Green Day - Nimrod

℗ 1997 Reprise Records

Nimrod Tracklist:

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Overall, this album is pretty good. Nice Guys Finish Last, Hitchin’ A Ride, Scattered, Platypus, Worry Rock, Last Ride In, Jinx and Good Riddance are all good songs. Haushinka, Redundant, The Grouch and King For A Day are also pretty good but not as good as the others. Still a bit confused why though Good Riddance is marked as explicit. I searched on Google the lyrics to the song and didn’t find a single cuss word. But beyond that, the album is still really freaking good and I would highly recommend it. 4/5.


I love these 2 songs called (Time of Your Life) Good Riddance and Scattered


The album offers a lot of great tracks, but they are so short that they're rarely memorable. The best tracks are 'Hitching' a Ride,' 'The Grouch, 'Walking Alone,' and 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).' The opening track 'Nice Guys Finish Last' comes off as cheesy and is stylistically generic. The closing track 'Prosthetic Head' doesn't really feel like a closing track. The album feels empty, despite having a whopping 18 tracks. It has something to offer, but the album is certainly weaker in the larger Green Day discography


King for a day is my favorite Green Day song


I like hitching a ride and good riddance but king for a day is weird


Every song in this has its own little quirks and uses different instruments along with the usual ones. This album is Green Day at its prime and I love it. I recommend it to any Green Day fan.


personally it’s my favorite Green Day album 🤷‍♂️


One of my favorite Green Day albums, love Worry Rock and The Grouch a lot

Anonymous Drummer

Platypus is one of my favorites along with The Grouch, Hitchin' a Ride, Nice Guys Finish Last, and Scattered (from this album). A great purchase!


Nimrod is one of the best Green Day albums ever! With songs like Hitchin' A Ride, Good Riddance, The Grouch, Haushinka and many more! I would purchase it if I was you 👍

Baseballl Dude

I guess they re-issued it for the $7 sale. I haven't listened to the album yet, but considering how good Dookie and Insomniac were, I'm feelin' good about this purchase.