Panic! At the Disco - Vices & Virtues

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Vices & Virtues Tracklist:

Trust and Us



“I Write Sins Not Tragities” and “Ballad Of Mona Lisa” remind me of each other, and so do the music videos. The singer looks simallerly dressed in both of them and the beginning of Mona Lisa gives me an image of what the wedding in I Write Sins would look like when it was over.

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I listen to this album at least once a day. Most days more than that. It has consumed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. I got into Panic! about a year and a half ago after it was all my friend would talk about and I decided to listen to some of their songs. I didn’t really listen to Vices & Virtues until about 5 months ago and I have actually been missing out. It has to be my favorite album by far. I know it’s very different than Panic!’s previous albums so it got some backlash and it was forgotten about but lemme just tell you IT IS A GEM. It will improve your life 420%. It’s a proven fact. It is sooooo underrated, not to mention the bonus tracks that unfortunately aren’t on this album but you can find them on YouTube and they are beautiful! No lie, this album has given me a sense of reality I didn’t possess before. Let the beautiful sounds carry you away. Do it. Also I really like Trade Mistakes and The Calendar in case you care.

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Brendon Urie is the best male singer I love him so much his voice is so powerful and I respect him so much.


All my friends P!ATD is glorious, tonight they are victorious

panic! trash peyton

okay, but why is the calendar so underrated?!

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Pure gold


how did this get 4.5 stars but the deluxe got 5??? maybe it's cause THE BONUS TRACKS ARE GOLD PLEASE RELEASE ALL OF THEM




I downloaded Let's Kill Tonight on my phone, but when I went to go play it, it didn't show up, and I'm so mad about that! This is my favorite band and I'm confused as to why it didn't show up and won't play


Always is such a beautiful song. This group hasn't disappointed me.

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I love it- absolutely one of the best albums ever created


As a fan of Panic! I really had a hard time with the departure of both Ryan Ross and Jon Walker for their contributions really aided in the sound of the band. Vices and Virtures is my second favorite album for you can honestly sense the emotion both Brendon and Spencer had during this era. Songs such as Let's Kill Tonight, Trade Mistakes, Always, Sarah Smiles, and Nearly Witches are true highlights to this album. The other songs are good in their own right, but some are skippable honestly such as Memories and Mona Lisa. Overall, I appreciate this album for Panic's rebound from losing two vital members of the band and in it's own it's a good album. Better than Too Weird To Live that's for sure.


This is the best album ever love it😘😘😘😃😃😃


Got Vices & Virtues album by Panic! At the Disco because I wanted to hear more from them and I love the album so far. Sarah Smiles and The Calendar are some of my favorites.


This is my favorite Panic! album 💖 there are still theatrical and interesting lyrics that hint at AFYCSO, but the brand new sound is very interesting and upbeat 👍👍👍 You will love this album!

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in my personal opinion, this is definitely my favorite album. it captures panic! perfectly, it's a mixture of good beats, meaningful lyrics & odd music videos. this is what panic! is.


Was waiting for this.




Vices and Virtues is extraordinary. From the instrumental to Brendon's golden voice, it is one of a kind. It by far is a hit, and almost everyone loved it. Almost, dangit haters. None the less, Panic! made it through the split of the band, and came back with the duo. Amazing. It deserves 1,000 stars, but I can only give it 5. It will forever stay in my heart.


This is their best album and I hope they can make another album like this one it's truly amazing and my favorite by them


I love them so much thanks @ God

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Why is Turn Off The Lights not on here?!?!?!?!?!?!


I know the other reviews are from 2011, but I discovered Panic! At the Disco in 2013, and I need to write a review. This is my favorite album by far, there a songs you can smile at, and some you can just break down crying at. Also there a songs where you can do both (Trade Mistakes, for instance). Every single song means something to me, and I just love it.


I have been a PATD fan for almost 2 years, and this is by far one of their best albums. A fever you can't sweat out had it's own sound, Pretty. Odd. had it's own sound (one more laike with the Beatles.) and Too Rare To Live, Too Rare To Die! has it's own sound, but this is the best sound in any of their albums. I love ervy single song in this album, and if you're looking for more, go onto wikipedia, and search al of the PATD songs ever recorded. You'll find a bunch of different songs most people haven't even heard of, but are equally as great as some of their most popular songs.


In my opinion, this is PATD's best album. Sounds similar to Fever, but a little more refined and organized, with beautiful melodies and still plenty of strings. A combination of the past and the present, if you liked the sound of their sing C'mon, you will love this album!

