Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (Remastered)

℗ 1975 Atlantic Recording Corporation, a Warner Music Group Company. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.

Physical Graffiti (Remastered) Tracklist:


They just don’t make music like this PAGE,PLANT,BONHAM,JONES need i say more!!!


If they had released disc 1 as a single album, I'd call it perfect. No other zep release combined the physical power of their music with such swing. Powerful, motivating, relentless.

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Probably my 2nd favorite zeppelin album absolutely incredible!!

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Near Flawless 80 minutes. Amazing Production.

Big JiLm2

This was my default make out music when i was a player...


One of the greatest albums ever recorded, if not the greatest. I would put this up against anything being recorded today and come out with absolute victory.


One of the G.O.A.T.s - a masterpiece.

Imagine Wagon

This album is one of the best rock albums of all time, and is one to be remembered. If someone asked me what the best rock album is I would say this album

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They had just had failure with Led Zeppelin III, which critics and fans said wasn’t even rock, it was folk. They released Led Zepelin IV, which was their most successful album to date. But “Stairway to Heaven”, a monster hit, ended up being banned in guitar stores. Then they release this masterpiece, Pysical Graffiti. It’s a masterpiece. Awesome album. Nothing else to say.

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This is one of my personal favorite Led Zeppelin albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album from Led Zeppelin.

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Every once in a while, a bunch of different things happen to create a moment of brilliance. This album is one of those whiles.


One of the best albums of all time.


Kashmir has a great intro. The Rover has a great beat. Robert Plant’s vocals combined with heavy guitar is a perfect mix in this epic album.

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My favorite Zeppelin album,a must have for all zep fans!


Truly a remarkable piece of work. Four musicians that were all extraordinary and fantastic collection of tracks. And for anyone that doubts Bonham’s greatness I direct your attention to In My Time of Dying - no finer example of his power and skill. Thanks to Jimmy for the time and effort on the remaster!


I remember a discussion with a cab driver who was just getting into Zeppelin about what I thought was the best album of theirs. I had to go with physical graffiti. In the light is a killer track, ten years gone is epic, Kashmir is otherworldly, in my time of dying rocks even despite the subject matter , night flight is a great jab at 70’s rock glam, and sick again is just an awesome jam.... if you’re new to Zep get this.


This is my fave of FAVE top five Led Zeppelin Albums! They are so super talented,my all time love for music is Jimmy's guitar & Roberts voice,John Paul Jones Keyboards & Bass Guitar! John Bonham on his drums,*R*I*P* gone way too soon! SUPERGROUP!! Love ya JIMMY ,& ROBERT PLANT I LOVE YOU XO



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Whatever the White Album was to the Beatles, Physical Graffiti is to Led Zeppelin.


any reviewer who lists songs but skips over: In My Time of Dying, In the Light, or Down By the Seaside, but mentions a mediocre ballad like Kashmir needs to be banned from listening to Led Zeppelin. Those songs are some of Led Zepp's greatest works. This is probably the album that shows their true talent and how diverse they can be

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Is one's of the best álbum Old times.


Buy this album. Best songs are all of them.

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This is Led Zeppelin's masterpiece. This, along with other double albums like Genesis' The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, The Stones' Exile on Main Street, Pink Floyd's The Wall & The Who's Quadrophenia are at the pinnacle of the great 1970's decade of music. What's interesting about this album is that 7 of the 15 songs were recorded during the previous 3 albums' sessions. Try to imagine The Rover, Black Country Woman & the song Houses of the Holy on the Houses of the Holy album for a minute....because that's when they were recorded. What I find interesting and impressive as hell is that even if you strip away those 7 songs and you have the 8 songs recorded during these 1974 sessions, you're left with what still might be Zeppelin's best album. These 8 are Sick Again, In The Light, Trampled Underfoot, The Wanton Song, In My Time of Dying, Custard Pie, Ten Years Gone & Kashmir.........all 8 songs so unique & cutting edge. They were really pushing the creative envelope here. In some ways, their desire to change their sound went a little too far. But somehow, Page, Plant, Jones & Bonham made it work in a big way. The power & precision of their playing helps carry a song like Custard Pie that might have sounded corny in less capable hands. In the Light & Ten Years Gone are the unsung heroes of this set - both should have been FM radio staples.....but they ended up being lost classics. Trampled Underfoot & Kashmir might be two of the best songs I know of that instantly hits their peak in the first note - I suppose Zep's Achilles Last Stand is another one of these that peaks right away and really never alters it's course. Unfortunately, their follow-up album, Presence is a huge drop off in quality. But that doesn't detract from this album being one of rock's all time best. I also highly recommend Zeppelin's 1st five albums.


I love all the Led Zeppelin records, this one is the best IMHO. I wish John Bonham was still with us. This is rock and roll with big old balls. I don't even like Kashmir, and it is still a great song.


I would give $5.00 for a live version of Custard Pie.

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Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock band of our time. People nowadays like bands or artists like Dragonforce or Nicki Minaj. I despise them. It's all fake or sound the same. This is what we should learn about in school. I think Led Zeppelin lV is great, but this one is amazing. The song Kashmir defines the band, with an amazing riff, and drums that do not match the riff but it works. Tramed Under Foot sounds electronic, only its guitar and keyboard. In the Light is a masterpiece, having a sci fi like touch. I think those three define the album. The other songs are amazing as well! I just wish people listened to music like this still. It truly is the art of music at its finest.


