Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (Deluxe Edition)

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Physical Graffiti (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

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Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Led Zeppelin albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album from Led Zeppelin.

Seven Cities Blues

Big mess that can be cherry peaked ..

Street Dreams

For my money this is their best work among many. From start to finish. Shows the depths and variety of their song structures and variety.


Nothing else to be said.... Awesome,awesome,awesome!!!


You need to release more live stuff and the guitar sound in kashmir is terrible sounding it sounds a lot better live, i would rather listen to a live version recorded in the 70's than this because it sounds so much better.


I'm only going to review the alternate versions that were released in the remastered version of "Physical Graffiti." 1. In My Time of Dying (Initial/Rough Mix): 6/10; This version is alright. The things that sticks out is the bass guitar. The guitar was lowered and the echo effect on the guitar was removed. The bass guitar and vocals of Robert Plant were focused on. You can hear Robert clearing his voice at sometimes which kind of ruins it for me. Plus some guitar overdubs are removed. 2. Houses of the Holy (Rough Mix with Overdubs) 8/10; The first thing you'll hear the guitar sounds different. It sounds lower and a little bit more grittier. The vocals of Roberts voice is raised but some of his vocal parts are removed. It wouldn't be such a big thing but Jimmy ended them poorly. You still can hear Robert then goes quiet. The cow bell is louder and the vocal overdubs with Robert and Jimmy are raised. This is a pretty could version. 3. Brandy & Coke (Trampled Under Foot) [Initial/Rough Mix]: 10/10; This song is mostly focused on Robert's vocals and John Paul Jones piano. Robert's voice sounds beautiful. You can hear what he says clearly. There are no overdubs with the guitar which I think is a big plus. Exceptionally on the piano solo. On the original version of "Trampled Under Foot", the guitar overdubs ruined the solo because they were so loud. Now you can hear why this song is funky. This could be one of the best song on this list. My foot is always tapping after the solo and my head is moving up and down. 4. Driving Through Kashmir (Kashmir Rough Orchestra Mix): 1/10; Oh Jimmy. What did you do here? It's just the original track. Apparently there's more orchestra but it sounds like the original "Kashmir." But... This is for digital. On vinyl the guitar on the original Kashmir is brought out way more that the digital. So the original Kashmir on digital is Driving through Kashmir if that makes any sense. Driving Through Kashmir is the original kashmir on digital. 5. Everybody Makes It Through (In The Light) [Early Version/In Transit]: 8/10; This sounds pretty cool. Not as creepy and atmospheric as the original but it's interesting to hear a song in it's early stages. The guitar doesn't have the creepy guitar effect as the original and the piece starts off with a little solo by John Paul Jones. Not like the original. This song is interesting. 6. Boogie With Stu (Sunset Sound Mix): 6/10; As much as I love this song the only thing that sounds different is the mandolin at the beginning. The vocals are a little quieter and with slightly added lyrics. I guess the main point of this song is to bring out the mandolin. You can usually hear it in the background more often than the original version. Even though Jimmy didn't really add that much, this song is still toe tapping fun! Still love this song. 7. Sick Again (Early Version): 10/10; God this song it catchy. I never knew that the guitar was so catchy. In this version there are no vocals. Just guitar, drums, and I don't know if bass was changed, but the song has a really catchy riff.

Omega 18

Why make it deluxe edition unless there is new (unreleased or live material) A waist of time and money. Hope the last three are better


Why are there so many complaints about the companion disc? Have you not listened to Sick Again (Early Version)? It is like an acid trip through your ears. It is an instrumental. The new Brandy and Coke improved the song greatly.


I have listened this album since my school days in the 70's and bought this new remastered edition on disc last night. Playing it on my Mac through a DAC into Bose headphones I heard just how great this album truly is and heard things I either couldn't hear before or weren't clear enough. I was not planning on buying what was a lost count of this same album again but I'm glad I did now. I will probably buy all the remastered albums again as they really sound that good.


In the explanation of this album it says there are "8 new songs of unusual complexity".....huh???? Am I just dumb or does this not make too much sense.


