Mac Miller - On and On

℗ 2011 Rostrum Records

On and On - Single Tracklist:


Old Mac ♥️

Noesy puma

I don't care what people have to say about your music Mac. U are a talented artist and your song on and on to me is about not to worry about other people's opinion but u just have to move on and on and do what you love to do best. good luck I hope u see this.


mac miller is the reason i started raping. i hav 2 mixtapes with 2 different groups and they are all amazing. this song is one of his best yet. mac miller never fails. amazing


This isn't even "hip-hop" sad to know what hip-hop's turned into.

Abbi Mc

Ok this is all i have to say... Mac is the best rapper ever and listnr3012 you dont have a good sence in music, i wish this song went 'on and on forever!!!!'

biggest mac fan

its not bad. its not good either. but good beat, if he had some other rapper come in and go really fast, i would like it more but he could do better


This song doesn't show Macs current style, talent, or rapping skill. This is from an earlier era of his career. His newest release is Macadelic, a free mixtape you can get off the Internet. His new style is a little more soulful and lyrically advanced, a lot less obvious wordplay... His new style takes a few listens to understand what he is trying to get across. This isn't a must have unless you're a big fan. Download MACADELIC now.


everyone has been telling me to get this song...was it worth the 1.29?... yeah i guess... it's ight, just the way everyone has been talking up Mac MIller the past couple years, my expectations were a little high...nothing mind blowing, but yeah i'll have it playing in my car every now and then for a change of pace...

Jimmay X

I love it.

Sad little man

mac ur guna make me cry. c'mon uk u could do sooo much better

Spec. Ed

This is not his best song, his debut album really brought my attention

Issa bachir

Not the best of mac but it still is awesome


Mac miller dosent put his songs on iTunes it could be rostrum records that did it


awesome rapper alwayes was as malcom and now as mac awesome albums and songs all the way!!

Eduardo soto

He is the beastest rapper eva


Mac never ceases to impress me. He's going to continue to rise. Magical.


You already have this song on an album and now your trying to get money off of this?


Thumbs up

Modesta Chavez

mac miller is one of the best rappers ever! i love all his songs there so chill


...and was asking for trouble. It's okay, but if this is a "Rising Star of Hip-Hop" or one of the banner carriers of the "Black and Yellow" school, I'm not expecting much from Hip-Hop from Pittsburgh or iTunes in the near future.


I got Mac millers song when it was free and I always have this song stuck in my head!!!!!


wheres the explicit version


For those of you who give this song anything less than 3 stars, which I can understand 3 stars cause of the commercial sound of the song. I suggest you hear Mac Millers earlier work, If you doubt the skill. "On and On" sounds like an attempt at a single for the masses, and if you heard Mac Miller before this doesn't sound far fetched for him to do. All the Mac Miller material right now is Free cause they are all mixtapes and his last opus which is a Frealbum...a FREE ALBUM...that you can pick up at datpiff along with his earlier work. Download "K.I.D.S." a mixtape with a title that means Kicking Some Incredibley Dope S*#t...that is his most solid body of work as far as something sounding like an album. Also "The High Life" another previous mixtape which is bound to make you a MAC MILLER fan quick. I'm 30 years old and a boom bap lover...if you know what that means you know i love real hip if I like Mac Miller it's not for the love he's getting right's for the skills he is displaying as an emcee and artist. Otherwise if you don't like this song...I suggest you guys switch ears with a real hip hop fan...cause it's no less than 3 stars...and after hearing his earlier will understand what he is trying to do here with this single from his free album "Best Day Ever".


Who ever hates on Mac is gay!!! He is the best rapper ever


Man this song gives me a boner




Great artist. I like to call it a kid flow. Raps are always amazing check out his mixtapes there even better


He's so much better then all of that Lil Wayne and mainstream hip-hop garbage. This kids made it and all you haters are just jealous!




Best in the buisness

Skate pro

Mac is so dope


Ive been lookin for some rasta music by mac. This is it

Liquid Metal

Mac Miller is str8 to me.


Pull any bumb off the street, but a beat behind him to cover up his tone deaf rapping or singing and call it a hit. No thank you!!

Sammy Garza

love it, great song Mac


I wonder if he knows informer?

jose guadalupe lopez chen



its in the free on itunes for this week and yet its telling me i haveto pay.. not doing it itunes.. sorry


On the real, most of the people who have something negative to say about this song is probably hatin because he is white. Who cares? Eminem and Paul Wall are white! The beat is cool and the flow is nice and smooth. Give it a chance and look beyond ethnicity! I was one of the first people I knew who bought Em in 1999 in Oakland, CA when most of my friends was hatin because he was white. I knew then if Dr. Dre had his back, so did I. Miller may never be that big a star, but it is something different in a hiphop world of bs songs!

Andres Gabaldon

Sounded great and that beat is awesome'!


Dear lord, that was f**king horrendous. One of the worst wannabe rappers I've ever heard. Who cares what race he is, that was still terrible.

eduardo cervantes

this song is only good for the background music


I can rel8 my self i luv da beat and his flow a true 412 rapper








Okay so it's not his best song but mac miller is MOST DOPE! And did someone really compare him to rebbecca black??!! Wow that's like comparing Justin bieber to Tu Pac

go unc1220

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............. its ahight, its not too bad, hey i got it, its for free, so i aint gonna pass up a decent song thats free haha

Jack Maki

this is actually the one song that has a point and is real rap by mac miller so "More Trash" you obviously dont have the slightest idea bout real rap. and Mac Miller more stuff like this is what u need


Personally, I think that he was singing flat. Also, im not quite sure he spent a whole lot of time on the lyrics...

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