Avenged Sevenfold - Not Ready to Die (From

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Not Ready to Die (From "Call of the Dead") - Single Tracklist:


I've been a huge fan of them since 2006 or so. This is one of my most favorite songs they've ever done. I'm a huge fan of black ops 1 zombies.


🎶uma das melhores músicas do Avenged🎶


If you have found the song in the zombie map, you know its the best song to lisen to while killing the horde.


Such an awesomely performed hard hitting song! Everything about this is amazing, from Ilejay's fitting drum fills, to the nostalgic zombies piano theme, and even the scream vocals (which I don't usually like at all). Definitely one of my favorites!


I loved activating this song on Call of the Dead and getting chased around by tons of zombies on round 20-and don't forget George Romero with his giant stage light! This is an excellent song to add to my collection of COD Zombies tracks!


An Avenged Sevenfold song in Call of Duty: Zombies made by Avenged Sevenfold just for Call of Duty: Zombies? No way...it doesn't get better then this. Best map ever. Call of the Dead.


Dude A7X is the best band in the entire world this is my fave it out of all of the songs


a7x is the best band ever


great, this song and Carry On were worth the purchase , and oh yea can't wait for the new album. just streamed Hail to the King and the album rocks


A7X Rocks! They never cease to amaze me with awe-striking fresh material.

KIK: SavieA7x

Aveneged Sevenfold has always been an amzing band! I definately recommend the them, they are what true metal and rock is!

Mc sponge

This song rocks

big guy 111

Not as good as 115 but good


Just a plain incredible song


I have to say I really like this single a lot! It's one of my favorite songs by them ever. This song is Waking the Fallen and Nightmare thrown in a blender and then topped with a haunting horror movie/Castlevania type vibe, and the outcome is pretty incredible. I really am impressed with their first offical release without The Rev and I hope they continue with something similar to this in the future or at least in the vein of this.




This is worth your money! Buy it and you won't be sorry best single in my opinion


FOREVER, we love you Jimmy, we know you'd love Arin behind those two massive bass drums 😃

Cody McSwain

This song is just great all around!


1. Not Ready to Die (from Call of the Dead) - Single 5/5 This song is perfect for "Call of the Dead" on "Call of Duty: Black Ops" the intense guitars and the crazy fast drumming, and M. Shadows vocals are amazingly terrific!


Awesome song! Sick screams n the blops zombies tie in rocks!


amazing!!!!!!! when does the cd come out?


We all want a new cd


Like a boss this song is Boss. :3


I have been listening to A7X since 1999 when they dropped Sounding the Seven Trumpets. I have always loved them and I cant wait for there new Album its going to wicked and perfect just like all there other music.


Awesome song but it should've been an extra song on the Nightmare album.

Cheesy lemon sqeezy

Read the too by for the best the band is amazing put them in the game. Love to annoy people on game center by singing along


It was one of my favorite songs from the game!

Sinister gaming

It's amazing how far they have come since highschool R.I.P Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan who was without a doubt the worlds greatest drummer who had ever lived


This is a great song although it would have been great to see it in the nightmare album still an awesome song


I heard this song when one of my friends was playing a video game . I had to have. Great song by itself !

Double Agent100

Best song for call of duty!


even if ur not killing zombies its still a great song to listen to


I love it and I Think it should have been on Nightmare! Also amazing to listen to while playing Mortal Kombat!


Is it only 69 cents ?????


If u like this buy nightmare by a7x it is feated on moon from rezzurection hope this helped

Zach Acosta

Man you guys are freaking amazing, better chance at getting the VR11 with this song XD


Because of call of the dead I found my future favorite band and now I am in love with "Welcome to the family" :)


Just flat out amazing, it's nice to see my favorite band have a song on one of my favorite games. Now that I've heard you guys ( Avenged Sevenfold ) it's inspired me to try to make my own band. You guys are a great band and keep making albums because they're awesome and of course, R.I.P. Rev, you might be gone but you'll never be forgotten

100% accurate

NOT READY TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get it!! ps: I will miss you foREVer Rev :(


I love this song!!!!

J David Kramden

this is a great song an I would love to see it on a new album! hope they make lots of more albums even though the rev is gone

Seth Macfarlan

This is his a great song when you killing zombies

Nick Koto

never a fail with them..good song my favorite part of a call of duty zombies map..


If my neighbor had never stole my iPod, then I would have never heard you guys. And if I had never heard you guys a lot of things wouldn't have happened. I had been saying for years how I'm gonna sign up for guitar. Well after I heard you guys I actually signed up. Then I heard Jimmy died. I felt really sad. Not the kind of sad I felt when Michael Jackson died. I felt your pain I could really feel it. You guys inspired me so much, that I began to inspire other people too. Then I started drawing pictures of the band. I'm actually getting people who want me to draw them pictures (Because I inspired them, and now they like you guys) I know this seemed really long and off subject but I just want to thank you guys. You have been a really big part of my life and I can't imagine a life without you guys!


Because of black ops, i found this song. Because of this song, I found my favorite band. Because of this band, I decided to play guitar. Sign? I'm obsessed with Avenged Sevenfold. foREVer

Kill enemys

When I heard this song on call of the dead I could not believe it was avenged sevenfold. Cool song

Mike Tombo

call of duty + metal = ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE.


First off, Arin is very good. His style reminds me very much of Jimmy's. Secondly, Matt is NOT screaming on this song. It is the bass player, Johnny Christ, as M. Shadows is only credited to the clean vocals.