Mac Miller - On and On and Beyond - EP

℗ 2011 Rostrum Records

On and On and Beyond - EP Tracklist:

Carrillo sergio

Man Mac Miller Miss you Sooooooooo much bro thank you so much fo like no my comments on YouTube and thank you for your wonderful music.😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


I like how the on and on single was receiving so much negativity but this is receiving all the positivity with the track on it.


Rip Mac

Chillin Boy..

This might be a late review, but this EP is really good. MAC has really came a long way!


Is the freaking man. Stud.


Is the freaking man. Stud.


I Love it! But I NEED Best day ever and senior skip day. Those two are my favorite! Get them on here soon!! 😍


I love this album. Plus it came out on my birthday.

Joto lover tfy

Mac is the best


Every song is awesome


I really love this EP and now with the new release of your second main stream album, your doing really well and hope your success takes you far in life. This is a great EP and has a lot of meaning to me.

From thomass12233

I'm still young only 15 but mac i gotta say your songs have great meaning to them if you really pay attention and have helped and inspired me to do and get through situations i never thought was possible love you mac neva give up P.s your songs got the illest beats and ryms

Joe Ed Jackson

Nice songs never give up Mac miller


even though im young i still love mac miller & his music. hes one of my favorite artists. anyone who doesnt have this album or any of his music i feel sorry for you because your missing out. i love you #mostdope - taylor<3333


Great album cant wait for his new album watching movies with sounds off


Mac Miller is one of the best rappers I know


haters seriously need to stop hating because if you think this is garbage you obviously listen to lil wayne. mac miller has amazing talent.

Instagram user_

The point of listening to Mac miller is just to sit back and relax sometimes he's random but that's what people like about him


Not as good as eminem, but he's up there!


I've heard of Mac Miller before, friends of mine had told me how sick he is and that he's going to be the next Eminem, or even Tupac or Biggie. I really don't see what the big hype is. The beats are popish and his voice sounds flat and boring. The lyrics were okay, but I don't think he has that special quality to blow up. In the day and age where every kid who listens to Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Wacka Flocka Flame thinks that they immediately can rap, it's hard enough to blow up as it is. He just doesn't have that *spark*

Boosted kietzmann

they dont even have his newest stuff.....where he has a lot of other rappers on it as well....just saw him live and it was ******* crazy! Haters keep being he motivation=)


Good stuff throw back rap


to be honest i didnt think i was gon like mac miller cuz he sounds like a college frat honkey but after listining to his mixtapes and blue slide im a fan of his now. Cant wait for his next album.

Justin R

Throw this honkey back in the dogs. He's no good. Useless.


Mac is boss, the best old school rap put there !

Connor Blake

Mac Miller is the man dont listen to those haters Mac miller is awesome


How in the hell have I not heard of this dude before now!?!


Is the best


This isn't even real Hip Hop. He is a disgrace. Want white rappers? Eminem, MGK, Yelawolf, not this though. It's crap.


This is a worthless album its just not in good any way


Im from Pittsburgh and love his music... Best is that he's still young and there's a lot more to come.

Yung CarTUNE

i hate mac miller. talentless.


Just bought the whole album.


He's a boss I love his music so much


alright first of all to all of you people saying "fake rich white boy" he isn't from money, he made his own living and money with his mixtapes so try again. And if u think this is bad then explain how he has money cuz if he was legit bad then he wouldnt sell anything . So yeah check out blue slide park it's dopeee!


If ur looking for that old school rap, Mac miller is the guy for you. Dope


Mac miller is a good rapper but he is still young and will get better


Mac miller is the best rapper out there dont hate cuzz ur jealous!! And u guys are rlly racist about "rich white kids"! Not everyones tht a certain race is rich or poor!:(


Really good music!


I always see mac miller's creativity out of this world ether his music videos or the album cover makes me glad I'm a big kid


Please add the album K.I.D.S onto ITunes. PLEASE!!!! I love that album and I will do anything to get IT

Jake smith (;

He is my inspiration besides mr. Bernard. Haha I love him so much.


A lot of people don't realize how good Mac actually is, he is a self taught musician without a huge label. He loves his fans and is pretty talented, most the people who don't like him are to busy listening to fake rappers like Wayne, odd future, or drake. Don't hate on Mac cause he's everything you want to be.

Alfonso Family

Mac Miller: a no talent stoner who raps about illigel thing and says he does them which is a lie

brent Vanderzanden

first heard mac about 2 and a half years ago. and im proud to see that hes blowing up, he deserves it. this kid stays on his grind, he shows that you can acomplish your dreams when u put your mind on something. and im also proud to say i love mac because of his music and who he is,. i aint no popularity riding fan. keep doin your thing mac!!!


Hes a Rich white boy rapper fake all the way


worthless puff.

Mike Walsh

Nobody but broke poser white boys like this guys horrible music. Its unfortunate this guy has a following because he really doesnt have any talent as rapper and he should be dropped from his lable. Sorry white people besides eminem and drake all your rappers are crap.


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Music Album of Mac Miller:

The Way (feat. Mac Miller) [Spanglish Version] - Single
The Way feat. Mac Miller [Spanglish Version] - Single (2013)
Into You (feat. MAC MILLER) [Alex Ghenea Remix] - Single
Into You feat. MAC MILLER [Alex Ghenea Remix] - Single (2016)
Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) [Radio Edit] - Single
Dang! feat. Anderson .Paak [Radio Edit] - Single (2016)
82 92 (feat. Mac Miller) - Single
82 92 feat. Mac Miller - Single (2011)