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Bought this album after seeing Prince Grammy tribute. Lost track of his music and genius after Signs O the Times. This album is a creative masterpiece. Prince is underrated as a true rock guitarist. Buy this; it rocks.

Drew Lucas

I started listening to Prince 1 year ago and wow his music is so powerful like Michael Jackson and their the best!! Prince Nelson is a very beautiful artist ❤️🎧


This album is awesome from the first to last track! Prince has really been inspired by the young ladies that make up 3rdeyegirl and has produced some really interesting pieces. It's a little weird hearing Prince's awesome compositions not accompanied by his voice on some of the tracks but still great! This version of Plectrum Electrum is more dynamic than Donna’s original version. Also this version of Wow is more interesting than the version Prince produced for Liv Warfield.


I miss his guitar and his flow. A lyrical genius as seen through this amazing album. I love Another Love! May he Rest in Peace



kai na lu

I Love You Prince.


This is a great album but iTunes not releasing Princes 3121 album?

Quads guy

When Prince passed away a true iconic legend died. There will never be another artist with his musical genius. With that said this is some of his best music yet. I got to get more of his library added to my library of music. FunkNRoll is such a sweet jam.


This CD is GREAT. I just can't believe that this is it. He's gone & am HEARTBROKEN. He will always be THE GREATEST. What a loss.................


Rock, metal, synthpop, hip-hop, and funk, all in one album. A great variety of music that really sounds as good or sometimes better than most of the classic Prince catalog. It’s hard to imagine that someone could not find at least a few songs to love on this album.

Lord Andy 24

Wow...actually that was really good and funky. Haha didn't expect that.

Anonymous 1onE

This is a smokin Rock N Roll album. 1one of the best out. Itunes why did yall put this in the RnB category? Pretzelbodylogic, Marz, WOW, Whitecaps, Stop this train, Anotherlove, Aintturninround, Plectrumelectrum -What? Prince & 3rdeyegirl, keep rockin

MotoGP Dude

This album is a disaster I literally bought one song and the rest was shocked at how bad it is. What I see is that when performing Live, they are amazing, and in the studio something goes terribly wrong. I know they recorded the Arsenio show live versions of these songs as they a lot are on youtube. Why not release that, as that is the good stuff, thats the money maker, and those performances are epic!!!! Prince man, dude, cmon' you are sitting on the rad stuff and giving us the garbage from the recording edits and its, a disaster. Sorry Prince, but do these girls the honor, and release the live versions please!!!! i'll buy those songs or entire live album big time!!!


Gets better with every listen. A true album in every sense of the word. Look up that concept.


This is a great album with a great band and production


This is a fantastic piece of work. Listen to the last minute two minutes of "ANOTHERLOVE" and you will hear why Prince is one of the greatest guitar players of all time. 3RDEYEGIRL has proven a very worthy muse indeed.


This is the Prince I’ve been missing. Some of his best (recorded) guitar work in years.

Sweet Lo

Did Jimi Hendrix return from the grave? Sounds like it. I can't give this album 5 or even 4 stars unfortunately. Cause there are a couple of misses for me. But majority of the album does work. Including: "Boy Trouble", "Funknroll", and the title track. 3rd eye? Those girls are a force to wrecking with. I'll put them up any male band. Strong! To the rock gods I definitely recommend it. If you're just straight R&B type, then this is not for you.


This album reminds me of Prince old school, I am so loving it, can't wait to hear in its entirety, purchasing now. Awesome job sir. Thank you. Waiting for the gospel of prince, I feel it coming.

Sig 6

I’ve always respected Prince but never loved his music. Until now. (I prefer a harder sound.) PLECTRUMELECTRUM has the full bore rock and roll, Guitar God songs I was hoping the Purple One would write after he released Let’s Go Crazy 30 years ago. There’s something for everyone on this album– lush, dense, crazy harmonies; catchy harmonies, and top quality instrumental and vocal support from Hannah Whelton (drums, lead vocals), Ida Nielsen (bass, vocals) and Donna Grantis (lead guitar, vocals) of 3RDEYEGIRL. Here are a few of my favorites: WOW (is it possible to have an anthemic love song with organ-melting harmonies and killer guitars?), ANOTHERGIRL (sad, defiant, more great guitar), MARZ (short kickass rocker), PLECTRUMECTRUM (instrumental title track has Prince and the girls channeling Zeppelin – quite well). I also like FIXURSELFUP, WHITECAPS, PRETSELBODYLOGIC AINTTURNINROUND and STOPTHISTRAIN but have run out of superlatives. Just by the album. (But also check out the video of Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL playing on SNL.

Gryphon MacThoy

It's ok. It's a very different sound for him. I enjoyed it the first two time. Now I just put Marz in my faves list and skip the rest of this.


#4 is exactly Blood Sugar Sex Magik


Solid effort from one of the G.O.A.T.s (Greatest of All Time). Prince still has a passion for creating good, quality music. Not to mention a flair for jaw-dropping live performances, as he displayed recently on SNL.

paul 103

listen to track 4 it is mind blowing. as well as the rest. funkadelic. i wonder how many played air guitar to pectrumelectrum. I HAVE


Been waiting forever sounds great.


