Powfu - death bed (feat. beabadoobee) [coffee for your head]

℗ 2020 Columbia Records [Robots and Humans].

death bed (feat. beabadoobee) [coffee for your head] - Single Tracklist:


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It’s good but SO SAD XD


smooth flow, beautiful, and peaceful this song slapss i love it


So, this song became a very popular TikTok song. I think it is an amazing amazing amazing amazing song. I’ll listen to it when I’m sad, at night , when I’m dancing. It is such an awesome song!! I hope there’s more soft and awesome songs like this:))


This song is so sweet and I have downloaded it on all of my devices and It makes me soooooooo happy!😁😁

Vin vin vinny

It’s a great song and a lot of people are saying the lyrics are bad. Do you expect them to be like famous rappers lyrics. like stop.


I can’t stop myself from listening to this song


I lovvvvvve it

CC slush

This song is pretty good like to listen to it when I’m sad. But people you can not like the song I get it, but you guys are being harsh with the hate. Just say I dislike the song or something. Some of you are saying harsh things, stop. How would you like it if someone came up to you and said “I hate you so much ur just not good”


We need more songs like this one. This songs point is to make you go back I to your life and say I must have all the good memories and that we need to cherish our lives before we die. Oh and btw the person who is saying listen to damarion matchem is damarion matchem. You can tell bc he kept creating new accounts by just spamming a few words and says listen to me. Don’t because his music is 🗑 traaaaaashhhh

Anomanous pencil

So smooth and peaceful


🚨Have you heard (To the point ) by Damarion Matchem you have to go listen 💯


Awful. Terrible


I have a theory that this guy made this sample when he was a kid. I may be wrong. 🤷‍♂️




i mean i guess it’s catchy but i don’t understand all the hype for it 🤷‍♂️


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Jaden Christopher Warner

This is the best song


Love this song !!!


This is such a good song but it makes me sad when I listen to it because my girlfriend passed about two years ago and this song brings back those memories

machinegun maryann

Deep yet soft

cool narwal2010

Why did I think this was nightcore? This is a masterpiece!


Every time I listen to this song it reminds me of all the memories I have and the times when I had so much fun😭❤️


Yes, must have more

DeSiRe 🥴☺️🤙🏽✨

Best song ever will make you cry but is the best 🥴☺️




Never thought a song could make me feel less intelligent until today. Talentless brain dead dribble.


this song makes me cry listening to it but it's SO GOOD!!!!!


Absolutely LOVE IT every time I hear it it makes me think about my friend Kadence that moved November 1st 2019 witch it makes me cry every time and think about the memories that I had with her 😭😭😭😭😖😖😖🥺🥺🥺🥺

Peach perfection

When I heard this on the radio I literally cannot stop crying. I love this song and it makes me so happy. “Don’t go to bed...”


Dude this song It keep ringing in my head I had to get it is simple perfect enjoy

depressed girly girl

This probably the BEST song I’ve ever heard! Just saying to the Apple company— I can’t download the song for a dang ringtone!? I bought it and what-not, but no option to make it my new ringtone!

Harold Jauregui Do Santos.

Purchased and listening all day long, can’t have more tears 😭 😭 😢 😭 Greetings from Peru 🇵🇪 🇵🇪 🇵🇪


This song fr hits hard in my heart doe.. love it so much 🥰🥰🥰🥰


Sometimes simple is perfect


I love how songs just touch u I’ve probably listened to it 100 times


The lyrics are just bad and cheesy. Heck, a 5th grader could’ve written them. Seriously. I will admit it has a pleasant sound just please work on your lyrics


So good... that’s all I have to say

space and cakes

The ladies voice for the first few seconds where annoying to be honest. But when I listen for the 23rd time on loop I realized I absolutely adore this song. Thank you friend for an amazing song

whdjdjjdj he

Very good


just heard it for the first time awhile ago and I already listened to it 6 times 🔥💜💙🖤


Beautiful, Remarkable, outstanding, & most importantly the meaning of this song is so powerful!!!! I keep listening to this song nonstop but my head is telling me “Don’t stay awake for to long” but then my heart says “Don’t go to bed” because this song is amazingly adorable!!



kensho fox

I just want to say I haven’t even bought the song and it make me cry about how life is and how it’s.. so nice yet so cruel I’ve had a perfect life not as a rich human but I have shelter and food and a family.but this song reminded me of life and how boring unfair it is I’d probably not give up my position in life for someone else because I have it good but this shows me that I need to do more try more and maybe find a true meaning to experienceing exeistence

lnkm mtu

i really love this song it’s my everything ;)

heyyyy bud

this song is amazing and it hits me in the feels but it's so cute and great for edits or really anything. i cry my eyes out to this song, and it's always stuck in my head:) it's literally the definition of melancholy


I absolutely love this song! I can’t wait for music from you, because you’re about to blow-up! And a Godly artist? That’s the icing on the cake!


Love it


I can’t think without this song coming up in my head

dauchund lover

Eeeeeee I’ve only listened to this song twice but it’s stuck in my head and I’m going to beg for 2 dollars now

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