Panic! At the Disco - Pretty. Odd.

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Pretty. Odd. Tracklist:


Listened to this album while high. Completely unmatched experience. Will definitely do again.

Pretty. Good. Band.

“Northern Downpour” is the best.


11 years later and I still cry while listening to northern downpour. Thanks Ryan


It’s awesome, P!ATD is my life lol but it’s my least favorite album. I don’t exactly have a favorite but this one is my least favorite. Still a good album though.


Although I may not be one of those ‘right from the start’ Panic! Fan, This album was amazing. It was great when it first came out, and it is great (and kinda somber) now. After Ryan Ross left the band I came back and listened to these songs all over again and I must say, Things HAVE changed for Brendon Urie. 10/10


Shut the heck up with the bad reviews. Yes, this album is very different from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good.


Just read the title


i love it has a great mix of different genres and i just love the band in general


Okay, I know this is an oldie but this album has a special place in my heart. When my Dad passed in ‘08 and I had just turned 19 , this album helped get me through SO MUCH in one of my toughest times. It still does to this day. I am so grateful beyond words.


They swore to shake it up and we swore to listen! I love this album so much. I usually don’t like this specific type of music, but Panic! knows how to make it work.

Emo Meh

It is just so calming I love it ✨💞


Between the great atmosphere this album provides and the poetic and sometimes strange lyrics provided by Ryan Ross, this album is amazing. It’s a shame that this was all that was left of him in the band, (and pretty much music altogether too) he was an excellent lyricist.

Serenity Singer

Album to album = telling strangers random things about my obsession over Panic!. I love studying the style evolution of some bands and comparing the different bands. This album is the most different because of the folkish air and sincerity of most of the songs. Thank you for your attention, Serenity singer


At copying The Beatles. Huge fail.


Don't you guys remember "swear to shake it up if you swear to listen?" That's exactly what they did and have been doing. I for one absolutely love this album. The songs all have something about them that make them different and unique. I miss the pre split days...

rey d'avila.

this album was so hated on upon its release in 2008, despite peaking at number two on the billboard 200. it's a very mature style shift from a fever you can't sweat out, but the softer harmonies between band members and the twangy guitars that drive songs like nine in the afternoon and she's a handsome woman, this album is a masterpiece and it's a shame that the band hardly plays it live anymore.


This album was defiantly different then all the others, but calming in a way. I would say most of the songs are soothing and metaphorical, and like folk music. Either way, it is still an iconic album.


Very nice folk sound. Panic can make music in any genre .


Awesome stuff here guys Good investment


I could honestly talk for hours about the beauty of this album, and that is not even funny because it's entirely true. This is the Panic! album where there is not one bad song for everything is just plain perfect. Maybe it's the fact I grew up in a really bohemian, hippy environment as a kid and listened to the music of the 60s, but God it's magnificent. This will be the Panic! album that will last the longest, and it's all because of the innovation and originality (in 2008 cause everything was emo or pop) they all possessed. I feel the fact that Brendon, Ryan, Jon, and Spencer wrote together as band and did more things as a group also builds the beautiful, nostalgic, and welcoming sound of Pretty. Odd.


I get why people who were expecting another AFYCSO are disappointed, but if they stop and listen to it, they would realize that there's some really great music on here. Just because it's not the techno you were expecting doesn't mean it can't be good. It grows on you. Since it's been out for a long time, I already knew how different it was. I admit it would be a bit jarring to listen to it expecting the first album, but give it a chance. I didn't listen to it before buying it and am pleasantly surprised. I didn't expect to like the slowness, but they're good songs. Don't let the bad reviews scare you away from getting it. Those who were shocked by the change didn't listen to the very first song of the first album. Pretty. Odd. is Panic! shaking it up, guys. ;)

