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Panic! At the Disco Video Catalog Tracklist:

Call of duty camper

I love panic at the disco.

Sierra Torres

I love how different they make every video. They're so clever like the "painted faces" in I Write Sins. They are my inspiration as a musician!


All videos are really original and I love every single one. If your a true panic! fan it's worth the money to buy. :)

Haley Slator

Ha. And they said they weren't going to wear eyeliner anymore.

abby is oh so rad

I am so happy x100000000000


I love every music video. Panic at The Disco are genius.


@the person two comments below me: where the hell have you been it's been just Brendon and Spencer for like two years. And then Ian and Dallon joined as touring members. But anyways this album is amazing.

Mr. Benzedrine

Every song on this video album represents a different form of art. No matter what, you will like at least a few of the amazingly well written and performed works of Panic! At The Disco.

♥Paramore's Biggest Fan 4ever♥

Thank you! Thank you times 4956702354274275 and multiply that to a trillion gazzillion that's how much I am so happy this released!


Hopefully the new music they put out will be great just like a fever you can't sweat out. That is my favorite cd of all time , I really hope they go back to that style

white knight 21

what a great career so far. i anticipate this new album will be epic with incredible new videos as well.great idea putting all together in a fun little package