The Isley Brothers & Santana - Power of Peace

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Don Stanley

They need to revisit this concept and a future venture, because it is a great thought! I just thought it was rushed between two great icons of Soul!

o grouchomarxista

Santana has been a disappointment since he started playing for the money, I recently saw “ The Isleys” in concert and I left. It was a money grab as well. The highlight of this set is the old Chambers Brothers song,” Love , Peace, and Happiness - and that ain’t much. There’s far better Isleys recordings, and grab Caravanserai or Welcome if you don’t already have them to hear Carlitos at his peak.


It actually took a couple listens to take in what I was hearing and appreciate it. I dig it.


I'm so unimpressed with us


I think the song selection and the vocal/instrumental arrangements do very nicely what they were intended to do: showcase superb musical talent who still sound great in a collaboration 50-plus years after they started their performance careers. Maybe the songs are old school (like me) but these guys don't sound like old men.


Love everything about this album - appreciate the talent.


This album and the last Santana 4 album are really good and better than anything Santana has recorded since the 70s

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Awesome album

Hector V. The One

this is what the music industry needs right now, because there is a lot of trash being put out.These are two of the powerful acts of the past and if you were unable to see them perform during their hey day you missed some good performances,while these are remakes of classics they have been tastefully reworked,the standouts to me are "I Remember and Body Talk".I was fortunate to see these artist (Isley Brothers) during the seventies and early eighties when they were steam rolling everyone and I saw The Santana Band back in the day also, way to go guys. Peace. Hector V. (The One)


My 1st impression was that I was unimpressed (like OpattyrickO). However, I gave it a 2nd listen off the iTunes preview and went from 2 stars to 4 in my rating. I'll give it another listen and may actually buy the CD


I am fans of both Santana and the Isleys and this is really beneath them both.

V will

Great sound . Thank you guys.



Little Sqirt 95

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But if you don't get this fusion of the remaining Isley brothers and the ever incomparable Carlos Santana. Enough Said...


Terrific tunes.

buddy tt

When the Isley brothers and Santana get together it is a real powerhouse. The quality of the music is truly outstanding and worthy of this release. I look forward to our tour perhaps :-)

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