Prince - Piano & a Microphone 1983

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It's no secret that Prince was a muscial genius and I miss him. He was a complex man but what I love about this album is purity. My girlfriend actually bought me the vinyl version and it sounded so good, so dynamic (sorry iTunes). Sound quality aside, I do still recommend adding it to your library, whatever your form. It's a look into the past to a time when we had only a glimmer of what was to come. Prince fan must have. Peace.


Awesomeness at its finest

Mae West w/Love

Music Company did exactly what “Prince” would have Never done. Put out incomplete content. I’ve been a music fan for over 30 yrs. this is whack! They got my $, due to being a fan. I miss his genius. It saddens me that the ppl around him didn’t stand up for him and his issues with pain meds. I’m saddened he waited to long. Life moves on. His Music prior to his death will live on. The book that dropped was another move like this. Half assed.... in the end he was so correct. Music company’s will make the entertainers a “SLAVE”. Not worth a dime..


So raw and beautiful, stripped of the perfectionism of his released music. Really enjoyed listening.


I love this!! For those saying he wouldn't have released it...I disagree! It reminds me of chlorine baconskin from crystal ball...and HE Released that!! Jam sessions are the peek into the gift that he had while still in this creative process! Personally I love when he uses that deep voice so this is right up my alley!! I can't wait for more uncovered music...I think he knew it would come out's how he'd keep his fans happy and continually filled! These tracks made me happy and sad at the same time. Still feels like he was supposed to live forever! Long live Price. I wish him heaven! 💜 Phyl


The music is worth every penny.


Prince delivers; always and again.


i only wish he could of done more of this - powerful! (miss this guy)


I've read many reviews stating "if he wanted this released..." "exploitation..." Prince stated in many interviews his vault would be released after his death. He knew his fans were aware of the vult and its hidden gems. If Prince wanted to control his music after death he had the opportunity to declare what would be released, instead he chose not. We should all just enjoy the music and remeber him as the PRINCE he was.


Listening to the final studio versions of these songs you realize the level of effort and strive for perfection that existed within Prince. He was special, but he was also dedicated to his craft, and this album is an incredible peek into his artistry. Although he may not have agreed with the release of these recordings, and I respect his dedication to the process and the protection of the artist, I am guilty of truly loving the experience of feeling a part of the creation of his music.


As an old school Prince fan, I love hearing this music in this format (sniffles and all), but $9.99 for something that was sitting in a drawer? Several of the "songs" are 1.5 minute snippets (Purple Rain and International Lover). This is gouging by Prince's estate and should have been priced less.


The combination of Prince’s amazing vocals and range, with the raw authenticity of his creative process, induces tears of joy and sadness. This is more intimate than the finished products and really takes the mind on a journey into this legends soul. His musical aptitude, passion, and pure genius can’t be disguised in these unfinished songs and short verses. His cover of “Mary Don’t You Weep” is one of my favorites. He hits those low notes with ease and his tone is beautiful. His piano playing should be noted too; it’s very accurate for a musician just “fooling” around with some of his original song ideas and covers. Nothing short of amazing as is most of Prince’s music - possibly more amazing because he’s really just practicing and trying out ideas and they are better quality than many musicians finished songs.


Master of his craft and self-expression at its finest

Jay V

This is so sad that the people Prince entrusted with his estate are making a clear money grab by releasing this album as an album... RIP PRINCE


Great to see them keeping his music published and his memory alive, I had heard this when I was a member of his music club. I am happy to own it and I miss him so much! Keep the music coming Paisley Park! “The only love there is, is the love we make”


It don’t stank but it sure is funky! Prince is an all time great! Most underrated artist ever!

Fannie Dixon

I love Prince but not the way he sing these songs I don’t he would have released these songs I know he have better songs in the vault I want be buying this album,WB is money hungry



Fins Up In Indiana

I can't imagine that Prince ever wanted us to hear this. It's already started.


My beloved PRINCE sounds as great as ever...Miss hearing his voice live but cherish the great memories of his live concerts. This album makes me want more, so keep the music coming!!!!!!! 👑💜👑💜👑💜👑

Duchess Charlotte

A talent not to be repeated....raw and exquisitely beautiful... Brings tears to my eyes...he left us too soon... Duchess Charlotte




What a great album ! A most have !


i think the Artist was smart enough to know that since "he recorded EVERYTHING" that the music would be released, listened to, critiqued and "Adored". #FOH "purists", i dig it especially for the rawness, for the "unplugged" feel and because it is <+O aka the Artist aka His Purpleness aka Prince Rogers Nelson... rest in purple.

Not yo bizness



I’m from Minnesota and I can assure you princess is still alive! I have seen him! This is all a publicity stunt!


Prince, piano.


Like everything he did it was fantastic and moving. I hope more is on the way.


