Prince - Originals

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Originals Tracklist:


Only thing labels care about is money. They didnt care about how the songs sounded before they got released as long as they were still getting paid for his music. he already didnt want his music on spotify or apple but they did that anyway after he died.


Awesomeness at its finest


Classic PRINCE !!! Any true fan can appreciate this entire compilation.


Such a brilliant songwriter. And a gracious musician.


Not the Prince that I’ve listened to for years. These songs are like bubble gum music!


That song is the jam. It is something totally different then some of things you associate with Prince. I also like his version of Love thy will be done. Though Martika did an excellent job in imitating it. But like some people have mentioned, let’s get the unreleased library already. Or at least a comprehensive remix album.


This album proves Prince is the greatest American musician to ever write music, play an instrument, walk the earth. Prince’s catalog will stand the test of time, he will be standing when most other “greats” human nature(mans fallen state) will erase all the great music they ever made.


I’m a die hard 80s baby Prince fan to the core!!! However, I’m not feeling this album. Whoever was behind this project did not do a good job. All die hard Prince fans know the songs listed are earlier works of songs written for other people with his voice on it (demos). The “Sex-Shooter” listed is like the 3rd version I’ve heard so far. There’s one with of course “Apple’s” the “Vanity-6 version with Vanity singing the lyrics, & now the version with Prince singing the lyrics. Same with “Make-Up (Appollonia-6).” 100 MPH (Mazzarati) Noon Rendezvous, etc. these are all songs I’ve heard before on his or other artist records. There’s a couple of songs I haven’t heard that’s listed on this album though, which is great. I was just hoping for an album of songs that were never ever heard on anybody’s record!


The best

baptiste main 84

The song is a cool mix of retro I love it

Funk You

Why not put out the Madhouse albums, Prince Live in NYC 1997 and NPG Orchestra!?




The man was pure Genius. What a talent !!!! RIP Prince


These all sound great, such a conflicting situation.


For the musically deprived. Sad.


JUST A GIFTED GENIUS... love gigolos get lonely too🔥🔥🔥🔥

Tally Mi banana

His family trash but he will forever be a god


It’s about time.

The Bradleyss

He was, without any doubt, the most talented and most prolific Pop star of his generation. Nobody else even came close.


I’m a lifetime Prince fan and look forward to all releases. Listening to this one the music was outstanding. Sound quality was very good overall and song selection was great. Stand out tracks are Prince and Jill Jones on Baby Your a Trip and also Noon Rendezvous. I’ll also order this on vinyl for my collection.


So he may not wanted these gems to be released , but I love to hear him sing songs that were given to other artist! this is amazing!!!


These iconic songs are heard for the first time with Prince as he originally wrote and recorded them. It’s striking how similar the final version went on to become with each artist hardly changing a thing on these amazing songs. Prince shows how prolific and eclectic he was. A true genius these songs shed even more light on how true that was. #Prince4EVER

NCC: 1701-D

Dynamite album but I was while I was able to purchase Glamorous Life I cant actually play it. It says it’s not available in my country (USA). Heeeeeelp, please!! 🙄🙄


NOPE. If he wanted this music to be released he would have released it. Post death cash grab. I'm glad I get to hear unreleased Prince music, but it's not on the artist's terms so it feels yucky.


The biggest surprise to me was that how smart he was to let others do some of these songs. “Jungle Love” and “Glamorous Life” seems like karaoke, as the music is the same, just that Prince sings them. Morris Day and Sheila E. do better job I think. But maybe I’m used to their voices. The one song I did like was “Baby You’re A Trip”. It reminded me of the “Savior”, very expressive. His version of “Nothing Compares To U” is much better than Sinead O’ Connor’s as well as his proteges, The Family. There are some that are just throwaways. All in all...not bad. I’m curious to see what else he has in the vault.

John Toscano

I love that these are released, but where are the ORIGINAL Vanity 6, Appollonia 6, the Black Album, the Gold Experience, etc.


Some great lost songs, a disappointment or two (after all, these are demos) and just a ton of fun. My favorite part is when he's clearly trying to imitate Morris Day's distinctive style on Jungle Love - clearly a guide vocal and a fun little nudge to his pal. Fans of Prince need this one for sure.

Memory heresies

Love this !!! Please continue to release more .... 💜🎶O(+>🎶


This Album only further proves Prince’s pure talent and artistry that separates him from the rest, while also showing his vision and versatility that he can create for other artists of any genre. In other words, The GOAT

M. Appeal

This is exactly the type of release I’ve been waiting for, and not another greatest hits with a couple of unreleased tracks. I love this. Great job, keep em coming.




Nice to hear Love Thy Will in a slightly cleaner mix than what was circulating with his vocal. The fans have made better releases for free, I think whoever's controlling the vault can do way better.