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This is by far my favorite album from P!ATD :)


There was a bonus track called bittersweet and I've been looking everywhere for it but I can't find it!! It's gotta be here somewhere right??


I love Brendon Urie's voice so much, and this is probably my favorite album by PATD. I know it's different than Pretty Odd and I Write Sins... but it's still amazing. Just listen to it and decide for yourself.


Panic's A Fever You Can't Sweat Out raised the bar very high. Pretty Odd was still good, and has my favorite song "Nine in the Afternoon" on it, but was not as good as the first album and did not really have that same sound to it. Now this album, this is just great. It has that sound we loved in A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, and also some really catchy songs like Sarah Smiles, and Ready to Go, and The Ballad of Mona Lisa is catchy and has the sound from the first album we loved. Overall, this album was a success and it's perfection overall, I love this album.


Panic is a one hit wonder, their only great album was their first. After that they went down hill. Their is no energy left in this band. Every song on this album is boring bland trash.


Honestly this album is absolutely fantastic, but I can't help but to think their music sounds a lot more... Flawless and meaningful when it was Brendon, Spencer, Ryan, and Jon- the original four. Ryan and Jon's departure hurt me. I listen to my P!ATD playlist every day and I can't help but to smile like an idiot when a song from AFYCSO or PO comes on. Their songs sound a lot more pure and just more brilliant before they split. Although this album is amazing, I can't help but to think; It's not the same


I enjoyed it. the composer was awesome and it was nice to have nice light lyrics compared to the past two albums, but now i hope Panic! doesn't go funky with too much pop influences. I always enjoyed the crazy theme of each album and diversity they have had but now i feel like they're loosing it.


As most likely Panic! At The Disco's biggest fan, I love this album! All my favorite songs packed in to one album. I love it!


I admit, this kind of made me cry. I stopped listening to P!ATD after Pretty. Odd. because I came for the emo rock, and they lost it there. Though Jon and Ryan's departure makes me ridiculously depressed, I think that it was for the best, and that reverting back to the super successful sound of Fever was the best thing they could have done. We miss you, Ryan and Jon, but have you heard this music? AMAZING.

Good riddance Ryan, welcome back Panic! Pretty Odd was just that. It's good to hear the old style sound again.

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I'm going to start off & say Panic! at the disco has been my favorite band for almost 7 years now & they forever will be. <3 I know every single song on this album & all the lyrics to every song even the demos (: Vices & Virtues is definitely one of my favorite albums by them along with A Fever You Can't Sweat Out <3 Every song has a beautiful meaning & Brendon Urie's voice is pure perfection. When I saw Panic! at the disco June 18, 2011 at the House of Blues it was the best day of my life. I remember the best feeling of the world when I first saw them come out onto stage <33 I'm the most dedicated & passionate fan to Panic! at the disco they are the greatest band alive & they have the music to back that up <33 (:


Panic! Got its sound back:)


I hate when people complain when band changes a little. It happens. All bands change, and the ones that stay the same, well they get criticized for that too. There's no pleasing people. This album is awesome and if you disagree thats fine, but it's not PATD's fault, it's your own. The Ballad of Mona Lisa, Ready to Go, and Memories are some of their best songs. PATD is amazing and will continue to be amazing. This album is just what I hoped for.


I can't understand why some of you people HATE this album! I don't know. Did you people come for something like Pretty. Odd.? I feel like Pretty. Odd. was a phase that Panic! went through, like emo teenagers (it's just a phase they go through). All they were doing was trying to find themselves. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out was great album, but then again it was vulgar (with songs like Lying...) and their style was similar to Fall Out Boy. Their second album, Pretty. Odd. wasn't their best, but that can be argued about. For me, their second album was an experiment gone wrong. This album, however, showed that if those two styles were combined, they can make Panic! a success. To be honest, I feel like a mother that has just seen her child go off to college or move out. It makes me feel proud for them, but how is Panic! going to make their forth album even better than this one? The world may never know...


Love it!


