Prince - Purple Rain (Deluxe) [Expanded Edition]

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Purple Rain (Deluxe) [Expanded Edition] Tracklist:


I luv this music i have been listening to it ever since i was a kid and i luv it so mucho


Awesomeness at its finest


Ty Prince

JC โœจ

The Purple One did what was necessary! ๐Ÿ’œ


We missed you alout of much love from the Ligeikis family too prince and princes family too ok Rest In Peace prince and the whole family too god bless purple rain


Finally The Extended Version of EROTIC CITY! Been waiting a long time for a digital version of it. Frankly my bootlegg copy was a bad copy but enjoyed non the less.

Alex of Dharma

It's kind of pointless to review Purple Rain as the album everyone knows. This remastered expanded edition however, as it's own package, is the first Prince album in a decade to please, and please it does. Somebody loves you, you realize, when crystal clear versions of songs that only lived before as treasured, but crap quality bootlegs festoon the track list. Just about every b-side from the period you could ask for, and extremely thoughtfully, even some of the variant import versions! You win, here's my $20. Go do it again!


It's nice to see this finally hit the streets and purchasing the physical copy is recommended as well. It's really a very pretty well done set from Prince and WB. I say far better than I hoped because the unreleased/vault disc is quite good but also the B-sides and singles are a must have. The Hallway Speech version of Computer Blue is like hearing that song for the first time. So impressed. My only hope now is that his entire catalogue, most definitely including The Gold Experience, gets this sort of treatment. There is so much that can be done. We miss him... P.S. Why no digital booklet? I hate when these albums have no digital booklet!


I recall being a young musician inspired byPrince's "1999". I programmed my drum machine and played along with the Lord on my electric piano. Then came 1984 and "Purple Rain". This release was amazingly groundbreaking. Especially the baseless "When Doves Cry". Ahh, good times! Enjoy this journey back in time. This is an amazing release.


i can't wait to get my next itunes card and get this purple rain deluxe.


Reliving Purple Rain in this new vibrant way crying tears of happiness and sadness all at once. I have been a Prince fan since 1979 as a 9 year old little girl. Hearing the extended songs of the soundtrack to my life has been magical to me and reignited my youth in a way sheer memories cannot. Sorry to be so dramatic, but this record has truly moved me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the family and Warner Bros., and whomever else is responsible for allowing lifelong fans of Prince to experience Purple Rain in a new and exciting way. And a shoutout to Jimmy Fallon for letting us know this Gem was available.


There's a song from the movie that's missing. Its from the part of the movie where Prince(The Kid0 comes home to confront his abusive father and hears his father playing a song on the piano. The song was later used for the guitar solo outrro to "Computer Blue". But the paino version came to be known as "Father's Song" and has been a closet favorite for a lot of people. It needed to be here.


A Great Album by Prince...Just love this Album ..One of All time Best forever from classic film "Purple Rain"


This is the Greatest Album of all time.Bought the 3 cd set from WB ,got the SINGLE Edits & theB-Sides !Was the best money spent to get unreleased music from the GOAT.I donโ€™t know why I-Tunes did not get the Ultimate 3 cd set ?Hope that WB can and will continue to release more of his and other artist that he produced and recorded while at WB,PLEASE!!!!


Of course the original tracks are classic gems. However, for a vault that reportedly contains hundreds of unreleased tracks, of not a couple off thousand, his estate did a piss poor job with this selection. These were likely tracks Prince never wanted to expose to the light of day. Go back to the vault, bring some real prince fans and release what I'm sure are the hundreds of real jewels.


Really just a rush out. Just cause the songs where from around the time of Purple Rain SAYS NOTHING. True prince fans (not just purple rain fans) will understand that. Also, serveral of the songs had much better versions. This is just kindof sad. Also, is seriosly doubt that is the remaster prince did. It just is louder.


Prince's Purple Rain is one of the most iconic albums ever made by any artist on this planet. Over time we have had hints of many of the cd 3 via bootlegs, but having these songs on cd is incredible. Placing the cd3 of unreleased material in my car and driving led me on a magical journey that took me back in time. A time when a prince ruled the world... a time when it was cool to be sensual and spiritual at the same time. This was the best of Prince. Although I have loved everything he has done since, Purple Rain was just so far ahead of anything anyone else was doing. Even now, no artist can do what Prince did. Many will try and come close... but no Rain. This album is a perfect collection of Prince and the Revolution at their best. Funky, Rocking and totally electric!!!


The 2015 remaster isn't up to snuff. It's not clean and it doesn't make anything sound clearer. In fact, it makes things sound muddier, as in the breakdown at the end of Let's Go Crazy. But that's not a bad thing; in fact, that this is a case where the original sounds better than a remastered version is a testament to just how well the sound of this album still stands out. Now let's move on to the only reason anyone is buying this album--the bonus material. Even if it's culled by WB execs, and even though countless people have heard these songs and their various different versions often, these versions are now given the rightful official release they deserve. Computer Blue in particular. This is the only song I'd ever heard as a teenager that made me whip my head around and say "WHO IS THAT?" And 33 years later, I'm still floored by this song. It remains my all time favorite. Dance Electric also gets its rightful place in the catalog, and if he'd released this for himself, it would have been a smash. Listening to this version of Electric Intercourse, with all it's bouncy, poppy goodness, it's all the more clear why it was replaced with The Beautiful Ones. The whole collection of songs takes on a life of it's own, and the listener gets the feeling they have stumbled into some section of the Vault with a tape of songs and the words "play me" written on it. It also reveals the true, central struggle he was going through at the time, and adds much dimension throughout.