Best song in ages! Prince at his best. Whitecaps and Stop This Train must hear, must buy!

DC Blue 62

Got both of the new albums and down loaded a couple of my favorite jams, Another Love & Plectrumelectrum are two killer cuts, WOW!!!

ListenUp (~)\(~)





I’m an R&B girl. Surprisingly, I like PLECTRUMELECTRUM better than AOA. Both are fantastic but, I think this is the project Prince has been itching to do for years. It’s refreshing to hear plain old instrumental music. Prince & 3EG give us a good mixture of funk, rock and soul. It’s fun to listen to. WOW is wow. PLECTRUMELECTRUM is the best track on the project. It flies. As many times as I’ve heard FIXURLIFEUP over the last year, it somehow sounds better to me sitting next to its siblings. Prince was right again.


anyone notice the riff jacked directly from Pantera’s I’m Broken on plectrumelectrum? definitely forgiveable


If you have only $10.99 and had to choose between this CD and the Prince CD, this one! It doesnt included songs that didnt make the cut on Sign of The Times and doesnt sound out dated. This CD is definately a new sound from Prince with the Guitar riffs..its sounds more updated. Great CD!!


BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it's that time


This album is amazing! ❤️❤️❤️


Thank U God for returning the wizardy of Prince's rock sensibility and riff crunching genius to us after more than a 3 decade hiatus. And thank U Prince for sharing your talent with these 3 amazing young women! The endorphinmachine is back!!! ~


Prince is a tricky little dude. If you were able to stream the record release party for this album, you too would be scratching your head. Prince finally gave a tour of Paisley Park, and introduced a couple of knock-out acoustic tunes that didn't make PlectrumElectrum. While the album has several great tracks, the Paisley Park Demos he recorded almost two years ago with 3rdeyegirl are far superior to most of the tracks on this album. You have to give Prince credit for diving into Cocteau Twins territory "TICTACTOE" and making perhaps his best rock song ever "ANOTHERLOVE" , but only half of the album is worthy. Perhaps Warner Brothers still needs to do a little quality control. Still at 56 you probably won't find a more relevant artist.

NMC Music Sales

Excellent from start to finish!!

Whistle Crowe

mariannem91 Prince where have you gone❓❓❓❓ PLEASE COME BACK‼️‼️‼️‼️


Love, love, love this CD! Prince & 3EG rock!❤️👏👏👍


Very interesting and rocking! Definitely good Prince.


I am happy that he released two albums, because the experimentation on this one caught me pleasantly by surprise. The "Art" album is really nothing new, if anything, it appears to be music to appease a certain audience. This on the other hand stands out. It's not just funk, but hard rock or as he puts it, "FunknRoll." His choice of musicians is without parallel. They fit together tightly as though they have been jamming for hours on end. There are some rough areas, but it adds to the mix and the aura of the album. It is obvious that this is meant to be performed live. What's more, Prince appears to be going back to his Hendrixian roots without apology. If anything, what this album shows is that Prince has not lost it. He is still about experimentation. Very little on this album is a rehash, unlike the "Art" album, which appears to be non-stick dribble. This on the other hand is powerful. If the Top 40 charts were true to talent, I cannot see why at least two songs from this album wouldn't make it to number 1. Very good album.


This '3rdeyegirl-thing' all started over a year ago and it's nice to see it finally released AND with mostly new (great) songs. The album retains much of the same vibe I saw in some of last year's performances with 3rdEyeGirl (watch "Chaos and Disorder" on UTube--awesome). Prince is the kind of artist that requires patience and an open mind. The first time I discovered the Beatle's music, I remember thinking what an amazing musical journey it was. But, discovering Prince's music in 1982 and following it all these years? That's on an entirely different level (yeah, I said it).


Listen to ‘White Caps’…then ‘Wooden Ships’ (Crosby Stills Nash & Young)…then ‘White Caps’….then ‘Wooden Ships’…'til you get the connection ‘White Caps on the water, but that’s OK’ ‘Wooden Ships on the water, very free’ Some nice songs on this album in any case. It’s good when Prince collaborates — it gets him out of and beyond his ‘funk'

Lovely ladyp

Total garbage..


Fantastic first album!


You won’t be disappointed when Prince & Third Eye Girl hits you squarely between yours. Great live sound with most songs recorded after one take. Really captures the organic vibe of his new band. These songs are even better live. The only downturn is that they left off 2Y2Dare off but something tells me it’ll see the light of day. With so much music today being simply product over substance this album puts rock squarely back in the spotlight where it belongs. No surprise Prince was the one to do it. Simply put the most talented Mutha on the planet.


I also love this album


Prince continues to re-invent himself by bringing fresh, new-sounding music to completely new generations of music listeners. Please take a listen to BOTH of his new albums. The live, instrumental-laden guitar sound with his new, all-girl band 3rd Eye Girl, is so fresh and interesting. Both albums are HIGHLY recommended.


Ain’t feeling this album

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