Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare (Deluxe Version)

℗ 2010 Warner Records Inc.

Nightmare (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


One of the greatest albums of all time.


I LOVE so far away replaying forever

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Avenged Sevenfold albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, great piano solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. The Deluxe Version is well worth the money spent. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album.


Love it

Damien Lee Butler

It’s a good album but to some people it’s crap because rev is not in it and they have put out more then one album from what I get from this album is gold but some people are just butt hurt \m/ 😈 \m/ this album rocks


“Welcome to the Family”, “Danger Line”, “Buried Alive”, “So Far Away”, “Fiction” and of course the real heavy hitter “Nightmare” are some of their best songs in my opinion and are really great songs to be used in the album to honor the greatest drummer known to man kind.


This Album Is Bittersweet, As It Marks The First Album Without Jimmy, But It Is Easily The Band’s Best Album. But Jimmy Still Did Write Songs On The Album


Love this album sooo much


I’ll miss him and all, but this puts the self-titled album to shame.

Greg D-R

I am a new fan of Avenged Sevenfold. There are no words that explain them. The guitars, the drums, the vocals and the thought that goes into writing the songs is superb. This isn’t at all what most people would think of for me, but when you love music, all music has a place. Who knows if Beethoven were alive today, he might be writing music like this. I may have to write a song about that. Listen to this band and you will hear true musicians who are passionate about their art.


A7X never disappoints!


Mastered by ITunes? No? It should be! A7X FOREVA! (R.I.P. REV) A7X foREVer. Rev, you were a great drummer. I wish that you didn’t die, but your buddies keep going on. R.I.P.


One of my most favorite albums. I’ve been jammin it all these years and it never gets old! I highly suggest it! Also look up the back story with it. Powerful stuff.

zach pierre

I love A7x I have all there albums


I wouldn't really call this metal, but it's a very good rock album. My favorite songs are Nightmare, Buried Alive, & Victim.


I'm not kidding, this is a flat out awesome album. The title track itself has a bit of an Enter Sandman feel (clean intro, similar plot, and fearful vibe). This could be a 21st Century Black Album and the band itself could be a 21st Century Metallica! Nice job guys! 🤘🏻😁🤘🏻


Buy this album you won't regret it


This may be my favorite album by them unfortunately the last one including anything with jimmy. I can't get enough of this album and wish they stayed with this style instead of the new crap. Miss you rev.


How the hell do these guys learn how to play such beautiful sounding guitars ? That's such a great into insane guitar solo beautiful chorus

Kristen Kunz

Wow! Every album just seems to get better and better! I am on a mission to collect them all and have yet to be disappointed! One of the best albums and bands you will ever hear!


A7x is the band of my life. Nothing gets me like them. The Nightmare album is no different.


The song Danger Line is among the most powerful ballads I have ever heard, and I have heard Metallica's One. That is my favorite, but the rest are great too.


First of all this is an AMAZING album. They did not disappoint with this one. All the songs made it good as a whole. I loved it. So. I'll rate each song just for those who aren't into buying whole albums. Nightmare- 10/10 this song starts of the album with a bang. Flawless. It has amazing guitar, drums, and vocals. This song made my hall of fame. Welcome to the family- 11/10 this song is AMMMAAAZZINNGGLLYYY flawless. Along with a message we all need it comes with an epic guitar track. Drums of super coolness and vocals that will blow you away. Great job on this one. Danger line- 8/10 good but gets a little boring. Still good though. Not exactly supernatural though Buried alive- 10/10 This one is pretty great. Starts slow and builds up with really good vocals. It's like "fade to black" by Metallica style. Just A7X. Natural born killer- 9/10 fast and violent. Can't go wrong with a little thrasher So far away- 9/10 pretty great ballad. Honors the Rev nicely. Victim- 7/10 also a ballad I suppose. I don't get much out of it but it still sounds good. Tonight the world dies-6/10 weird. But not bad. I don't dislike it but it does sound creepy Fiction- 9/10 M. Shadows shows off his skills with this ballad. Pretty great. But mainly in vocals and emotion. Piano sounds cool. Save me- 8/10 very long and drags on a bit but still sounds great and has great instrumentals.


