my pre-order and it's amazing.


30 years we've u never disappoint!!! Purple Genius!!!!


I have been waiting since the Purple Rain tour for these cuts. I hope to hear the uncut versions of Computer Blue and Darling Nikki as well as Electric Intercourse and the so many others. I have heard bootleg copies but I am all a fever for the studio crystal clear versions. I love me some Prince!!


This looks like a really great compilation of Purple Rain era bonus tracks and outtakes. Cannot wait. Glad to see a lot of songs I know and love and some I've never heard before. Hate to nitpick though, but how come no extended version of The Beautiful Ones? And are they really only including an edit of 17 Days? And why no Prince & The Revolution version of the great Jill Jones track All Day, All Night? Again, that is nitpicking since this looks great. Hopefully the next reissue doesn't take too long and hoping it's Sign 'O' The Times or 1999. Then Parade, as there are a ton of outtakes. Very much looking forward to this one.


This NEEDS to be promoted and celebrated! ELECTRIC INTERCOURSE, finally!

Jordan Fortiz

The patience had paid off. "Electric intercourse" sounds amazing. I love Andre Cymone's version of "Dance Electric" so I'm excited to hear Princes original version, and finally the elusive full version of "Computer Blue" Hurry up June, so we can be "Possessed!" *Morris Day voice* "Yes! Bwaha!"


This will be an awesome release...35 tracks!

violet the organ grinder

Been waiting for this for over 30 years!

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