Prince - Nothing Compares 2 U

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Nothing Compares 2 U - Single Tracklist:


Might just be the greatest song ever made. 💜


What's the significance of iTunes saying the release date is 1993? I thought the whole point was that it was just released on April 19, 2018? 1993 isn't a significant date for this song, that I am aware of. Perhaps iTunes is confusing this with the release date of the version that appears on the Hits and B Sides compilation?


Ok Warner brothers, I know that you want to. Ilk the 80s and feed us one track at a time, however Prince Fans would love to hear the tracks that we’ve never heard before too. The Deliverance tracks were gems and I don’t know who pulled them but they are crazy to have pulled them. You record execs still don’t know how to sell music after all of these years.


The original and the best!


From the depth of a complex soul. Thank you. 💜


Prince was a musical genius and this new version of “nothing compares 2 u” is amazing 💜💜💜


This is the original recording. The versions that came after are terrific but they just can’t compare with this recording’s vision and musicianship.


Good but why aren't they releasing NEW , new music.

Ms. Gunn

Difficult to believe it was on a demo with a guide vocal likely intended for someone else. He’s the GOAT.

Cumo 42



Nothing Compares 2 U Prince.


The irony of this song 💔 song made me cry.


One of the best. 💜💜💜


the Estate releases this rawer, but mor eseductive version of Nothing Compares 2 U. Sadly, I like this version better than the one with Rosie Gains, which is hauntingly lonely.


Wow I love it!!!!!!!!! 😘😘


Sadly this week marks the 2 year anniversary of his sudden death and this release reminds us how lucky we all were to be in his audience and in his orbit on this planet while he was busy making & performing amazing & timeless musical masterpieces 4 us all 2 enjoy 4ever. Truely... nothing compares.


We had always heard/read PRN recorded songs for The Time and The Family, and the bands were to re-create the tracks. If you have The Family on cassette, then you know what you're about to hear. Usually, if something merely "meets expectations" it's not great. This is an exception. It's exactly what I wanted, and it's fantastic.


I'm so glad this is out there.


Nothing compares 2 u 😭😭


Been 2 years since the Beautiful One passed. Miss him is not enough to say. This is an amazing of the classic #love #prince


So great the Estate got this out there but alas it’s been circulating for awhile now. Day late dollar short. It’s wonderful, but hardly new or unheard. Why oh why can’t they get a whole album of songs he gave away together along with this? Or a new album of truly unheard and unbootlegged material? There is so so much stuff that we are eager to hear for the first time, as exciting as it is this is ‘officially’ out there it only serves as a painful reminder of how sad the Estate has been with his Vault. So far the most interesting stuff has been released elsewhere... perhaps with the exception of Katrina’s Paper Dolls the Deliverance EP the Estate put the kibosh on was the coolest things to trickle out since his untimely death. 😢☔️


Amazing gave me chills. We love you and miss you Prince!

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