A Reviewer of Stuff

(Disclaimer: I was joking about the title, but SERIOUSLY) I feel as though this album has been extremely unfairly reviewed. Most of the people giving it such low ratings haven't cited anything but their own preferences - not Panic!'s lack of musical skill - yet deem the album deserving of a lone star. They also claim that the album is slow, not at all catchy, and poorly written lyrics-wise. I can argue the same point for two of their much-more-appreciated albums! Gosh darn it, when will people actually become mature enough to understand how to properly review things? Anyway, ranting aside... Several of my friends are obsessed with Panic! at the Disco and attempted to get me into them. I'd already heard "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" and somewhat liked it (though I'm probably biased because I love string instruments), so I previewed their highest-rated albums at the time (Vices and Virtues and TWTLTRTD). I was disappointed by how lazily done they seemed even though I can appreciate all genres of music - certain parts of each had potential that was never reached (that was mostly the case for V&V while Too Weird was just not executed well), and thus, they weren't fun listens. I felt stupid for disliking them as everyone else had showered them in praise that I myself had let go down the shower drain without a thought (that was bad). So I, being extremely bored, decided to preview their other two albums to see whether they were any good. Happening upon Pretty. Odd.'s rating made me feel as though maybe some people had finally shared my opinion on the band, so I tuned in out of curiosity. And at first listen, I was intrigued - not by its quality but by how uniquely each song was arranged even though some of their melodies were so simple. I was so intrigued, in fact, that I decided to preview it sev'ral more timez until I could pick out the intricate harmonies and instrumental variations in each. It reminded me a bit of listening to Sgt. Pepper, but somehow, Pretty. Odd. was so much more immersive an experience than the former (while also taking a lot longer to truly grow on me). Again, I'm probably biased as I like more of The Beatles' albums than Panic!'s and therefore had lower expectations for the latter, but I was still surprised that this was the case. As the album grew on me, I (surprisingly enough, what with me being an extremely nit-picky musician who has perfect pitch) became nothing short of amazed by the quality of the album (which I hadn't initially noticed). Though the sum of its parts sounded a tad bit simple as others have said, each part of that sum was done with a sort of complexity that requires respectable musical skill. This respectable musical skill inevitably led me to respect the band more and check out its fanbase...which I now have marginal (and reluctant) respect for as a whole. That being said, this album isn't perfect. It is definitely not my favorite album of all time, either. Regardless, however, its style is a refreshingly unique one in today's market and the band's own pool of music, so I appreciate it greatly. Kudos to Panic! Note: I now also like Death of a Bachelor and A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, the latter of which I'd initially found mediocre at best and the former of which I've literally just listened to. I guess listening to this album has taught me how to better appreciate the small things I claim others miss! And, as it turns out, my P!ATD-obsessed friends are just as divided as the iTunes review section on this topic. Pretty. Odd. manages to be one of my friends' favorite albums while another seems to hate it - who woulda thunk it?


listening to this album is literally like skipping through an open field dressed as a hippie accompanied by ryan ross and his beautiful lyrics, 9/9 in the afternoon


OML HOW AMAZING IS THIS ALBUM?1? I'm sure you've heard the infammous "Nine in the Afternoon", but there's more to this album. "Northern Downpour" breaks your heart in the best way possible, "That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)" gives you a sweet spoonful of nostalgia, and "She had the World" makes you want to sing it 24/7. Yes, this album gives off a Beatles vibe, but it still shines in every prospect.


Being the pre-split trash that I am, I'd have to say this is the best of p!'s records. Buy it.




Love this album! It's definitely a change from Panic!'s usual angsty, Emo-ish kind of music, but that's certainly not a reason to not buy it. It's much calmer and mellow than what Panic has put out before. It's also great for Beatles Fans, because you can tell it has taken inspiration from some of the '60s pop group's track. I find this most prominent in "Behind the Sea" which reminds me of the imagery in "Across the Universe" from Let it Be and the beat is like "In My Life" from Rubber Soul. All in all, great album for anyone.


I absolutely love this album. Sure, it's not as pumped up as the previous one, but they pull off this new style flawlessly and that's absolutely amazing. I love an artist that is able to produce various different kinds of music and be able to make it sound good. Good job Panic! And I can't wait to see what else y'all, well I guess now it's just Brendon, concoct in the future.