This album is just absolutely incredible, a reminder why there will NEVER be another Prince in our lifetime, and this album doesn't even scratch the surface of all the songs that could have been placed on it, like Telepathy, Sugar Walls, Spirit, Yo Mister, for starters! The man was a genius pure and simple, and the world is a less musically magical place without him in it, but thankfully he left a lot of gold, diamonds, and pearls in his vaults, to be mined for future generations! Many fans claimed that he didn't want these tracks released, I am highly doubtful they are right, because most of these songs he saved for this VERY reason! Why else would a man lock them up in vaults, unless to preserve them for future releases! He even teased and stated so, so a true fan, like myself fully supports the release of these tracks! If he didn't want them released, he wouldn't have saved and stored them in a vault, and teased everyone with their future release! And trust me, some of these unreleased tracks are pure Prince Platinum! This album is just a sample of what the man was capable of ... And let others released these tracks when he could have easily done so himself! I hope to see more releases, for future generations to truly appreciate this musical genius's contribution to music and a generations of fans!

Ms. Gunn

Job well done. Nice track selection. Good sound quality. Illustrates his range. Much appreciated. Should be Volume I of many (there’s much more where this came from). Now ... SELL US SOMETHING WE HAVEN’T HEARD BEFORE! PLEASE!


It's a rare glimpse into the mind of this genius of an artist that we will never see again in our lifetimes. I had my doubts, but then I got it on a "why not?" moment. Even songs like "You're My Love," which he got into but it really wasn't his bag are necessary listens. The album starts nice and finishes very well. Wouldn't You Love To Love Me? is by far the biggest surprise (in a good way) on the album, so much funkier than all other versions out there. Hollyrock and Dear Michaelangelo are good examples of Prince bar-none production style, and he knew how to use the Leslie flange better efect than anyone. The estate got it right this time.


Prince would not have wanted this. He obviously didn’t like these songs, or how he sounded, and gave them to other artists. These are not better than the better known versions. He should have had a will and stated what he wanted with his music.


Love music that is not overproduced. Such a great sampling of his talent. Get it, you will be glad you did. Share.

kudus z

I never would have guessed Prince wrote some of these iconic songs for himself. The Time and Shelia E benefited greatly, but their versions, while closely simular, shine on their own. Also, some of his work sounded mediocre. Its almost a breath of fresh air knowing that. It proves to me, perfection is a development. I am sad every day knowing Prince is never giving me the new ideas he has to offer but thank Jehovah for the vault.


Wow amazing. Most musicians record demos for other artists but Prince never did everything he did sounds like a masterpiece all of these songs sound better with him singing it than the people he gave them to. Wow!!!

Prince miked

I just listened to it today and man I am just speechless. Prince was truly a musical genius. I think his versions were the best. Respectfully. Love it


This is a really outstanding compilation of songs Prince gave other artists, and it is a joy to hear him on a few of these tracks where the arrangement isn't exactly like it ended up on said artists' officially released tracks. Of course, you can always nitpick, like where is his absolutely thrilling version of "All Day, All Night" that he gave to Jill Jones, or "G-Spot" also for Jill Jones? The first track I looked for when I saw the track listing was his version of "Data Bank", which ended up completely redone on The Time's Pandemonium. His Revolution era take is really a groove but is funky as hell and has a funny bit about how the band won't follow his cues. Too bad it didn't make it. And you really need to hear Prince's original versions of The Family tracks "High Fashion" and "Mutiny", two of his finest. But the songs on here are still like a buried treasure that has finally been found. Nice job. Now if we can only get the reissues of Sign O' The Times and/or 1999!


Love it!

Cumo 42



Prince was a genius and wrote so many great songs for other artists.


Prince would have never released these recordings sounding this way. It sounds like it was recorded on a cassette tape. With modern technology these could have been cleaned up. His family is obvisously more about the money than honoring one of the greatest artist of all times.


Even in rough form, these demos and original versions of hit songs that Prince gave away to his proteges are works of true brilliance! Some of these are even better than the ones he gave away! What we need now is unreleased songs/albums that we haven’t even heard yet, not even on bootlegs. Please not just the 80’s, but the 70’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s.


It’s showing in my ITunes feed as having purchased “Nothing Compares 2 U”. I’m not seeing it in my Library. I’m wondering if other people are experiencing this as well.

the way i see it...

this proves (not that it needed proving) prince's amazing talent across numerous genres. many of these songs were monster hits even though many people didn't know that they were penned by prince, so they were judged soley on talent and not on name recognition. i can't wait to hear more and more and more as they release the treasures from prince's vault.


Absolute perfection! Legends never die 💜☔️

Fletch F. Fletch

A reminder that he wrote for himself, but he also wrote for other people and it he did it really really well. I’m sad he’s gone every single time I listen to his music but at least there’s a little comfort knowing he has a lot of music that could still be released. Unlike other greats that went too young like George Michael (new music most likely won’t be released because they are in unfinished states and he controlled every track himself), or Michael Jackson (his music remains tied up in renewed controversy and Sony’s recent decision to not release full albums of his work anymore), Prince had vaults of finished tracks, videos and concerts. He was amazingly prolific and this collection of his versions of music written with other artists in mind shows that his talents were extended to other performers as well. I mean try to remember one of these songs was written for Kenny Rogers!

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