Weezer - Pinkerton

℗ 2016 Geffen Records

Pinkerton Tracklist:


Everyone always talks about Weezer being some great band and this is considered the fan favorite album so I gave it a listen and it turned out to be some of the worst music I think I’ve ever heard with creepy, gross, and sexist lyrics along with terrible production. Listen to the bands Pixies and Pavement instead.


A dark relatable album


Hits home in the best and worst ways


Every song is awesome. Definitely the best Weezer album


If you're reading this, please post your albums on here or YT!! Been dying to listen to that. How is it not on YouTube???



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It all starts with the head banging tired of sex and ends with the beautiful but depressing butterfly with lots more to enjoy in between. Definitely Weezers best!


There’s a real sense of sincerity here, in Cuomo’s voice and the themes of the songs. The subject matter might make some uncomfortable, and that’s understandable, but I don’t think honesty should be punished.

Thug Life Supreme

Even though this is not Weezer’s best album, they do have a few catchy songs, that are great. Some with some suggestive material but great songs that will get stuck in you head for a long time.

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