Luv it :)


Panic! Is not a band that releases some great singles then makes and album full of filler just to collect some money. You can see the 3 years of work that went into this, and how the loss of Ryan and Jon changed the band (Ryan wanted another Pretty. Odd. Esque album) And it was all for the best. The Ballad of Mona Lisa - 4.5/5 The song was perfect for a lead single, and a start off for the album. The first verse starts off quiet and constrained, only to explode into action for the chorus. The rest of the song follows suit. This is one of the only songs, however, that highlight the slight loss of genius in the area of lyrics. Brendan holds his own, though. Let's Kill Tonight 5/5 Weird, and very Fever. Almost has a Halloween vibe to it as well. The energy is awesome and the musical patters follow Mona Lisa, with a build to the chorus. Lyrically much stronger. Hurricane - 5/5 Super sexy. As with most of the songs on the album, this too builds on the verses for a spectacular chorus. Definitely one of my favourites on the album Memories - 4/5 This is the first time that a song of theirs begins to sounds a little generic musically. But if it ain't broke, why fix it? Urie's vocals and lyrics more than make up for the formula. Trade Mistakes - 10/5 The best Panic song yet, in my opinion. I love this song so much. The chorus is crazy powerful, and Urie shows a strike of genius with the lyrics, which are very clever. Ready to Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind) - 5/5 This song's a legitimate party. Just a fun song to let loose to. There's not much in the way of substance but the pure fluff and energy will have you putting this on repeat. Always - 4.5/5 My issue with the song is not the song itself, but the fact that it doesn't exactly fit into the rest of the album, especially immediately after such a high energy song. However, the vocals, lyrics, and instrumentation are all beautiful. If only it had been placed a little better. The Calendar - 4/5 I like this song. I can't say I love it. Not as a whole. The verses seem a little underdone, and frankly, the lyrics are silly. I really love the chorus though. Sarah Smiles - 5/5 The song starts out kinda odd, kinda kooky, kinda...freaking awesome. As it progresses it only gets better. This is a good example of how the band combined some of their experience from Pretty. Odd. and put it with their AFYCSO experience. Great song. Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met) - 6/10 Second best song on the album, behind Trade Mistakes. It's essentially a mish mash of two totally different songs, but it works perfectly and ends the non- deluxe version of the album perfectly. (Bonus tracks are reviewed in no particular order and some aren't available on iTunes) Oh Glory - 5/5 I had an obsession with this song when it was released as a demo a while back. Still just as good as it was back then. Very unique and awesome. Stall Me - 5/5 This one had to grow on me, but once I allowed it, I was hooked. Speaking of hooks, the hook of this song is super catchy. I Wanna Be Free - 4.5/5 Most of the song is good, but at one point the chorus seems to move faster than the instrumentation. I realise this was done for effect but it makes the song it a little sour note. That's my only complaint for this song though. Kelidascope Eyes - 3/5 This is the only time that Panic! Went indie and it didn't sound that good. Not sure what it is...this one just doesn't do it for me. Bittersweet - 5.5/10 Love it love it love it. Super fun, super catchy, and the lyrics are giddily deranged. That's all I have to say here. Turn Off the Lights -4.5/5 The song starts with promise, but grows old. By the end of the song there's a chance you won't replay this one. Still freakin awesome though.


Stop comparing v&v to pretty.odd. Or AFYCSO! If every band wrote the same style with every song sounding the same, music would be boring. Panic always brings uniqueness to the table and I will always love their music. They have wrote 3 unique albums and I love all of them. This album has amazing songs and I know everyone by heart, actually I know every Panic! At The Disco song by heart<3


SIMPLY AMAZING!! panic! At the disco is at it's best! greatest album so far!!!! And their music is soo original!!! I think Ryan Ross and jon walker were holding them back. Great album!... Bye it ..... Now


Panic! is better than ever!!! I love this band so much!! Theyre entirely unique and creative! <3 Forever! (OH and PS... BREANDAN URIE IS MIIINE!) Oh and btw, please, please stop comparing them to Fall Out Boy and saying that theyre stupid.. ESPECIALLY since most of you have been misspelling your insults. Nice. Go get a dictionary, and keave Panic! alone.


Despite the loss of Ryan and Jon, I think that Brendon and Spencer did an amazing job on this album! All the songs are just great, and there in not one song on here that doesn't grow on you. I honestly don't know what people are talking about when they say this isn't Panic! Let's not put a label on what sound makes Panic! because obviously after Pretty. Odd. we don't know what Panic! is going to put out next. All I know is that Panic! can't put out a bad album!

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Nothing changed they're still incredible


Uhh, a lot of people are saying how "unoriginal" this music is, well, you're wrong. Panic! has some of the most original music I've ever heard. I could listen to any of their songs (from all of their albums) all day. I love all their albums and I don't have a particular favorite. I just love the beat! It makes me want to dance every time and turn up the music. You guys can hate on P!ATD all you want, but I will always be a true fan.


This album is absolutely phenomenal. It's definitely my favorite of theirs. Worth any money spent on it. Pretty. Odd. Did not sound like them. They actually sounded more like others to me. Their "circus" sound was lost in the second album. It's what makes them who they are. And it is absolutely different. I'm proud of them.