Pink Floyd - Pulse (Live)

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This is simply one Of the best live performances ever captured for any style of music.


I was lucky enough to see Floyd in ‘88 and in ‘94. I love both of the live albums from those concerts as they bring back great memories. The Division Bell concert that is the backdrop for Pulse was incredible and this album displays that. I always crack up at people saying they’re not as good without Waters. Nothing could be further from the truth. Were they different? Yes of course. But Floyd was always a morphing band. Always changing. Waters had lost his collaborative creative juices. Just listen to the Final Cut. Floyd was always best when everyone contributed and that is why both albums after Waters left are incredible albums. I definitely recommend Pulse. Tune in and drift away. Floyd for life!

To the unknown man

Momentary lapse of Reason was Ok, Divison bells was meh and Endless River is to be forgotten. This live feels very flat (compared to Delicate Sound of Thunder for example) and I am amazed that people give it 5 stars. Check out the newest live perfomances from the late 60's and 70's: masterful. This is an average live at best...sooooo flat and uninspired. I adore PF and was really hoping for Endless River to be a good album but you have to realize that Roger Waters was a driving force.


Gilmour is an Incredible Master of his Profession! "THE ABSOLUTE BEST" Live Album Ever!..Ingeniously well done ! Need I say more?

Can't upgrade buildings

One of the best Pink Floyd albums, one of the best live albums, one of the best classic rock albums. So basically one of the best albums of all time.


Will be taking this album to my grave


I'm a stickler for quality sound and this is definitely one of the top 5 best sounding live albums I've ever heard. Aside from that, it's a great setlist and you can't beat a full play through of DSOTM. I listen to this album all the time. If you're deciding between this and the Gdansk album, I'd go with this but Gdansk isn't far behind. Quality wise they're identical, but Pulse has a better setlist in my opinion.

Gary Jarvis

People say they’re not Floyd without Waters. BS! This is the best Floyd has ever sounded. By far the best live recording of them. The show must go on and the 3 members did just that!


I love this album sooooooooooooo much. It truly is the best of Pink Floyd.


Good album, but you can tell on several songs that there is something missing. That something is the creative force behind the band. Don't get me wrong, the other 3 play their parts well, but how can you play a song as well as the person that actually wrote it? If you want part of the picture, buy this disc.


Who needs Waters? Listen to the vocals on 'Run Like Hell'. SOOOOO much better than Waters' original


This isn't the full Earl's Court concert. Dark Side of The Moon is, but there a few songs missing, including the Encore from the first night, where they played an epic rendition of One of These Days.


This 2 disc set is just incredible. Great price at $16.99. I think I paid $30 for this when I was a youngster. I still remember the blinking red light. The highlights for me are IMHO, the very best versions ever of "Wish you were Here" , "Hey You" and "High Hopes." "High Hopes" just blows away the album version. The slide guitar solos in that song still get me emotional to this day. There is some truly beautiful guitar work by David Gilmour to be found here. Plus, you get the emotions and electricity of the raucous crowd (see the end of "Hey You" for the best example of this) and it's just a near perfect live album.


Simply one of the best live albums available, period. Without Roger Waters, the remaining three members of the band surged on this release. An epic performance with previous hits and a complete Dark Side of the Moon performance. Put good quality headphones on, relax and enjoy.


Great Live album, although I am surprised that Take it Back isn't on here


Waters is a pig. Pun intended.


This may actually be one of the best live rock albums ever. From the sound quality to song selection and sequence; to the bands typically tight performance... ...Pink Floyd are impeccable. There really are not enough superlatives to throw about. Better to just buy it, play it, sit back and enjoy the ride. Oops sorry, forgot to mention there's no Roger Waters here. That's certainly a worthwhile argument for purists to rant against this review. By all means rant. Nevertheless, a grand live performance.

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