Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon

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If you weren't around to hear the music scene of the 70's, you are no more qualified to judge this album than you are qualified to critique Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" or Joseph Heller's "Catch 22" or Ansel Adams' landscape photography. "The Dark Side of the Moon" can easily be cited along with these others as a landmark expression of 20th century artistry.


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Very great album 👌🏼. It is from one of the best bands of our time. I agree with seth58. I am also 12 ( i know they reviewed 4 years ago but still). Very artistically sung by syd Barrett. Money and eclipse are my favorite songs on the track. I hope I can meet more people in this world who like things like Pink Floyd or deep purple or the mamas and papas. There are so many people out there but man, the 80’s 60’s and 70s were great years for music. I love this band and another reviewer also said that if she were to be asked by somebody to turn off her Pink Floyd, she’ll never forgive them. You go, I agree 110%. :D Oh and also to reviewer ( named not to be mentioned but y’all will prolly know if you look thru all the reviews) who said that this band is nobody they are somebody. They were one of the leading bands of the 60s and 70s and they have brung many fans together and from different genres. Take for example one dude here said that he considered himself an avid rap fan but something about this kept him listening. Another example is another person who said that they never really listened to music and heard this. So just saying. Maybe listen to it fully and you’ll see :)



Keeper of the 7 keys

the greatest rock album ever recorded.


There isn’t a better album in existence.


I’ve gotten this album several times. Every time the remaster it Apple ditches my old one. I’m not repurchasing this again!🤬


Best album by far There is no dark side of the moon really, matter of fact it’s all dark. The only thing that makes it look like is the sun.”


This album runs continiuouly from one song to the next. They bleed into each other. So if you only buy one song, it will seem like it cuts off, but it just runs into the next song, which you didn't buy. Buy the whole album.


I purchased Brainwashed and the very end of the song is cut off abruptly. I want a new download


I know that’s a big statement but for me, there is no other.

Mickey Mack Mack

This and Fleetwood Mac Rumours May be the most perfect albums ever!


Have you noticed how there are always one or two a-holes on every great album who rate it one star just to get a rise out of the fans of real music? Ignore them; this is the second-best Pink Floyd album after The Wall.


So now Pink Floyd is charging 12.99 for an album everyone already has. I guess Nick or Roger needs a new sports car...

Trust and Us



I grew up in an era where music was everything and sometimes you were judged by the music you listened to. For kids of the 60’s & 70’s music was like all we had and just like what Vince Lombardi said “ winning isn't everything it was the only thing” Music was our escape from the insanity of what was going on all around us. Pink Floyd was such an artistic creative group of guys who just wanted to change how folks listened to music and in the process of that just like the Beatles they changed music. Dark side of the moon was one of the most ambitious records ever recorded and a must have for anyone who loves Rock n Roll.


Easily my favorite album ever. That said, the sound quality of this iTunes version is terrible. Everything sounds crunchy even at low volumes and you can barely distinguish the individual parts. All the clarity and nuance is gone. Get the cd or better yet the vinyl. Sad to say but I’ll never listen to this iTunes version again the sound quality is so bad. Again, imo this is the strongest greatest album ever made. Low rating is for the low quality of this iTunes version. Writing and composition hold up as great as ever, but half of what made this album so great was the quality of the sound in the headphones. Sadly that’s what’s missing here.


One of the greatest albums ever

Drake Techmaker

Listened to this on YouTube and in the middle of listening to the whole thing, I ordered the cd. As a gen z kid I never heard this as a record when it first came out, but this is the best album I have ever heard. Sounds great and still pretty modern today. Make sure if you listen to this album it is from start to finish. Truly a masterpiece.


I’m partial to this album because I was in high school from ‘72-75 and living in Berlin, Germany as an Army Brat. What a time ! And Dark side of the Moon made it much, much better ! 😉

Hippie Kid 1973

This is an amazing album. I would also recommend The Wall to. By far the best of its time. The lyrics actually mean something, unlike our modern pop. But iTunes could have done better restoring it.

worst dj ever ..

first time I heard this which wasn’t long ago ehhhh, I thought it was weird but I didn’t understand it but with some time & shrooms I learned to really really appreciate & it’s not one of my favorite pieces of music of all time


🌈 perfection


it just is the best album ever.. hands down.

