P!nk - So What

Funhouse (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


It's perfect, what more is there to say?




I love "PINK" I got the pleasure see her perform in St. Louis, MO and would love to see her here again!!!!!


The reviews are 100 percent correct. I just saw the two second sample. It looks hilarious.


Great song.. Weird video... REALLY P!NK, REALLY

Kathryn 🎀

This is such a funny and great music video. 💕

1. 33

Awesome video pink, I really think you have the best sound coming out of your mouth



Country boy 101010

This is so funny! I luv it


Buy it

Sonic 🔫

Kiss your hand ten times Say your crush's name ten times Post this on two other videos Look at your hand


She's better than these cheesy songs. I hate it when she tries to be funny or silly. Just sing a great song and keep it moving.


This was so funny buy it now




it good i kinda like it a little foney though


SONG = 4 STARS. Humorously rebellious and defiant with only minor weaknesses. Caught the video when I got the album. I like a video that either tells a visual story based on the song, sets a mood with interesting visuals, or is just so cool and theatric that it stands on it's own. This does none of those. A load of rather dumb chaotic nonsense. 8^( Stick with the brilliant "Glitter In the Air" video!


It funny when she's parting when she's going so slow! XD it's also hilarious when she dances when she cut the tree!! XD


So what I'm still a rockstar I got my rock moves and I don't need youuuuuuuuuuu guess what I'm having more fun and now that we're done I'm gonnnaa sssshhhhooowwww you tonight! I'm alright!! And let's fight! So I can show youuuu guess what I'm still a rockstar I got my rock moves and I don't need you tonight. Uh check my flow,UH


I laughed my butt off when I saw this! Luv ya p!nk! Ps: p!nk is the total opposite of Taylor swift! Listen 2 this song, then back to December or somethin like that, do the math, & then u will completely agree with me!!


I have to say I laugh every time I hear this song... Sure, the serious "broken heart songs" are good but it's sweet to always get a laugh in... This is just the song 


P!nk did an awesome job of pretending her hair was on fire.


Greates music video ever


I love this song it is my favorite song ever!!! This is just such a good so I would give this 10,13356 star


This is so funny, those ppl saying it's inapropriate just have no humor lol

My Town

She almost kill some1 wit the tree

Coco sinaman

Once I herd this song it hit me like WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡


She like a physico! Haha good job

Senor Art Diretor

I love this so much!!! But she must be seriously nuts!!!! DEFENETLY BUY!!!!!!!!!!

Anjelica Marie

I wonder how she comes up with such funny music videos?! She is one of my favorite singers!! ROCK ON P!NK. ROCK ON.


anaja harold.


Judging by the preview... this has ggot to be good! I personally LOVE the song, but if i knew that the music vid was this fab... so would've paid the extra 50 cents or whatev to have gotten the vid instead. AAAAAAAHHH! this vid is great! get it ppl! GET IT NOW.


This video is hilarious! I love it. Your money is totally worth it! P!nk pulled off this song, while most artists can't.


You are so coool! Bring it on!




omg!! i luv this song and the video is AWESOME!! its really worth the 2 bucks!


I loveeeeeeeee her she is of the HOOK!!!!!!!!!


This video is so funny, crazy, and just P!nk!! Love u pink!!


P!nk is good but what does it mean when she says at least I know how to hit does she mean ask that guy out or hit him like punch him?


I luv it! It is realistic and shows how mad and crazy gurlz get when dumped. Awesome vid 


That video is so funny like when her hair got on fire and when she's cuting down the tree. It's just histaricle and good. Good Job P!nk! Ba-da-da PL

La Musiqe

The sawing down the tree part was sad, but other than that, the video is hilarious, and she's a good actor. The song's great too! But please, stop giving props to her just because she can express her feelings through a song. It's not that hard to do, I've done it myself.


OMG!! This is SO funny! I luv it!! 


So What I'm Still A Rockstar I Got My Rock Moves!


this music video is funny but it is also inaproppriot i could have been better off with just the song. plz tell me if tis was helpful or not cause its not the best music video ive ever seen.


A video that actually fits the song! Haven't seen one of those in a while. She does a great job of capturing the 'in-your-face' thing, and adding in just a touch of pain that's implied (at least, to me) in this song. Great video!


Lol ur afraid to say lesbian


OMG funny music video i love the part when she is riding the tractor down the street, good thing she has her rock moves if she gets in trouble LOL


Omg I love this music video so much I haven't seen it in so long great Job


P!nk has issues. She's crazy! Look at her. What is wrong with her. She looks l*zbian. She probably is. Worst song/music video ever made. She is mentally sick. Maybe she should marry Eminem. At least someone has her same issues.

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