Led Zeppelin - Presence (Remastered)

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Presence (Remastered) Tracklist:


Led Zeppelin is my favorite band - Presence is my favorite album - and Achilles Last Stand is my favorite song. I am surprised the album is not more popular than it is. Don’t get me wrong - their other albums are great, but this one is superior. All of the songs sound different, yet great. If you’re here just to buy a song or two, don’t. Buy the whole album instead!

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This is one of my personal favorite Led Zeppelin albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album from Led Zeppelin.


Tea for one !!! Always loved this zep masterpiece


Vocals sound like Robert was ran over by a car 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


great great great album with one of my two favorite well ok one of many many depending on the day. i think this album is up there with phyiscal graffati as well as dark side of the moon revolver rubber soul well you get the idea if you are new to zepplin give this one a listen as well as in through the out door or coda.


This is my favorite album, just due to the fact that it was underplayed by the media. I've been a Zep fan for 40 years and think this album was Page's best masterpiece.


I remember when this record came out. I wasn't to fond of it. As time has passed, this music has stood the test of time. I love every song on it


This is a gem. So underrated. Nobodies fault and Achilles last stand are masterpieces. For your life, candy store rock, hots on for nobody are underrated masterpieces.

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I seriously LOVE this album, but, "remastered" means nothing. Sounds crystal clear but distorted. How does itunes live destroying this AWESOME album?


I hadn't known about this album until this year. What I've been missing?! Love it all.



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iTunes makes this album look like art..

BiG CheezY264

iTunes makes this album look like art..


Presence is one of the most underrated album in Led Zeppelin's archives. This whole album was guitar driven which people I guess hate. The songs are probably one of their best showing everyone's talent in at least one song. Jimmy's guitar never sounded so aggressive and so sad in some of the songs. In my personal opinion this album is better than "In Through The Outdoor" because everyone stands out in "Presence" while "In Through The Outdoor" is just solos for Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. You got to give Jimmy some credit, this album was only made in 3 weeks while Robert Plant was recovering from a car accident. I think this album is amazing is because the chemistry of Jimmy's Guitar, and JPJ's bass guitar. They sound amazing together when usually JPJ played in the background with John Bonham. 1. Achilles Last Stand: (10/10) This is Jimmy Page's best guitar work he ever did. At the beginning it sounds like a normal day then switches to heavy guitar, bass, and drums which makes it sound like a war just broke loose. Everyone shows their work here, Robert Plant singing his heart out, John Bonham at some parts beating on his drugs as fast and as hard as he could humanly do, and JPJ is probably playing his bass guitar has fast as he ever could. Jimmy Page had to overdub his guitar 6 times to get the quality he wanted. This song deserved to be on the Mother Ship album. 2. For Your Life: (10/10); It's weird how much people don't really like this song. They say it's too slow or the riff is boring. Well the song is funky and that's why it's slow. The whole song feels funky to me. The riff can get boring, but when the riff starts to get boring they switch to another riff. Plus I think it gets 10/10 because at the end Robert Plant starts to snort... 3. Royal Orleans: (5/10); What happened here? This song is bad. The riff is already boring and repetitive when you first here it, the vocals are meh, and no one really stands out. This is a short review because there's really nothing else to say but it's alright. 4. Nobody's Fault But Mine: (10/10); Wow... Going from a bad song to thing. This song is amazing. The guitar riff at the beginning is amazing, Robert Plant's vocals are on point, there's a harmonica, and a guitar solo, and you can hear the bass guitar! (1:44) They did an amazing job covering "Nobody's Fault But Mine" by Blind Willie Johnson. Led Zeppelin showed us that they still can cover artists and make it sound so good! This song is probably my favorite song from Led Zeppelin, and probably my favorite song of all time because at 1:44, the guitar/bass riff is my favorite riff ever and it sounds amazing with both the guitar and bass guitar playing the same thing. 5. Candy Store Rock: (9/10); Like again, what's with all the hate with this song. This song is great! This song shows off Robert Plant before "In Through The Outdoor" came out. He sung really low and not in his regular bluesy voice which sounds amazing. Plus you can hear the bass guitar which is always a big plus in my book. The only thing I see wrong is sometimes Robert Plant struggles with some of the higher notes when he's singing in that low of a voice. This is song is pretty good. 6. Hots On For Nowhere: (9/10); This song is usually known as the worst song on this album, but really? This song is groovy! Jimmy's guitar starts to show in the middle of this song with how he can be groovy and his guitar solo which goes perfectly with the riff. Robert Plant's "La La's" makes this groovy. Also add John Bonham's somewhat jazzy drums this song is better than most people think it is. 7. Tea For One: (10/10) This song... This song is way too good. This song is similar to "Since I've Been Loving You." It's blues. First this song sounds like a normal song that isn't going to be bluesy. Then John Bonham's drum changes and then it sounds like "Since I've Been Loving You." This is probably Jimmy's best guitar work because his guitar sounds isolated. His guitar, and Robert Plant's voice makes this song lonely with the lyrics "One minute seems like a lifetime" and " How come twenty-four hours baby, sometimes seem to slip into day." on repeat makes this song so lonely. There's an echo on the guitar and Jimmy's "Wah" on his guitar also sells this song. They perfectly picked the title for this song... Tea For One...