Arguably the greatest album of the greatest rock band of all time. Superb remastering here. (The bonus tracks, unfortunately, are not of great interest. Most sound extremely similar to the official release tracks.)


This is one of my favorite Zep albums... I'm glad its remastered it sounds killer. Stop crying about bonus material, how many times will you listen to that over the album itself? Maybe someday they'll come out with live material, but until then enjoy the album. This is worth the money.


I enjoy more listening this album, the Drums of Bonham so good and Page,Plant,John Paul had excessive talent. Even i have lots of Zeppelin albums already i'm still buying, and i'm not tired to their music.....you know why ?,,,,,Led Zeppelin is a great,great band !....best ever!

black sabbathfan20011

This is easily they're 2 best album you should buy it

sky light

this lp was a blast but it just seams there could have been more to the deluxe edition


After the box set came out years ago, Page said that between Coda and the two songs on the box set, that there really wasn't much left in the vaults. I would have been surprised if these re-releases actually had new unheard material. I had and old cassette bootleg of Physical Graffiti outtakes years ago and it was just the band repeating the same riffs over and over till they got 'em right - no alternative takes, no unreleased songs.


I bought all the re issues for the improved sound quality. Its undeniable. The high points are the obvious re mix of Kashmir. At points previous issues got muddy during the orchestral movements. So much going on in that song this version offers a distinct separation of all the instrumentation including the orchestra. Not a beat missed. Incredible work with a single bass drum. But we knew that. I also enjoyed the clarity of JPJs bass lines as well. With Jimmy's double neck JPJs bass work had been hard to discern. Again, not hear. They are very audible. He is not a virtuouso but compliments Page's lead and Bonzo's work so so well. Not an easy task. Everybody Makes It Through was great too, very interesting how it morphed to In The Light. Page has hinted that the Coda will more than satisfy those seeking unreleased stuff. Im just hoping for more "working versions" like the reissue of 3 had. Im of the school if it wasnt released there was a reason. As Coda stands now I dont have a favorite song. Poor Tom was cool. But, if you're expecting more classics like "Hey Hey" they arent going to be there or we would have heard them by now....years ago. Anything "new" will likely be from the ill fated Presence sessions.

ListenUp (~)\(~)

neawrly two years after Robert's tragic accident. A broken bback, lost family & questions galore RE; Jimmy & all that black magic hocus pocus his infamous castle. Jimmy recorded his vocals from his hospital bed in a body cast. & it turns out to be one of rock's most loved double albums. WHOA! Talk about Getting the Led Out! I've always loved PG. But now, remastered & re-released by Jimmy. With state of the art sound quality & all these extra never before released songs. I don't know about anyone else... but I'm going to take this one to 'My Day of Dying.' Check it out kids. they don't make them like this anymore. Thank You Jimmy


Maybe pagey is saving the deep deep cuts for yet again another rererererelease Shame on you Percy and pagey. You got down by the seaside right on the first take?? Boo

Biggin 59

This is my Favorite Led Zepplin LP. I rate this just above Led Zep IV and Houses of the Holy. It has everything including Kashmir which I think is there best song ever. Thhis LP is one of the greates of all time. This is better then Some Girls, Better then Wish you were here and just a fantastic LP. I love the variety this LP has. It has some soft melodies and hard rock moments and yet the mystical driving melodies and rythyms of Kasmir is haunting. This is a must own for any rock and roll fan


First off, folks complain at the re-release. Look, for $3 more, you get a remastered album with 7 out-takes. Why the grumbling? If you already own the album and don't want 7 similar sounding out-takes, don't buy but at least praise the album and effort. As far as Physical Graffiti, many would agree that you couldn't pick just 8 or 9 songs from this double album and top Zeppelin 2 or 4. But if I was stranded on an island and could only pick one Zeppelin album to have, this would be the one. It's their most interesting bunch of songs ranging from very aggressive (i.e.: The Wanton song) to epic (Kashmir), and everything in between. This album has every element of Zeppelin. It has leftovers from early albums along with new songs recorded at that time. The 1st 6 songs are an album itself, every one being a standout. Sick Again and Wanton are two of my all time fav's. The summarize, Physical Graffiti is one of the greatest classic rock albums. This rerelease has 7 out-takes to compliment the original album, and what's wrong with that? Carry on, Jimmy Page.