This is the album that all other groups compare themselves too...

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Really? This needs a review? (No wonder no one has written any.) It's phantasmagorically great. Rock and roll died shortly afterwards.

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It is a shame The disregard of all the living fans of the same age as the members Reveals at its purest ....a sell-out An apprehension To provide back Yet all the years we have s Provided a sustain Shame !! Although I say this with respect , take head


the album showed the range of the band. The cover was the best you could pull out the LP sleeves and slide them in front and there would be different images in the windows. Still have this one in the vinyl collection

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This song is my favorite and it's better than all that crap music which is basically every song now


This is the best album by the greatest rock band of all time. The collection of tracks is diverse and there is a no filler at all on here, despite it being a double album. Interestingly, some of the tracks on this album are outtakes from the previous 3 albums, but they are all good and make you wonder how much better the others would have been if they included them. I still remember the first time I listened to this album and still love it just as much 25 years later. If ‘In My Time of Dying’ doesn’t do something to you, then you are not human lol! :)


nothing defines the 70"s rock era better than this treasure of a double album. Yet all these years later, it sounds as glorious and relevant as it did back then! Hail to the mighty Led Zeppelin!!


To hear someone say this album is overrated is humerous! Unbelievable talent on this album. So many different types of sound. Some blues songs, hard rock, acoustic. A must have for any rock fan. I was raised on Zep and I still enjoy listening to them today. This album being at the top of my list.


This whole album reminds me of the White Album! Such amazing work from Robert, Jimmy, Jonsey, and Bonzo! They are one of the greatest bands in rock history! LOVE Led Zeppelin! \m/

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One of my favorite songs if all time from a group that none of today's bands can compare


An absolutely iconic Zeppelin album, get the whole thing. I personally could listen to bron-yr-aur all day and not get bored. Pagey at his finest, along with the rest of the guys...You won't be disappointed.

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All the songs are jams .

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Trampled Underfoot, The Rover lead a series of great songs. If you like drums, In my time of dying brings it. And then after you enjoy all this...then Kashmir. Fantastic. Ten Years Gone and In the Light round out a great album


If you want to jnow real fans of Led Zepplin..... This alblum will be in thier short list of favorites. It contains a few radio favs such as Kashmir, but in its whole this is quintisential Zepplin covers all the aspects of the bands diversity but still it is hard driving Rock and Roll


A masterpiece. That’s all that needs to be said.


After four near perfect albums and a misunderstood but shaky 5th Led Zeppelin made what too many bands have done since, released an album which was too big and padded with songs that were not the best they could offer. Many of the tracks sound like rejects from earlier albums and do nothing but kill the artistic momentum the band had created. Four album sides can often be an invitation for bloat the way a bigger closet means more storage for things that should be thrown away. Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti album stands as a warning to all recording artists to listen to your producer and make perhaps painful cuts or you will release songs that should have never seen the light of day and shake the faith of your fans. Upon its release I listened to the album repeatedly but I could not escape the feeling that I and LZ had traveled this road before. This became the first album I ever sold to a friend. 1975 was the beginning of the end of area rock. Punk was soon to arrive for the masses and its raw energy and lack of production or recording studio tricks made was a return to rock & roll rebellion missing in most of the super groups of the mid-sevenites.


Another masterpiece of hard rock. How anyone can dislike Led Zeppelin is beyond me.

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This album is aptly named as it will leave an impression on you, much like a tatoo. The musical range is excellent. From dark raging songs like The Rover, In My Time of Dying, and Sick Again. Still dark but slightly lightly lighter ones such as Custard Pie, Wanton Song, and Trampled Underfoot. Classic easy listening like Houses of the Holy and Down by the Seaside. The deep feeling envoking songs such as Ten Years gone, Bron Yr Aur, and Night Flight. The unigue such as In the Light, Boogie with Stu, and Black Country Woman. Not to mention he cascading Kashmir, a song almost every person will recognize. One of the best.


This album is filled with great guitar, but what else? It's like listening to the same song on repeat. All the songs sound the same. The only good ones are the popular ones; Houses Of The Holy, Trampled Under Foot, and Kashmir. Kashmir is also their most overrated song, but it's still good. The first four Zeppelin albums were amazing, Houses Of The Holy was good, but this is where they fell. Most overrated album of all time.

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Last of the truly great albums as a whole from this legendary group. I used to think that there was too much filler (still do) and if they'd selected the best 9 or 10 songs and released this as a single album, it would be their greatest of all time. Then I'd talk to someone who felt the same but "Boogie with Stu" or one of the others that I considered throw-aways would be their favorite cut on the album. So....now I'd recommend just getting the whole thing and see which numbers you love right away and which ones grow on you ( or not ). Led Zep is not an ordinary band. Their music is (was) so diverse that it touches many emotions and affects different people in different ways.


I didn't really like what they did with making it a double album but most of the songs would make for one of the best regular albums of all time, (standout songs being:Kashmir, Houses of the Holy, The Wanton Song, The Rover, Custard Pie, the Rover, and Trampled Under Foot

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The rover custard pie kashmir boogie with stu

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I don't have enough money to buy the whole album. I just want "In my time of dying". But it's album only. Fix this!!!!!