NF - Perception

Capitol Records; ℗ 2017 NF Real Music, LLC

Perception Tracklist:



NF, I’m reading through the reviews and see so many people that you have helped. Your truly amazing keep it up man. I literally see all 5 star reviews


Nf realllllllly knows how to communicate his feelings!!!! This is my al time favorite album!

Kevin Pedaro

I’m depressed because my dad died on September 2 2020 on Wednesday because he got in a very bad motercycle crash I miss him I listen to NF cause it helps with my depression


Wow. Just wow.

eruptt tuffy

Your my favorite rapper thank you for making the best music


NF I know you won’t see this but I relate to you in so many ways. I tell people that I’m going to be a rapper and they laugh or say is that your dream job. I can’t stand being laughed at but I just smile and say we’ll see. Even my parents think it’s ridiculous I mean I’m only 14 but I had my mind made up when I heard intro.(which was when it first came out). I make beats and everything but all I get is criticism but it just inspires me more. P.s. plz make a song with KB or aha gazelle.

Nate dog4884

Real, deep, and emotional


I can relate a lot to the lyrics and songs, and the artist uses emotion in his songs.


It’s deep and meaningful. It makes you reflect on yourself. These songs help me get through my darkest times alone.


This is one of the very few albums where every song is great. My new favorite artist!!

ur average skirt girl

NF writes songs for literally everyone, if you have ever felt anything he has a song that u will just connect to and he lets you know that your not the only one


My family my friends are so easy to lose and if you’re reading this NFS so much emotion like me in this life so if you ever see him be nice to him


Not his best work.


love his music

slow pig

My only fav from this is let you down I’ve heard it on an gacha life music vid on YouTube


If you still haven't listened to this, you are missing out. NF is the GOAT! Move out of the way, Eminem...


I have been a fan of NF since he started music. He helps me relax and cool down when I’m stressed or upset, and he is SO talented. I’m not sure who needs to hear this but.. You are amazing. You might have people in your life who don’t treat you right. You might be struggling right now, but, and I know you hear it all the time, stay strong, have hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel, if you can’t see it, BE it. No matter what you are going through right now, you will come out of it so much stronger. Don’t give up yet, no matter how bad things are. It’s OK to cry, in fact it’s good for you. It’s ok to be hurt, even if you don’t show it. If you can, talk to someone.. it will make you feel better, and if you can’t talk to anyone, write it down somewhere. It’s good to find a place to let it all out. Have hope, be strong. You deserve the world. There are good people in the world, they may be hard to find, but they exist. People love you, even if you don’t see it. Look around, you’ll see. Don’t forget that you are NOT alone in your battle, or may be hard but you will always find a way out, even if it takes a long time. Don’t forget you are loved!! 💜💜


I love this album, the way they NF can express his feelings and hurt through his music is an amazing talent and I think he should keep doing what he is doing

Trust and Us



NF has been through so much. His life has been fricked up. Sorry man. Also, Remember this is so sad. Dreams is now my philosophy. You are like nobody I have any seen. Man, you deserve WAY more respect man.


Love all of your albums!

This a really good!

NF deserves more than a one star rating. He deserves a ten star rating! This guys pure FIRE!!


This album is something I feel I can relate to, and is very powerful and deep. If you want an album that is deep and has meaning to it, I’d definitely consider giving Perception a purchase.






I haven’t even bought this album... by the sample of “Remember this”, I almost got teary eyed... NF, I doubt you see this bro, but I listen to you so much and you’re an inspiration for me to write songs about my faith in Jesus and to show the truth... you’re truly talented man...


NF is a force that no one can touch!!! You can feel his pain & his truth. He puts his heart into his work. He continues to be REAL and makes no excuses for it. What a talented young man! He continues to impress me with each new album. He is legendary. He is anointed. I am in awe of his work and we SO enjoy seeing him live. He ROCKS!!! 🙌 Props!!!

charlie wendt

NF is a good rapper. People like his flow and style. This rapper was first know as Nathan John Feuerstein. One of his biggest hits is in this album titled “ Let you down”. I personally love this album for teens and young adults


The song, “Let you down” describes everything that’s been going on right now. Awesome songs!!



VA is for ❤️s

Mad skills





Nates army



This album is everything you expect and want. If you want lyrics and stories and actual content, listen to NF. If you want mindless bangers go somewhere else. This man speaks life.

comment now

The man has a gift that no one has ever matched and I doubt anyone ever will.

|absolute value|

Dude, I thought I was gonna like die but your music helped me to finish in the top 20 Your great man


This honestly is amazing ! I have majority of his songs on this album and on The search album. I love the song “know” “I wanna know what it’s like to be happy and feel when it’s real and I’m laughing” that gets me every time ! His songs refocus me, humble me, and gets me pumped all the time ! The songs run through my head constantly ! Love him deeply ! 💕💕♥️


He shows so much emotion and his songs sometimes make me cry


NF is the best rapper of all time! 🔥 I have no idea WHY the 3k reviews got reset... he is amazing!


Literally the greatest album ever. The beats are unmatchable, the content is real, and the message behind it all is absolutely earth shaking

Shepard Nova

He just went Ultra Instant


New Eminem of this age


I love that NF is such a good artist and his songs have so much meaning in it


I don’t really like rap but this album is so deep I have to like shows that life can be difficult and we aren’t all full of drama


I’ve never heard his music before but I gotta say NF just made a fan out of me. I can hear you bro 💯🤘🏾 don’t stop your words are too real to resist. 💯🔥🔥🔥

Tyler warsh

Soooo good

someting like 👍🏻👍🏻

Nf might be the best tap artist,and perception really shows his resilience and the battle he’s been through


Dear NF, My Artist.. Bruh Cool down I’m not hating but dude that is so sick I SERIOUSLY love it Keep Up The Good Work Don’t Look Back To The Past And Look Into The Future, One Day you probably might find your true love, passion, those you love.