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While the singles sucked, the rest of the album is a sweet surprise: Mexican Femder 10/10 Beach Boys 8/10 Feels like Summer horrible/10 Happy Hour 3/10 Weekend Woman 10/10 QB Blitz 9/10 Sweet Mary 8/10 Get Right 8/10 La Mancha screwjob 7/10 Any Friend of Diane 7/10 Overall: 8.5/10


I love it feels like summer

La nina pina

Yeah their not like the old days but so far i’ve liked what they come up with ! They do their own thing and the songs are crazy good !!!!


The first single I heard from this album was Feels Like Summer, performed live while I stood in the front row. In person, the song blew me away. The lyrics were catchy, with a fun melody and blasting guitars. Come the finished album, however, the rock instrumentation has been majorly toned down. The album has shifted gears entirely from Everything Will Be Alright in the End and The White Album for a strange pop-rock concoction unfortunately reminiscent of Hurley or the worst parts of Ratitude. Some songs are full of that classic Weezer crunch, but unfortunately the lyrics are generally weak and no song packs the punch of California Kids or L.A. Girls. Not one track on this record is as good as one track on The White Album, and it isn't even close. I can remember driving down the highway, listening to this album for the fourth or fifth time. It was growing on me, I thought. I can appreciate Weezer's new direction. Then, something strange happened. I reached for my iPod and changed the music. I switched over to a different Weezer album. Relief flooded my body. The truth hit me like the chorus of Say it Ain't So: I did not want to listen to Pacific Daydream.

old man Erik



I think this is my least favorite Weezer album, even more than Make Believe and Raditude. Here’s why. Mexican Fender: 6/10 Pretty good chorus, but the song needs more energy. Still a pretty decent song. Beach Boys: 8/10 The only song I really enjoy. It’s catchy and fun. Feels Like Summer: 5/10 Overall a very okay song. Just sounds like commercialized pop. Happy Hour: 5/10 The instrumentation is nice but it doesn’t sit well for me as a Weezer song. Another commercialized pop song. Weekend Woman: 6/10 A pretty good song, but I think the demo that inspired this song, “Burning Sun” is miles better. QB Blitz: 5/10 This song just doesn’t do anything for me. And it’s kinda boring. Sweet Mary: 5/10 I forgot this song existed. Yawn. Get Right: 5.75/10 The instrumentation is good but it’s another forgettable song. La Mancha Screwjob: 6/10 Something decent!!! But it’s not much. Any Friend Of Diane’s: 5.75/10 Another okay song, but not that memorable. The biggest problem with this album is that it’s very boring. Even Make Believe and Raditude was interesting and I could remember each song. This just puts me to sleep. If you like commercialized pop music, you’ll find this good. Maybe it’ll grow on me over time, but for now I’ll take “Beverly Hills” and “I’m Your Daddy” Over this any day of the week.

Bubba Guitar

Every musician has the right to take the muse of music wherever they wanna go with it...But those 'fans' that have followed their careers might not be too enchanted by the new explorations... This album kisses goodbye to the 'power' in Weezer's pop. First song "Mexican Fender" highlights the guitar (with a definite rip of J. Geils band song "Love Stinks", give it a listen if you don't know it) but then the rest goes to the blips & bleeps of late teens 21st century music. The 2 most 'popular' songs on the album "Feels like Summer" & "Happy Hour", I wish I could luv & blast at the beach but they're kinda lethargic, blippy & trying to hard imho... This Pacific daydream is way too dreamy sleepy to me...sorry.


This album is sooo bad, that even though I am a Weezer fan since the blue album and I can say they are my favorite band, it made me lose my interest in them. I am not excited anymore by Weezer singles being released. I hope I can fall back in love with them with a future album, but for now I’m on a Weezer break.


This is an odd cookie to crumble. This is a cute album, but it does not feel like Weezer, nor Make Believe Weezer (thank Christ...), it feels like Foster The People. I like two songs on the album, "QB Biltz" and "Mexican Fender". "QB Blitz" is a strikingly familiar song, and is cute, but not the best song (by FAR) Weezer has made. "Mexican Fender" is just a guilty pleasure song. I would only buy QB Blitz, and wait for the next Weezer album to come out. Also, avoid the Africa cover, and buy Torches by Foster The People. Good Luck!


This should have been a Rivers solo release, it might have received better reviews. As a Weezer record, only Mexican Fender and Sweet Mary qualify. Feels Like Summer is a catchy pop tune....if you like pop music. Weezer fans generally prefer drums and guitars. Time to call Matt Sharp and do a Cheap Trick turnaround....because this is their Doctor.

Noonan loves Bushwood

Happy Hour is my favorite new song I've heard all year. I love it!


Weezer can’t keep making the blue album or even albums like Pinkerton or the Green album. The band is going in a different direction with the sound of their music but it still tastes like Weezer but with a more millennial pop music sound. All in all I love Weezer and understand that the band has to experiment and change it up to stay fresh and to also possibly bring in new fans that may adore the new sound of Weezer. To conclude this review I’d like to say that I like the album and I can’t wait for the next.