Hagar's Son

I expected the full length version of each song. I am not satisfied with my purchase. I would like a refund and have this album removed. I have purchased this in the past and received each song in its entirety. Thanks


Start to finish, an emotional ride you never though5 you’d be taking. Absolute perfection.


I just love this music 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚


I have been listening to this album since it’s original release. (Yes I’m that old). PInk Floyd’s library is all amazing, but this is the one all others are compared to. Mind blowing.


A true timeless critically aclaimed masterpiece in every respect, the greatest album ever recorded! This album stayed in the Billboard top 100 albums for 26 years!!!!! I first heard this album the week it came out and it changed music forever. "The Wall" as Gimour called "Rogers Album" and was a far cry from Dark Side, not even close! Total and complete perfection! A concept album, the fast pace of modern life, death, money, politics and insanity

COC Tryer

If you’re thinking about buying it, do it. You won’t regret listening to this master piece for days on end.

Strait & Yoakam Fan

I’m ashamed to admit it but even though I was in college in 1973 I never listened to Pink Floyd. I was into Elton John and Billy Joel. Still love their music BUT wow, did I miss out on some great music. Can you remember your first time listening to Dark Side? That’s how I feel today. Well, I’m in awe at the sound and lyrics, so much so that I’ve purchased another 5 CD’s. I just can’t stop listening. David Gilmour and his Black Strat are incredible.(Can you imagine he sold it for $4Million) I feel like I could go on and on but you get the idea. I’m very impressed and I highly recommended Dark side of the Moon.


This isn’t an album, it’s a journey thru life. I never get tired of listening to this work of art. All 4 members were at their creative peak putting this masterpiece together!!


A fine album something that will never fade out

Magic Man

By ANYBODY! It’s not arrogance on my part but the truth. Even though I realize Pink Floyd is not everyone’s cup of tea, even if it isn’t, as a non fan one can appreciate (hopefully) the brilliance of this album. This is one for the ages, nuff said.


Had the vinyl import, 8track, countless cassettes early cd’s and recent cd’s, doesn’t get old.


If only Heineken had made it. Perfect. Genius. Everlasting. I wonder if they knew that when they made it in 73? Never shuffle, they never had shuffle back then. This is how it was planned.


Much can be said of the lyrical ocean that seems to have an endless depth. By the time I write or you read this review we will have found some new theme hidden in the lyrics. They are soaking wet and heavy like waves crashing upon you. Life, time, death, mental health, war...Tides turn from low to high musically throughout the album, just as the moon rises and sets. One listen wouldn’t give this album its due credit. One can’t choose a standout track because there is no precise moment when the dark turns to light during an eclipse. The album is a seamless work with noteworthy praise due on every track. Just like life when you reach content or comfort it seems to end. It always ends. Nothing can last forever except time, this album and perhaps life, which is presented to you and proven with a heartbeat. This isn’t an album, it’s a sermon.


Dark Side of the Moon stands out as a great album by spending 917 weeks in Billboard Top 200 from 1973 to 1988. It has appeared periodically since 2009. The music created could be considered classical themed with elecytronic feel. Pink Floyd has influnced more than rock with this album. Bands from every genre of music have listed Dark Side as an influence. The album has no true single song to sum up the masterpiece. The album itself is can be considered one song. Each track links to the next as a story to man. It is life to death through success and failure with strecthing the bounds of one's mind. This is not a psychedelic experiment but a travel through stages of life and reason. The music elevates the experince with lyrics to suggest the mind can alter the path to the future.


My dad loaves this so do I greatest rock band EVER!


The most successful album of all time. It can’t be beat!


Best Album of any band and of all TIME PERIOD


changed the way i look at music


This is the stuff of legends


pay attention to left right speaker shift

Robinson Vázquez González

In the mount rushmore of the greatest rock album of all time


This album considering when it was recorded was so groundbreaking! This album is amazing in every way and everyone should hear this without question. Top 5 best albums of all time!!


Whatever happened to the Deluxe version of the album on ITunes?


The sounds. The structure. The composition. The artistry. Absolutely everything. This is mind bending amazing. Humans made this. 45 years ago. That’s amazing. A masterpiece.


Love this band! Classic album, please buy it! You’ll be doing yourself a favor ☺️


Complete perfection ✌️

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