NF - No Name

Capitol Records; β„— 2018 NF Real Music, LLC

No Name - Single Tracklist:


POOF and I’m gone when they call me a no name




You know how you said you don’t compare to my energy I hove ADHD and ADD but you are awesome plus I’m a girl and not populate but your songs are really popular so I hope your songs help me From Paytin :)

fire head 13

U so πŸ”₯ your ungodly u can burn the universe with your raps bruh ✌🏻 i hope u make more songs like-no name-the search-leave me alone-let u down- and so many others like paid my dues and we hope think u are the best have a good day Nathan peace I wish u the best luck and I have a podcast so I can get u in some pods And u will get a lot on πŸ’΅ cash so if u want Connect to (the nugget hut podcast) XD see u later homie


Your songs have so much power, I love them! You are on πŸ”₯!!!

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Battle For Albums

I was easily impressed after listening to this song to the point where I wanted to learn it and in over 1 year it took me to learn how to rap this song


Anyone who didn’t give this 5 stars hasn’t seen the music video or it is just Eminem on alt accounts


Song is fire and I love how he gets back to fame calling him in the search with leave me alone


I have a hard time not giving nf 5 stars for this one but I feel like the beat could have been better on this track. Other than that it’s got powerful lyrical content and continues to push the boundaries of what a β€œrapper who’s a Christian” can be πŸ”₯




It is sooooooooo underrated


You songs have so much power. I think that most people just look at how good you rap and not the inspirational lyrics. Keep on doing what your are doing!