First off, this is not your typical Weezer record. The guitars you might be used to hearing on their albums are almost non-existent on this one. This record will probably piss off a lot of Weezer fans who want them to keep churning out the same ol stuff album after album. But Rivers seems to like to work outside his box from time to time (most HATED Pinkerton upon its release) and this record is definitely doing that. When listening to this album, at first it was just okay because it wasn't what I was used to from this band (I happen to like their guitar driven albums best). But the melodies are so good, I kept waking up with these songs in my head. I found myself listening more and more. Is it my favorite Weezer record? No. But there's great music on here that you'll appreciate once you get past the fact that Weezer doesn't sound like normal Weezer.


Great sound and not the usual subject material. Thanks for switchen it up alittle and making it a standout Weezer album


Weezer is known for their melodic pop AND the guitars that go along with it, minimal guitars in this album. Very disappointed in them. I am sure some 8 year old somewhere who hears this album as their first music ever would pay attention to it, but I won't.


This reminds me of a Sugar Ray record I heard 15 years ago. I still enjoy the first four albums so thanks for those and the B-sides then.

Slayer of Heroes

All of these songs are super fun and catchy, I could listen to them all day (and have done so before)! Feels Like Summer is my new feel-good song!


Weezer’s discography has always been, for lack of a better word, rather polarizing. Whether it’s the emotional and personal Pinkerton, or the heavier Maladroit, Weezer have always had a different sound on each album. However, the most drastic change in sound in Weezer’s discography may have just come with the release of Pacific Daydream. With the release of this album, Weezer took a large risk changing their sound heavily after the release of 2016’s self-titled ‘White Album’, trading off guitar solos in favor of more crafted compositions that may appeal more to a broader audience. Pacific Daydream album brings listeners to exactly where its title suggests, with its calming melodies and its reverby production. Most importantly, this album sounds fresh overall, with Weezer going into uncharted territory, creating sounds that haven’t been heard on a Weezer album before, while still sounding entirely like Weezer. This album is a standout in Weezer’s discography, with its drastically different sound and overall vibe, and is a great example of fresh pop music done well by Weezer in 2017.


rock is gone for good


What happened to Weezer? This is not good.


I’m sorry guys. But this album is just god awful. I miss the old Weezer, and I think everyone does. What happened to our losers that would just rock out in their garage, and have fun, and even tell stories with the blue album and Pinkerton. You guys were awesome and will live on as alternative rock legends from the 90’s. Hell, even singles like Back to the Shack, Hash Pipe, and Island in the Sun were great. I hope you will realize that this album was a mistake. I really hope you go back to what you used to be.


What happened to the Riffs? This is overproduced trash


Honestly, it is a great new sound. I love the direction of this so much more. Really chill and fun. Too many childish people and simple minded idiots stock with the 'one way is the only way' mentality rating extremely poorly like like drama queens... It is different but really really good. Fits really well in a playlist with the newer beck colors album. Just awesome chill and fun sound. We really need more like this, more chill music the the beach boys feel to it; Just modernized a bit.


Absolute masterpiece! I was a bit hesitant to buy after previewing all. Honestly thought it was really bad after that. But being a huge fan I knew these songs would grow on me but did not expect it to as much as they did. Weekend Women is one of the catchiest choruses I have ever heard from any band not jsut Weezer! The smooth syncopation of Any friend of Diane's. "Get Right" and "La Mancha Screwjob"remind me of when Kiss went disco with "I was made for loving you" total change of pace but brilliant. "Sweet Mary" great use of the triangle!! Very pretty song! The one week spot is "Happy Hour" very 80's sounding, but not the good 80's.


This album eats balls. It sounds like hot garbage. The only good song is sweet Mary and Mexican fender is alright. It's like Rivers Cuomo wanted to make an album and no one else showed up to recording and he decided to do it on his own. Do not spend your money on this terrible waste of space


Been a big Weezer fan since way back. I can't imagine their fans liking this album. It truly blows.


Every song on this album basically sounds the same. I was so bored & nauseous by the end of this monotonous release, that I actually welcomed the silence.


but these reviews gotta balance


Who is this, really? It sounds like owl city had imagine dragons illegitimate kid, just not rocking enough to be called Weezer, should've released it under a different band name... total pop crap!!!! 💩 sellout....


I feel like they were very close with a few of the songs to making hits, I wish they had spent a little more time tweaking them. I know remixes of the songs would sell a ton!!


In my opinion this is a great album and it’s nice to hear them changing up their sound and experimenting! My faves are Sweet Mary, Feels like Summer, Mexican Fender, and Beach Boys (:


I won’t lie, it’s not great the first listen, (except Mexican Fender, that’s an EXCELLENT song) but about the 4th listen you really start loving and appreciating songs like “Get Right” and “La Mancha Screwjob” especially “Any Friend of Diane’s” which is now my 2nd favorite off the album. So give it a few listens and you’ll start to really love it. The only songs that straight up aren’t good are “Beach Boys” (no clue why it was the 3rd single) and “QB Blitz” there just boring songs.