Ima pipe roll person

I will literally die this album is so great. ryans voice is flawless


Gee, I joined the 'sinners' aka Panic! At The Disco fans once the song Hallehluja dropped. So I 'binged listened' to ALL their albums, and they won't disappoint! Get the Bands other albums: • A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (2005) • Pretty.Odd. (2008) • Vices and Virtues (2011) • Too Weird To Live! Too Rare To Die! (2013) • Death Of A Bachelor (2016) Each album has a different beat! I know it's 2016 now and this album was released 7.5 years ago, but it's still amazing! (I cri). Spend you Valentines Day with Brendon, Jon, Ryan, and Spencer! Bai!


Incredible as always!


Pretty. Gay. Ryden was real.

Train lover13597

It's really different from other Panic! albums. Its peppy, and it sure is great.


So many different styles, melodies, instruments, and moods packed into one album, and it all fits so well. The title, Pretty. Odd. definitely fits. The band really went outside of any popular bands comfort zone and just tried to make good music and unique sounds. The "true P!ATD fans" might say this album is worse than all of their other music, but it's really not. It's just different, and in my opinion much better. Your opinion might be different, just don't be biased because of the other music they make and what some fans might say.


Nine in the Afternoon and Northern Downpour are the only tracks worth listening to.


I love this album so much!!!! It's my favorite album of all time! The songs are so adorable and bubbly. My personal favorites are I have friends in holy spaces, northern downpour, and she had the world


Honestly, despite what other people say, I really love this album. It has some of my favorite songs on it. Although I really love panic's old style of music, this is also really great.


I absolutely loved this album by them. It was definitely a change from "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" but it sounds so good! "Pretty Odd" felt like a storybook, each song telling a different tale. Made you wonder what the next song would be about. I think this my favorite album by Panic.


I only like one song on here :/

Grab a game

Yeah, okay... this album doesn't have the same sound as their first one, but is that a bad thing? They tried something a little risky and definetly pulled it off

Rachel Elaina

While "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" remains my favorite work by Panic!, I must say that this album provides a more mellow and different sound, but an excellent one nonetheless.


I've noticed that not only were all of these reviews written the same time the album was released, but really the biggest complaint was how different Pretty. Odd. was compared to A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. Since the initial shock of this album's differences is long gone, I think it's a lot easier to see how amazing this album is. Sure it's different, but that's not a bad thing. Pretty. Odd. is catchy and insightful. Sometimes it's even my favorite of their albums. Some of my favorites from Pretty. Odd. are Do you Know What I'm Seeing?, That Green Gentleman, and Northern Downpour. I just wanted to write a positive, current review so that newcomers wouldn't be deterred from this wonderful album by the reviews of people who were just surprised by the different sound:)


Pretty. Odd. is inspired by folk rock and many classic rock artists such as Beatles and Beach Boys. Combined with Panic! At The Disco's iconic vocals of Brendon Urie (now along with Ryan Ross) and present signature style, this calmer album creates Panic!'s most unique sound to date. In this sense, it's nearly their best. With notable songs including Nine In The Afternoon, Do You Know What I'm Seeing?, Northern Downpour, Behind The Sea, and She Had The World, this is sure to satisfy.



Luftwaffe Girl

K so they're like "were still going to be the same panic!" Then they pick up a banjo and start yodeling


"old panic" what old panic. this is the old panic. everyones gotta try something new. anyway this album is one of their best.

ricky hell

This will always be my favorite Panic! Album, if you're contemplating buying this with that leftover Christmas iTunes money,... Do it.


As much as I hate to say this coming from a big P!ATD fan I hated this album. I missed the taste from the first album. To me it has the Beatles or beach boys taste in it. It's not as energetic as the first album had. Don't buy it.

Dave the Dodger

Pretty. Odd. does not follow the same style as Panic!'s debut album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. Most musicians would have never strayed from their new successful sound but Panic! breaks down the music, adds new instruments, and is influenced by some of the greatest musicians in history. While their debut album told a lyric story of sex, money, and addiction, Pretty. Odd. tells a musical story of fantasy with stacked harmonies, Beatlesque chord progressions, and a baroque sound. By far Panic!'s most musically advanced album.


This album features some amazing songwriting. It may not be poppy enough to be as much of a commercial success as their other albums, but this is definitely a gem. In my opinion, their best album ever. A masterpiece.