This album is really good even though they tried something new which is what I really like.


Although Presence is not Led Zeppelin's best work, it is still a phenomenal album.

Scott N Amber

I have really never understood this albums lack of appreciation. It is my favorite Zeppelin album. I'm a huge Zeppelin fan and have collected all kinds of Zeppelin music, from all the officially released stuff to multitudes of bootleg material, etc. When this album was released, it was exactly what I had been dreaming of for a Zeppelin album. After all the previous albums that indulged in so many different directions and increasing levels of orchestration, production, and complexity. Here you have a stripped down four piece band... drums, bass, guitar, and vocal. There is not a keyboard in sight (literally not on one single song). No strings section, no folksy acoustic stuff (which, dont get me wrong, it was all great), no mobile studio trekked out to a lush countryside villa. But what I really needed after all that was the four of them in a room playing rock-n-roll music, period. And thats what you have here. The band had suffered tragedies, and for the first time had felt the ill effects of their gigantic excesses, cracks shown for the first time in the bands foundation. And that edge is present all through the album, but it also feels like they are fiercely protecting what they know is theres, and theres alone. The spark of renewal, that showed itself fully by the time they reached the Knebworth shows, began right here. The band is in Munich, Germany... which was far more bustling, and grittier than the Headley Grange sort of setting from days past. The bands personal circumstances, the locale chosen to record in, the extremely strong songwriting, all came together like the perfect storm in my mind. This is the most Zeppelin-esque album there is. Where as other albums borrow quite heavily from other influences, to the point where they have been accused of ripping stuff off (old blues numbers and whatnot). This album directly channels them in their purest form. The numbers are basically recorded live, then Page would add very tasteful layers of guitars, Plant would redo a vocal here and there, and thats about it. What Page termed his "guitar army" (guitar overdubs) set aside, it is otherwise a very raw album. My wife bought me a UK First Pressing LP, and a framed magazine promotional ad for this album and they are my most prized posessions of all my Zeppelin stuff. And if you are able, I'd highly recommend listening to this album in it's vinyl form. The way it's mixed just really shines in that format. I will say that about any Zeppelin album, but certainly this one in particular.

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One great song, a couple of good songs, some not very good songs....this was the beginning of the end, but nobody can stay on top forever. They had a long run as THE greatest! A claim that very few can even touch.


This album has standouts, but not the greatest. Production, technically is good, but stylistically bass can be too high and a lot of times, the vocals are too low. The artwork is terrible. It's one of their weakest, sorry. 1. Achilles Last Stand: 10/10; This is one of Zeppelin's greatest songs, it's a classic monster! 2. For Your Life: 5/10; Good riff, but very repititive. 3. Royal Orleans: 4/10; Not such a good song, this just doesn't do it for me. 4. Nobody's Fault But Mine: 10/10; Great song and great harmonica. 5. Candy Store Rock: 4/10; One of their worst songs. Doesn't do it for me, it has a nice roots rock feel though. Bad vocals too. 6. Hots On for Nowhere: 5/10; Very confusing and the guitar really throws me off. Vocals not good at all. 7. Tea for One: 10/10; A great ending to an okay album. It's similar to "Since I've Been Loving You". One of the only good vocal performances off this album, it's not as good as the blues epic mentioned, but great. Overall rating of the album: 6.6/10; An okay album, one their weakest recorded at a bad time in their career. Stick to the first six and you don't miss much. Recommended Tracks: Achilles Last Stand Nobody's Fault But Mine Tea for One


I could be "sentenced" to only listening to two songs for the rest of my life as long as it was Achilles and Tea!?


This is probably my favorite Led Zeppelin album. Achilles is a masterpiece it is my favorite Led Zeppelin song. To any fan this album is a must have.

The Hendrix experience

This is their best album and tea for one is their greatest song of all time.

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Zeppelin gave no credit whatsoever to the original creators of any of these songs, and actually have the gall to list themselves as the creators of several tunes first performed long before page and plant were even born. That beihng said, not a bad tune in the collection.