The reviewers who say there's nothing in the bonus tracks that are any different haven't given it a listen. "Everybody Makes It Through" is almost a different song in many ways. Completely different lyrics and vocal melody, and the A section has nothing in common with the final version's. (the other two sections are the clavinet/drum/rhythm guitar takes later used in the final) I can minor differences on other tracks, others I'd need to compare. So yes, there are a lot of songs that are too similar for most people, but saying there's nothing different here is not true. The aforementioned track is a great listen if you haven't heard it. The main album sounds great; better than previous releases, but a casual listener might not tell the difference. So: if you can't tell that it's different, you don't need to get it. This release is there to have the album in the best sound quality possible, and if that doesn't matter to you, then you have no reason to purchase it. Except for the one track. It's beautiful and very different.


I understand there are a couple remixes on the album, but honestly...not that different than the original. I mean, listening to PG on vinyl was the greatest, listeing to it on CD was great, listening to the new deluxe version is ok. Nobody needs it, it's just kind of here now. The hardcore fans were disappointed that there were no live or bonus material, the new fans are going to buy it because they need someplace to start, and casual fans like me are going to wonder why someone would pay $15 for the same, wonderful album that I can get at a record store for $7. Great album, near pointless remaster.


I think that overall this reissue is one of jimmy Pages best work when I comes to reissuing albums. But i could not believe how similar the new Kashmir song was compared to the old one. In every single reissued song i was always able to identify even the small differences in the music but with Kashmir I could not believe that I could not identify one difference at all with the songs. I am not joking when I say that I believe page just copied the original song and did nothing to it because they sound EXACTLY the same. Regardless of how similar the two Kashmir songs were, it should not take away from how awesome the rest of the reissued songs were. The early version of "In The Light" was absolutely incredible and alone warrants this 5 star rating.

Dad Itunes

I have everything by them already but I got this for the New Stuff. Gotta Have them All in my Collection.


Jimmy, really? You can not tell me there is not more unreleased material — live takes, old greyscale video of recordings, anything? Jimmy may be able to hear the slight differences in the unreleased tracks, but not the rest of us. There has only been two unreleased tracks worth buying — Keys To The Hwy and instrumental version of No Quarter. Lets hope you find lots of more unreleased material for the remaining albums. Hell, even a live remastered version of Carouselambra, Tea For One, or Achilles Last Stand would make it worth while! Please, see if you can dig a little deeper in those vaults.

Dave from Fernley

I’m going to buy this but…at this point the outtakes hold very little interest to all but James Patrick Page. The idea sounded good at the time but what Page has served up for the most part sheds very little light on the Zep creative process nor for that matter offers much in the way of surprise or awe. Then again, at this stage the monster had already been built. If anything, the outtakes offered have been too conservative. Where’s the train wreck takes?

dino bravo

Maybe adding some live material would have sweetened the deal...I wish Page wouldn't repackage what's already out there. A classic album nonetheless.


Wish Page could've had a live track in there from 1975. That was one of their best tours outside of 1970 and 1973.

Zep lover form 1975

I really enjoyed houses of the hily early cut or whatever you call it. I would love too here more but i already have the rest of graffiti it doesnt seem woth the money i'd rather buy it on vinyl

Bonham blaster

Hopefully there is enough new material to warrant a $15.99 purchase as anyone who appreciates Zeppelin already has the original release.An isolated drum track on Kashmir would have been enough for me.


Yes!! But only 7 songs for the companion, on a 15 song album? Coulda been better.

Elder of a gentle race

This release marks the very last of the Zeppelin vaults The journey has ended Robert content in his solo avoidance of natural causes and what made him so JPJ always the professional waitin as if living the wanton song Jimmy ....very much well trying to show the fans what made them all who they are, is now content And in solemn fan respect, in moving on