Panic! At the Disco - Pretty. Odd. (Deluxe Version)

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Pretty. Odd. (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


Ryan and brendon should get back and make something like this but better


It is a very cool album not at all like fob


This album is lovely.


My other review was pretty. short, so I’m going to elaborate. I have been scrolling through the comments and I’ve seen many different responses. Not gonna lie, this took me by surprise considering that Panic! Is known for their varying styles. Yes- it is very different from the previous album but you should be open minded about this. I am writing this in late April, a few days after the collab with Taylor Swift came out. If I could go back in time, I would never have been able to predict this for the future. I guess all I’m saying is to keep an open mind when listening to this music. If you don’t like it... just keep it to yourself. Yours truly, Panic! Fan


honestly the title says it all


This is a pretty catchy song and I like it but I would have wanted it to be a little more creative with the music video


Brendon is such a bean we stan


pretty odd is one of the best albums of all time. not only just my favorite panic! at the disco album, but my favorite album. it never gets old. ryan ross’s lyrics are superb and the songwriting is just magnificent:))

Genna B.

I just can't explain how much I love this band, never a bad song from Panic! 💗

panic! trash peyton

I still listen to this album often, 👏TEN👏YEARS👏LATER👏 this album is SO UNDERRATED and deserves so much more recognition. I’ve got the tissues out, and am prepared to cry over Ryan Ross {again}.

Poop poop poop poop pooop

This song makes me cry because the band will never be the same


Love it




people think this is their worst album but THEY'RE WRONG


When I listen to their first album and then listen to this album, I feel they went over a depression and now they see the world in peace and harmony and feel everything is beautiful and lovely 😊 😂 I love that how they are PRETTY ODD with that how they try everything. In this album I'm deeply in love with Nine In The Afternoon, The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know, Things Have Changed For Me❤️❤️❤️ Wish you guys success and luck ❤️👍🏻

Deez Nuts 🙈🙈

Ryan was kneeling in the bathtub, a towel under his knees and another under his hands, his head turned as he craned his neck to watch Brendon working. The younger boy swirled the spoon around in the over-large bowl before tapping it against the rim and laying it on the counter. "You know it'll cool down a little once I get it in the bag, but is that good?" Brendon bent over next to the tub so Ryan could slowly dip two fingers into the bowl, nodding once.


Very weed, gay, and sad rip ryro Personally I think this is the best album they have made


This incredible album reminds of XTC's most excellent "Skylarking" album in it's inspiration and execution, well done laddies! Highly recommended


This album is fantastic. It is really well crafted with the lyrics fitting perfectly with the melody. Especially in songs like Northern Downpour and Behind the Sea, the meaning and melody correspond so well to give a really great album.


This album is good but not one of my favorites. It's kind of Beatle like and very different from other Panic! albums. The only songs I like on here are Folkin' Around, Nine In the Afternoon, Pas De Cheval, That Green Gentleman, and Northern Downpour. BUT LITERALLY DONT GET ME STARTED ON NORTHERN DOWNPOUR THAT SONG MAKES ME CRY SO HARD. Overall, if you liked the Beatles when they were high asf then you will like this.


HEAVY Beatles influence, which is good for me because I love their music too


pretty odd will have to be one of my favorites. it is pretty different from fever but every album is different from the first

[email protected]

I know the album was unexpected but you have to admit Brendon is amazing. I know this is really late considering it's 2016. But all of these songs have turned out to be some of their greatest hits!


Don't waste your money


"Nine In The Afternoon" is such a cute song 💕 I love this album! I recommend.


This album is a true masterpiece. It's good to see that they had a happier side to them. 👍🏻


When I listened to it heard the Beatles and now I hear good old PANIC! At the Disco. I recommend this album if you like Panic! Or you just are starting to listen to them.

Dave Caspian

Wow. Just wow. Why does this even exist? No hate directly to [email protected], but this is wayyyyy too different from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out! Nine in the Afternoon? More like Fail in the Afternoon! She had the World? More like She Crushed the World! This album really got under my skin. The only good thing about this album is That Green Gentleman at least gave me some decent vibes. Thankfully though, they did redeem themselves with Vices & Virtues and Death of a Bachelor. For those who are looking at this album: Only get That Green Gentleman. Thankfully FOB didn't make this.


I truly believe that this album is one of the best of all time. I like Panic's album "Vices and Virtues" but I'm not a fan of any of their more edgy rock. This album this is just so beautiful and fun though. I love literally every single song and never have to skip one. I could listen to it on repeat all day and never get sick of it. Highly recommend 100000/10


Okay I realize this album might have sucked in 2008, but look at Panic! now. This album was just a start to their rich history.


10/10 recommend


To sum up this album: weed All of the weed. And I think I have a drug addiction

kara loves bea :D

my babies :')


yes just, YAS


This album is a masterpiece. Before I bought Pretty. Odd., I really didn't listen to any pop music, but instead The Beatles, Queen, ELO, etc. My reasons for that being (please don't kill me) that the majority of pop doesn't even use real instruments but computer-generated crap, and throwaway lyrics, and lead singers whose voices are high pitched and wishy-washy. But Pretty. Odd. has REAL INSTRUMENTS AND ELECTRIC GUITAR. The lyrics are poetic and exciting. Brendan Urie's voice rocks. Just listen to "When the Day Met the Night," it's beautiful.The album's sound is refreshing, and kind of makes me feel like I'm in the garden from Alice in Wonderland. It's Pretty. Perfect.


I know some people don't like this album, but I love it. I love the different sound and every song is unique.


This is so good! It's amazing like any other album.


This is an amazing album Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie go perfectly together. If you haven't listened to this album it's a must.

Breadbin hater #1

This album made me gay. Please stop.


I've tried so very very hard to like this album but it's just not good. The style is too different and it doesn't work at all. All of the songs sound like lazy variations of the same thing. I love P!ATD with all of my heart so I'm just going to pretend that this album doesn't exist :/


But still almost as good as "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out". This is why Panic! At The Disco is one of my all-time favorite bands. They can do something that 99% of other artists don't seem to know how to do. They make albums that sound NOTHING like its predecessor and they always sound fantastic. Yes, I know that "AFYCSO" is the better album, but this one is, overall, just as enjoyable...and for completely different reasons. Keep up the great work, Panic! At The Disco.


After having listened to most of their albums I can certainly validate that this album is unique. That being said, it still continues to be my favorite. The washed out sound of I Have Friends in Holy Places adds a very authentic feel that I think describes the whole album. Very fun while being exceptionally different.


It's a freaking masterpiece. It's one of those albums that you have to sit down and enjoy through headphones to get the full effect. I loved their first album too, but for completely different reasons.




Every time one of the songs comes on fromPretty Odd I’m pressing the forward arrow. To save time I’ve removed all the songs.

Cookie 321

I love every ounce of this album and I love that there are ringtones of the songs :) just wish "I have friends in holy places" was a ringtone! Please do this iTunes! I would buy it right away!


This is my FAVORITE SONG By P!ATD!!! I listen to it and start dancing EVERY TIME! Best song EVER! I swear, One Direction danced all night to this song 😋


lol most of the reviews are from like 2008 lolololol


I absolutely love Panic! This would have to be my favorite album but the others are nonetheless amazing

Tori ❤️

honestly, whatever was to come out of precious Brendon Urie's mouth I would buy. Like legit I have all of the albums. I will forever be in love with their unique take on music. I LOVE THIS ALBUM (and all the others 😝)