The Tazman

This is the greatest soundtrack ever. I bought the physical copy that included the DVD concert! Why isn't it included here? For the people who ask Would he approve of this release the answer is YES. Prince remaster this it was his last project he did.


Couldn't listen to the preview here as i-tunes isn't working......went to Amazon.......SCORE!!!!!


Why is there no "clean" version of this album? I don't want kids to accidently hear and/or repeat offensive lyrics in some of the tracks. Put an edited version out & I might just buy the album!


Apple: Where is the Carrier Dome DVD contentthat i thought i was included? Oh, Missing? Should have gone to Amazon...

AT40 Fan

The Beatles would never write a song like that.


I want the Syracuse convert video downloadable now. It's not hard to figure out for smart people.

Lou James

My review in just one word: MASTERPIECE.

funky 6

Which has been around for years!!! Finally there is clean version of this great Bootleg..Also the Dance Electric not a unreleased song 2 true PRN FAMs.. Highlight was me was Love and Sex and the Another Lonely Christmas.. Now WB will have his music played on the radio again ...


Buy the physical release and get the DVD of the Syracuse NY concert performance from March 30th, 1985. It's very good.


He would not approve. Electric intercourse has been made to sound generic and the rest is old news

Cruz Boitnott

This album is so amazing and worth it to buy and listen to every single song in the album


Great Album RIP to the late great Prince


Why are there multiple copies of one song and NO MODERNAIRE , one of the best songs from the movie


Nice to have a clean copy of Roadhouse Garden. I wish it was a stand alone track, but I suppose I can seperate it on my own.

Marcus E Grant

Even better the second time around


The Purple Rain Deluxe Expanded Edition is supposed to have the DVD of Purple Rain Live '85. What's up with that iTunes. Give us the digital movie. #ReleaseIt


I think it's so horrible & disrespectful when people release an artist's unreleased music after they are dead just to make money off them. Besides that, I understand why these songs were unreleased, they are awful. I own prince's greatest hits album & that's way better & he actually wanted those songs released. Buy that instead & don't give these money hungry people a dime


I cant wait for this to come out, I knew he had material from those days, he always said that he had music put away that warner brothers didnt agree with, now...its being released, i cannot wait for this...Hail The Prince and this REVOLUTION/ Now i got the album here it is june 23rd and yes, this album was worth the wait, everthing i heard when i was a young teen from 84 its being revisted and its taking me down memory lane, some songs came out a little later like within a year, but this is great...this music made me reflect on so many things, we need his music in this form to remind us what GENUIS means to remind us what real music was before it got fabricated by politics and ppl with no musical skill....i updated my comments because this album deserve all positive critisizm..


Prince has no equal. Simply the greatest most talented musician/artist to ever live. A TRUE GENIUS!


I'm not usually excited about rereleased albums I already own, but this is purely 35 songs of remastered awesomeness!!!


Compare this to that DJ Khaled crap that was just released and you will understand just how music today can't hold a candle to the artistry of the past.


Prince could write great pop songs in his sleep. Hope fans dig a bit deeper into his catalog. It's def not as pop sounding as PR.

rry t drdzdt



Overall, a nice collection of unreleased songs--I have most of these, but was surprised to hear the different versions on here. The biggest problem I have with this collection is the 7" versions of songs ...all of them should have been replaced with unreleased songs (it's not like there's a shortage). Here's hoping this doesn't happen with any future expanded/remastered editions of his albums. That aside, this is worth the price.


love u Prince

Prince purple rain

Prince's purple rain is life changing but now there is like purple rain 2 cause of all of these unreleased song they all come from that time I haven't heard all the songs yet but at 12:00 the second it came out I played the first song let's go crazy and smiled and started to dance around I did buy it on Amazon and it's coming tomorrow but it's so hard to not just buy this one right now. Prince is the best and we will always miss you

wallacebee !!!

As a true fan of the Prince years,,from the early years ( dancer ) this remastered edition sounds rich, with the addition of todays tech. its a good buy ..A true ear opening...


The Purple Rain remaster completed by Prince in 2015 shimmers brighter then ever before taking us straight back to '84. The second CD is explosive with unreleased tracks making it beyond EPIC. A musical genius and best live performer of our time...forever missed yet his is music lives on. #LIVE4LOVE Open the Vault.


I've waited forever for a remastered version of this album. Everything I expected and more.


What the title says

MD 2020

I'm hoping these songs are gonna be released soon. Such great songs to not be released.


This was the first album I bought in 84. I saved my lunch money to buy it at a local record store. This album was absolutely phenomenal and will always be throughout time.

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