5 stars for Prince, he was brilliant, even sitting at a piano messing around...1 star as an official “album” by itself.... and to call it unheard is laughable and shows a lack of understanding of what it meant to be a Prince fan for the last 4 decades. If you never heard it it’s a very cool glimpse into his creative genius... remember it was 1983, these iconic songs were not finished or released officially yet, Purple Rain and all its phenomenon were yet to happen... Ok, many purple fams have been enjoying these for years, usually on a tape or other bootleg that has twice the material than presented on this EP length “album.” To present it this way, although exciting for those who never heard it, is at best, a disappointment. To present it as if these are full tracks, with the exception of perhaps 17 Days, and not just a medley, is absurd. Even the first “single” -the cover of Mary Don’t You Weep- has elements of Strange Relationship in it, Purple Rain is only a small section of the song, etc. The last 2 tracks are almost certainly never even meant to be songs, perhaps ideas at best, or him just playing around. As a bootleg cassette with more piano jams and including Purple Music aka So High (why that isn’t here exactly remains a mystery) while he was still alive was peering into a behind the scenes look at the mystique and mystery of a living musical genius. Officially releasing this post-humously on CD, vinyl, even 24-bit hi-res download with LOUD TAPE HISS REMAINING (when it could have been remastered out), and when there are literally 100’s of completed songs that could be released, is weird. (This was literally recorded on a cassette.) If it was packaged with all jamming intact as on bootlegs as a bonus along with his final concert from his Piano & A Microphone tour, that would have been a cool thing, but by itself is odd at best. And overpriced. I don’t know if anyone else noticed it, I have not yet pin-pointed if it is further edited or the brickwall-like mastering has caused it to seem this way, but transitions from track to track seem odd or jerky in a way that the bootleg doesn’t ... it should just flow, he’s literally playing around at the piano without stopping! This is true of when I stream it or listen to a MP3 version...very odd.


Worst Album. Just his own personal jam session. Not good

DJ Lucky (Baltimore)

Another wonderful musical masterpiece by THE MAN himself! So saddening that he was taken from the World so young to join the greats of our time in the friendly skies to smile down on us. Prince Forever!


Hauntingly beautiful and perfect....


Awesome album I love it


I have been waiting my whole life to hear some of his unreleased work. Not disappointed


Incredible. Period


This is the most intimate album I’ve ever heard from him, just him and the piano. Whether it’s in a playful manner or something that’ll make you sad, I highly recommend this album for anyone who wants to get themselves deeper into his discography or wanna hear why he’s so special in the music

Marty's Momma

...he would have released it himself. Stop exploiting artists that have passed away. Just enjoy what he left us.

Ms. Gunn

Raw, simple & real. You not only hear, but feel, so much of him so clearly. And his genius is beautiful.


This album is filled with so much soul and passion, it’s incredible. Most of us Purple fam have already heard this but, it’s still so incredible to hear it again. We will not let your legacy perish. Thank you for giving us so much, Prince.


Just another reason why he is missed musically.


Stripped and raw Only the best




Can't touch this


I literally have hundreds of AMAZING, unreleased boots by Prince that should have come before's a great performance, but the studio material is so much better.


I would give this 5 Stars because a Prince performance deserves nothing less on a scale of 1-5. However. I’m disappointed that the only releases from the vault that we are getting are mostly songs that we’ve heard a hundred times before. It’s a shame that the Deliverance EP was stopped because few had heard those tracks before and it had people listening before it was yanked off of the air waves. At this rate of release, people like me who have loved Prince’s music over his entire career may not have the pleasure to hear the unreleased music in our lifetimes. As Morris said in Graffiti Bridge... #ReleaseIt


Prince is music. Forever.


This shouldn't have been released. It's one of those listen to it once and put it away; nothing special. Thousands of songs in the vault and we get a demo recording as an album? Surely the estate is not handeling his vault music well. Hope for something more interesting in the future.


If your a prince fan this is for you!

Drew Lucas

Prince was an musical genius and his legacy will live on for generations like Michael Jackson.

Indiana Goof

Purple follower since 1982 here... feels good 2 see this as a legit release now. We’re lucky, of course, 2 get any new music at all - the state of his Paisley Park vault being a mess & next 2 impossible 2 sort out is a well-known story (he used tapes like sketchbooks & simply recorded what his felt like, often in pieces, & many times - 2 his staff’s horror - rerecording over older tapes (!!!), & as a result there is literally no rhyme nor reason 2 how everything’s put in there), so God only knows how long if & when it will ever be organized! :O So it makes sense that the first genuine post-release would be of an album that was originally a bootleg, since it’s technically already “put together”. & that’s not a bad thing by any means - the real treats are the unreleased songs here, which U’ll probably want 2 check out first (the way I did). The really terrific thing is that these are all songs created back when Prince was making music 4 the sheer joy of making music (as opposed 2 when he shifted gears with “newpowersoul” & suddenly was persistently writing as though someone were glancing over his shoulder all the time... man, that was depressing...), so he’s still completely untethered here in his rare gift 4 melody. It was always tough being a Prince fan; but his music was always worth it. Here’s a set which demonstrates why.

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