Tyler Farr - Only Truck In Town - EP

℗ 2020 This Is Hit, Inc. d/b/a Broken Bow Records / Night Train Records

Only Truck In Town - EP Tracklist:


I’m not sure why some of the fewer star ratings as I think this is really good country music considering all of the garbage being played on country radio right now. I guess we all get an opinion... I am enjoying the songs, I think they hit home in the real world and I just think the guy has a great voice! Well worth the spend 👍😁


Tyler is a phenomenal voice and talent. Lots of personality on stage and in interviews. I’m probably one of his many fans wondering what the cause is for his drop-off in making major hits. He’s seemingly on the edge of desperation. The songs on this EP are not bad songs, but I think of them as good ‘album fillers’. He definitely put effort and heart into the music. They just make you kind of yawn though. He’s got to get back to the state of mind he was in when he was making hits. You can’t recreate moments or periods in your life, but more focus and dedication has to be put into finding / writing the songs that fit him. Working / consulting with successful artists doesn’t hurt, but you can’t depend on that aspect to just make it happen for you. Tyler has the ‘it’ factor. We want him to make hits again. I hope he finds the ingredients that he has shown before. It’s your career, Tyler- You be the one to make it happen!


Lot of slow sad songs....pass


Love this album ♥️


Amazing EP miss this guy on country radio I wish dogs could live forever is my favorite


Tyler’s music is Always good. His voice and what he’s conveying to his listeners make him relatable! Good stuff!!