Released in 1976, Led Zeppelin’s 7th album has always been unfairly overlooked by fans and critics who’d expected another epic along the lines of their previous album “Physical Graffiti”. And were seemingly disappointed by the even stranger than normal artwork (what was that black thing anyway?) and just seven songs. It was if the band had taken a “ho-hum” approach to their albums. They knew ANYTHING they released was guaranteed to sell a million copies in its first week. Seven songs? Who did they think they were, Steely Dan? Add to this the rise of punk rockers in England who regarded Zeppelin as boring old farts whose demise couldn’t come fast enough. Relations within the band were tense as well. Robert Plant had been in a near fatal car wreck in Greece and practically recorded the entire album in a wheelchair. Jimmy Page and John Bonham’s dalliances with heroin had turned into full-fledged addictions. And John Paul Jones felt his role in the band was merely taken for granted. So the band was in an unfamiliar position; backs to the wall and needing a strong album to prove they still had “it” in them. To do this, the band decamped to Munich’s Musicland Studios and pushed themselves to deliver a new album in (for them) a record time of 2 weeks, as the Rolling Stones were due to arrive and start their next album. Legend has it that Page completed all the guitar overdubs in one night; then asked Mick Jagger for one extra day of studio time. Jagger agreed, and when he arrived Page proudly told him the album was finished; Jagger: “Oh, you got the basic tracks done?” Page: “No, the ENTIRE album is done.” This was at a time when the Stones needed two weeks to record ONE song. “Presence” is a different album because of this. The proto-hippie acoustic tunes of the past are nowhere to be found here. This is a much tougher sounding and uncompromising album as a result starting with the opener. “Achilles Last Stand” is probably the longest song they’ve ever recorded at nearly 11 minutes of soaring vocals, galloping guitars, rock bottom bass and machine gun drums. “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” is without a doubt one of the best songs they ever recorded with its heavily phased guitar intro and Plant’s wail of a deal he wants out of (Drugs or the Devil?) before it slams into a thunderous groove that only stops for a second as Plant quietly laments; “nobody’s fault but mine”. Though they were never a singles band, “Candy Store Rock” really could’ve been a hit single as the band do their best impression of a Sun Records rockabilly act. “Hots on for Nowhere” is Robert Plant strutting his stuff vocally while John Bonham lays down a shuffle straight out of the James Brown school of drumming. I have to say that the sound quality of “Tea for One” is remarkable and harkens back to the smooth drum sound the band had on its early albums before it drops into a slow melancholy blues that seems to say that the band was tired and that bad times were coming soon. Those bad times were the ’77 tour that saw fan riots, hard drugs everywhere, and the death of Plant’s son. Jimmy Page seems to have pulled out all the stops here and used every guitar trick he could think of. IMO, If Zeppelin had stopped here, their place in rock history would’ve been solid. If any album in the Zeppelin catalog could be called a letdown, it was “In Through the Out Door”.

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This album is a lot more blues heavy, much like Led Zeppelin I, except this is a lot cleaner and softer. This just proves Zepp could play in many different styles. Other people who have written reviews have mentioned that Achilles Last Stand, Nobody's Fault But Mine, and Tea for One are the best, but everyone seems to forget about For Your Life! That song is very funky, groovy, and dirty.


Definitely not zeppelins best, but still a good solid album with some great tracks (standouts being Achilles last stand, tea for one and nobody's fault but mine)


A few days ago I head Led Zeppelin's Nobody's Fault But Mine and had forgotten what a killer tune it is. An old spiritual with a new rendition. It is a powerful and spiritual tour-de-force.


It's a really good album best songs are Achillies last stand ,Nobody's fault but mine, and Tea for one

Saul Villalobos

As an ardent Led Zeppelin fan, this album is just majestic! Forget we all love the earlier Led Zeps, (one two four physical graffiti) Presence is the band at its height! Jimmy at, dare i say his best, Robert sounds phenomenal (even from a wheelchair), Jones sounds bombastic and Bonzo is just mighty and merciless on drums. This is what heavenly music is all about, 4 gods, one sky, one Earth, rock n roll forever! \m/

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i liked every song of the album , really heavy thought.


Every song on here deserves to be heard. I always get mad that you never hear songs from this album on the radio except maybe Nobody's Fault. Each song is a masterpiece, buy this album and support it, you won't regret it. LZ Forever...


This album is Zeppelin at its greatest. Such intricate rhythms, such raw power, this album is in a league of its own.

K.M. Young

"Achilles Last Stand" alone warrants buying this album: it is furiously urgent and majestically sublime, Zeppelin's greatest song. I believe even Jimmy Page has called this song his favorite. The other songs, including "Nobody's Fault," "Royal Orleans," and "Tea for One," are no slouches either. Other Zeppelin albums have more radio friendly hits, all of which I love, but this album is an under-appreciated giant.


Rock n roll at it's best!