Maroon 5 - Nobody's Love

℗ 2020 Interscope Records (222 Records)

Nobody's Love - Single Tracklist:


This song is genius! Stop hating on art. Yall that don’t understand how amazing this is are uncultured swine.


Keep up the good music Maroon 5


Don’t get me wrong, I used to listen to Maroon 5 song “sugar” and more of those nice and fun upbeat songs! But then I found different taste into other songs. My Mom has just downloaded their song “nobody’s love” I don’t really know about the song. I can’t really find the big meaning in it. I don’t wanna throw any hate at the song . Other people like it, but I’m that much into it. It’s not that upbeat or if it wasn’t, I didn’t find it.


Another awesome track laid down by one of my favorite bands!!


I don’t know why it’s getting so much hate. It’s a beautiful song. I love the sound.💚


...they got bad, and they’re only getting worse


I know in the first 5 seconds if I’m gonna like a song...this one had me hooked at 3 seconds❤️


Worst song from M5


My review got deleted apparently.... well I’m just gonna say this need work because the vocals are lazy. Also they over did it with the production.


Umm... Maybe the record label just demanded a release??? Sounds like someone did a pop song Mad-Lib and released it.


It’s the greatest song I ever heard And haters got a hate this is the best thing that ever have that ever happened to me so like I said haters gonna hate what is love is such a great song do you hear it over and over and over again 🥰😍🥰😍🥰I feel so sad for the bad reviews but I hope this warms your heart


Every time this song comes on the radio.... the volume immediately turns up & the windows go down! It’s such a feel good hit! Ignore the hateful comments... I love it! ❤️


Better use radio play for succeed

keep on writing!!!

Nobody’s love might be random words but the tune is what makes it catchy




❤️❤️ L❤️VE


Worst “band” of all time


Don’t let those immature swifties, who just want taylor at #1, and don’t know any genre other than pop bring y’all down. Keep it up


Epic song. Maroon 5 is so talented. Thanks!!


maroon 5 lost their touch. their new music isn’t nearly as good as their old stuff.


I didn’t really like Memories, but this is a pretty good song.


How does a song that is this generic and uninspired still get so many Downloads? It shouldn’t be in the top 100 at all.


Great song overall


same bs


Not a bad song! But all their songs are starting to sound the same, which is basic and boring! They should try something new and experiment more as people are saying, because this song can honestly pass as one of there songs from 2010


hate It


Leave us alone we are so tired. Adam 👀 give up. U hot tho but not a artist babes. You guys are simply radio shallow music. Your irrelevant trash:) Like you guys are so embarrassing it’s sad

YouTube Oscar

Why is Payola 5 all of a sudden at second place buy ‘cardigan’ instead


The music is terrible these days. If I could give 0 stars I would.


See lots of bad reviews, but really people, it’s just a fun pop song!! Don’t be so serious about it!! For reviewers writing about redundant lyrics, is it just me who thinks I could write Watermelon Sugar???? Think I counted Harry Styles saying “watermelon sugar high” 20 times😳😳😳😳😳 Looking forward to next album from M5😊😊


Tbh the word boring came to mind. I was bored and unimpressed.

Tracie C



i said what i said


What is this mess

Hello I’m Garrett

As a former fan, I was excited when they previewed a song that sounded like the popwave/synthwave style of some of of The Bad Dreamers’ first album. Unfortunately, they were too lazy to write a second verse and just repeated the first one. The drums also don’t hit as hard as I would like. I don’t mind Maroon 5 changing sound, especially if they went in a direction that similarly worked on “It Was Always You.” I just wish they’d add something unique to the sound they’re going for and put forth a bit more effort than they’ve been putting since 2014. This is okay. It had potential to be much better but just wasn’t.

sometimes i domt wan be happy-

Honestly who let them- stream cardigan to help your ears


Is it poppy? For sure. It does have their trademark pop sound but there are subtle differences. For sure worthy of some summer grooving.




Boring, redundant, overdone. Can they go back to their roots because the latest stuff they’ve been putting out is garbage.


Nice song!


Can they do something else please


stream folklore and cardigan


No this just isn’t it expected more


Adam could sing 🎤 out of the phone book and I would still be HAPPY!!! Great 👍 song guys. Great video too. See y’all soon!!!




Meet Maroon 5, the definition of becoming music industry sell outs. Then again, this is from the same genius who basically said that “rock is dead.” Okay Adam, very cool.

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