Pitbull - Global Warming: Meltdown (Deluxe Version)

℗ 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Trust and Us


warriors cats famdom fan

I don’t know why everyone is hating on pit bull!!! He’s the light best dude!!!!


So good pitbull


Ratings are mixed, probably because there’s a pop song in a rap album, I like the song “Timber”...some might not agree

lucky tuba |-/


A former hardcore fan

This album saved my life.


I really like pit bulls music. The haters Gould go away.


This song is copied from Aha's Take On Me

Seriously r u kidding

I think that this music is pretty good! I love the face that there is such a variety of different artists on the album. But I agree that he is a bit repetitive. But still, GREAT MUSIC!

Mandy 420

If you want an Upper? Pitbull and his friends are here for you. I cannot listen to this without dancing! Timber w Ke$ha is awesome, Don't Stop the Party keeps you pumped and there are so many radio hits on this cd alone. A++


Can't wait for the next album!!

Mysterious Mustache Master

This album is like a cow just barfed in a pail. I mean, Pitbull is like a science experiment gone terribly wrong. If I were you, do not buy this album.


Timber, lumber, forest products. Whatever. This song is only cool when you're chopping firewood. While drunk.


He was lucky to have Kesha be featured on Timber, she brought the party.. Watching Kesha preform Timber live by herself is so much better though!

No video part!

Like some of the songs but overall pretty good. I have bought about half the album.


I like the song timber a lot it is very catchy, the lyrics are a little strange but I like your work.😄


Its sad , what you have to do to pay bills retire plz pitbull should be a chef not a singer




Mr. Worldwide... Love GLOBALIZATION ... Great Work!!! A MUST LISTEN AND MOST HAVE!!!


Great Album, heard it countless times & don't get tired of listening to it, & Pitbull will be heard in any part of this world, especially in clubs, Like it or Not... (Drinks Up)

Jonathan Tatum

This is defiantly the worst single of 2013. As if "Timber" wasn't bad enough, he just had to pare up with Ke$sha... I never really liked pitbull. His voice is so bland and talentless. If he just left the music business, I don't think anybody would really miss him.


He's got the moves and gets the crowd movin! He's always on the go...gotta luv his work ethic! Who else is music works as hard as him??!!


I've listened to Pitbull, and his music is terrible! I could create much better music then Pitbull! I never was a big fan of Pitbull!


This albbum is aswom


I'm not a huge fan of his but there's some really good songs on this album! I like how his song "back in time" is featured on MIB 3 haha! Nice work :)

Ahmed abd alkareem

I love this music only on play pitboll !!

King Ken Gutierrez

I like Pitbull's music as much as the next person but, there was no reason to get rid of the other song on the original delxue version. I would have kept all the song and added the new ones instead of replacing them, Pitbull is still the best!

Cal Muse

Making songs with all these big name, good singers. This 5 stars is for Christina, Kelly, & Ke$ha


some haters that his song is repetitive but I like the beat coz it keeps me going and running....


I never really loved Pitbull or Mr.Worldwide too much intu his song Timber. I have been obsessed with Timber since the day it came out. Its really catchy. Ke$ha did a wonderful job, though i listened to Timber so much my friends say i could take her place and do a better job. Worth every penny.

Love the BU

Stop saying he is bad you try raping I bet you would fail!!!


Pitbull has done it with this album that is very valuable and who cares about what others say. This album had won me over with the catchy songs. 😄👍👍👍👍👍


Go away !!! 100% garbage


Pitbull doesn't really seem to have talent he always features people in his songs at least Nicki Minaj tries to sing The only reason I like feel this moment is because of Christina Aguilera the rest makes no sense Pitbull is just repetitive Timber is really bad Heck even my teacher makes fun of it And what's with the World wide thing And, the dog is pit bull not Pitbull Trash




Pitbull ruins EVERY song he is in. Quit.


What the heck is this world coming to, "timber" seriously?

PrInCeSs =8

This is the best song ever. I feel so sorry for the ones that hate it. All my friends love it, when it comes on we all sing at the top of our lungs. I <3 TIMBER


F*** u i love pitbull. I hope you DIE!


His same old yell at the beginning of EACH AND EVERY SONG is getting soooo old! Mix it up please!!!!!!!!


Don't stop the party and Timber are good. But they are the only really good ones. Everything else sounds the same and not well done at all.


Says swing your butt round and round


He is better than you think. You guys must be too stupid to notice that if you don't think he's good.

I love elsa

Love the album especially timber

awesome mushtaches

i dont know about the rest of you unappreciated suckers but ilove this song


I feel really bad for him. He thinks he knows what he's doing and I just. Oh no, honey, no no no.

Dallie hater

This song blows. This would be cool ten years ago if it existed. I think I'm yelling Tinder needs to be replaced with timber. #boomlosers


This is the best song ever!

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