Various Artists - The Future Sound of Tokyo

℗ 2007 Hospital Records Ltd

The Future Sound of Tokyo Tracklist:

Esoteric Ear...

Five star - "Go Back" and "Expedition". Four start - "Accelerator".


what is the point listening to a sound for 6 minutes,obviously people with no life have the time to listen to this

Ben Lewis

Although there are a few weak tracks here, Makoto's "Rewind" remix and "Expedition" by Akira are must-buys. Just got back from Tokyo last week and I definitely heard a couple of these out at Womb in Shibuya. Nice selection, thanks Hospital.


My hat's off to the iTMS "Just For You..." suggestions. I gave one look at the track-list, a quick listen to the samples and I was sold. On the whole, this album is fancifully fortified with some complex rythms and smooth transitions on the breaks. It's not too hard on the ears and is actually really uplifting to listen to. I love it! London Elektricy's Rewind remix was done just right, and T-Ak has some sick tracks as well. I would have given it a solid 5-Star rating but at times it felt a little too linear from song to song. I may have given it 4-Stars officially, but consider it 4.75-Stars..but wait.. why are you still reading this and not spastically grooving to the album you just bought?!

AJ the DJ

This album is phenomenal. In fact, it's better than the Future Sound of London.


Let's face it, the D N' B scene is a UK export and this label has truely gone international with it's newest addittion to it's Future Sound collection. Makoto simply released an epic remix of LE's rewind, which just forces you to throw your hands in the air. Check out Future sound of Budapest as well.


This album is prototypical Hospital: hard and happy dnb. Aggresive drum loops and rolling basslines are its strength, in the spirit of Q Project and Cyantific. The only distinctive "Tokyo" flavor I can detect is a mild sprinkling of techy fxs, otherwise a mainstream uplifting dnb sound. The album starts good and gets better later. The opener could have been better, sounding like a outro to DJ Fresh's "Pink Panther." A few tracks like "Syntax" are missing a layer of melody and are mixed formulaically, spoiling an otherwise nice bass loop. The album climaxes with "Nomad" and Enishi." Great stuff.


Ive been an avid electronic music listener since the genre began, this album hits hard and keeps you interested.

Living Proof - Fourth Level Collective

I am starting to believe that Tony Colman is God. When has this label ever let us down? Real, intelligent, soulful music.

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