Lives up to its title. This is kind of an amazing album. Could alternately be called Feels Like California... in the late 1970s, or 1980-'81. I lived in LA for a brief 10 months during that time and this album took me right back to that time. "Happy Hour" and "Weekend Woman" are the standouts here; "Get Right" is reminiscent of Sniff & the Tears'. This album gets stronger with every listen. I've been on board with Weezer since the debut, the blue album back in 1994. No, this album is not the blue album; no, it's not "Pinkerton" either or even "Everything Will Be Alright in the End". But what Weezer has done here, including the album cover artwork, is create and capture a near perfect picture snapshot of a particular place and time - SoCal, 1979-1981. In doing so, they've created a near-perfect musical world with "Pacific Daydream".


This album sounds like Weezer being ambushed by Imagine Dragons (not a compliment). Why does an awesome band like Weezer have to experience an identity crisis on every other album lately? After the Red Album (which was truly excellent) we were served poop sandwiches in the form of "Raditude" and "Hurley". Then there was a return to top form with "Everything Will be Alright..." in which there are great songs, righteous guitar and even an an open apology in "Back to the Shack". The White Album had a few keepers "L.A. Girlz" and "Endless Bummer" (which would have actually been a better title for this new album). "Pacific Dadream" seems like a new low. I don't recognize the band here. Weezer, please pick up the guitars again and be the ballsy geeks we love and admire.


I have been a Weezer fan since Day 1, and I really like this album. I was disappointed at first, but now I am really impressed with the "full" sound of this album. Do not campare this album to Ratitude. Musically, it is fantastic.


Loving these reviews that say it’s awesome or awful without really giving any reasons why. In a nut-shell this is a chilled out Weezer. It’s definitely Weezer but minus the edgy guitars. Whether that’s what you want to hear is up to you. It isn’t their worst album.


I love Weezer and I've loved them since 94. This album is terrible. Usually, I'll wait a bit before buying most albums, but since the White Album was so good, I jumped on this as soon as it came out. I want a refund.

Wolfman Ramirez

“...It’s The Beach Boys!” 🎵 Guarantee you’ll be tippin’ you toes to these songs. 👍


Weezer never disappoints. Best songs: Happy Hour and Sweet Mary.


This isn't a "Weezer" album. It doesn't have that crunchy Weezer guitar we all know and love. What is left after you remove that Weezer sound from a Weezer album? Some really great pop songs with a very chill vibe. Set your expectations aside and you might find that this is a really enjoyable album.

Kenny likes Robocop

What a dump.

Hayden fish

Honestly this album isn’t a one star. I’d say I’d deserves a 2.5-3 star but I know many people give it 5 stars so I’m giving it one in hopes it brings the total average down


Come on guys, use some guitars in your songs. I don't mind evolution in a band, but don't redefine your entire sound to the extent that you could change genres. The albums have just been getting worse and worse. If you enjoy this, I'm happy for you. Me? I miss WEEZER.


Just showed up every mainstream pop group in the world without losing that sincerity I've always loved about Weezer. Well played you guys, well played!


I've always been drawn to Weezer because when they get a song right, it's a thing of brilliance. Sure I can wade through all of their music, but when you hit the right song it's euphoric. This album is pretty unspectacular, however, Sweet Mary is a Weezer classic! Giving proof that the Weezer we all love is still there somewhere. I'm old and wise enough to not sweat over the little things, and my opion isn't worth much in the big scope, but I'm thrilled to have one more totally great song to listen to.


I listened to this album via streaming, and I must say, this is one of the worst albums Weezer has ever done. To me, it's up there with Raditude and Hurley. THAT'S how bad this album is. Horrible production, too much reverb (which makes it sound like it was recorded in a cave), absymal lyrics (seriously, how long can Rivers sing about girls?), lazy and uninteresting music, and too much of a pop sound (for Weezer) for my liking. As a fan, I'm not asking for Rivers to write another Blue Album or Pinkerton (though I wouldn't object to that), I'm only asking for quality in regards to the songwriting. This album is just awful in that respect. All of these songs are TERRIBLE! Even rubbish like "Troublemaker" and "Beverly Hills" are more plattable than this! I will say, though, the artwork is amazing! Easily one of the best album covers Weezer has ever done! For that, you get one star! Without the album cover, it would have been a big fat 0/5! Step your game up, Rivers! Come on!


Turn it up!! Little poppy but thats ok their not Slayer or Megadeth never have been i got them cd's for that still sounds like the weezer guys so you like them or not?


Not since Indiana Jones 4 have I felt more crapped on as a long time fan.


My husband has been a Weezer fan for over a decade, and I never have—he doesn’t like this album, and I actually really do; this is the first time I’ve ever liked any of their music. There’s a 60s-soft-rock-at-the-beach vibe to this album, which is completely my style and why I like it.


I absolutely loved the White album, and this is just a huge disappointment. I hope I don’t have to wait another 10 years for something like the White album to come around again. Shake this trendy crap and just jam guys.

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