This album is probably their best. IMO. The album is great from beginning to end no doubt. You can really feel the emotion that they have in their songs toward the rev. Awesome Album.

5yrupy M355

This album is so dope👍 R.I.P Rev😢


The very last of Sullivan's musical art right here, love it. Jimmy, you are missed.

deathbat foREVer

This is one my favorite albums by them and is is truly the best tribute I have seen and heard in my life and may this album always be for the best drummer that there ever will be R.I.P “Jimmy The Rev."


Nightmare has tight drumming by Mike Portnoy and excellent vocals from M. Shadows. The song writing features some of Avenged Sevenfold most endearing moments, many of which I believe had been written by the REV before his passing. The best thing that Nightmare has to offer is in its’ bridges such as 2:30 into Welcome to the Family, 2:45 from Danger Line, and 4:50 especially form Nightmare. The second part of the album, such as So Far Away and Victim capture the bands grieving process superbly, which counters some of the guitar playing on the first half, which sometimes feels tonally inconsistent, as if Zacky Vengeance plays with Mike Portnoy, but wishes it was with the REV. Typically when I play this album, I almost always start with Fiction. All in all, I feel like this is an album that could have been great, but stumbled a little during the recording in the studio. All in all, A7X gets a B+ for Nightmare, but fans may feel like this is the last of A7X as they knew.


Stuff like this is why I listen to metal and can't listen to anything else. This album is an amazing one from sevenfold. Every song is amazing. I like nightmare, victim, save me, and lost it all in particular. Crap save me is amazing. It's about 11min and I enjoy every bit of it


Best album for avenged sevenfold


I'm a very traditional metalhead but for newer hot topic stuff this is actually really good


overall the album is just okay, now don't get me wrong there are some fantastic songs on here such as nightmare, welcome to the family, buried alive and natural born killer... but there are too many slow and sappy songs for the album to get a 5 star review, but it's still a pretty decent album.... foREVer


I always listen to this song shepherd of fire or welcome to the family all the time even right now 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Bob25 98

Great way to say goodbye to Jimmy " The Rev" Sullivan.

Judas Sevenfold



Entire album is a blast!❤️

Love Avenged

You simply CANNOT compare something so amazing to something so trashy. A7X is the best thing that I've ever listened to and you need to get over your obsessions of eminem. I've listened to the band since Waking the Fallen and it is amazing. I'm so very sorry for Jimmy. RIP. This album is the best that I've listened to, and it deserves 500000/5 stars. Fiction makes me cry every time I listen to it. All of the songs are amazing and I is by far the best album so far in their career. Keep writing boys!!


Avenged Sevenfold has never made a bad album and this one is exceptional. I love the mix between the slower songs and the fast paced songs. This album is done really well

Urmom :3

This is definitely one of the best metal albums to date. The riffs and solos and harmonies etc will blow your mind.


The Rev would be so proud. Favorite A7X album right here. (City of Evil and Hail to the King are amazing too :33) Nightmare is my favorite song from them in general, and Welcome To the Family is awesome, and Lost It All is perfection. The only song I'm not a huge fan of is God Hates Us, it's alright though and that's just me. The whole album is definitely worth the buy! Just buy it already, seriously!!! Long live the Rev!


Perfect just buy it


for all of u people who dont think the rev wrote this he did. they also released a demo version of him drumming it before he died. this is an awesome album


Another great album by a7x


I wasn’t sure how to rate this album, so I took a little while listening to it again, researching the story behind it, and finally coming to a conclusion that it deserved 5 stars. I’m not one to review many albums, but this one deserves it. This album was already written when The Reverend Tholomew Plague passed away tragically at such a young age, and that loss is definitely felt throughout the album. Having experienced a hard-hitting, heartbreaking loss myself recently, I cried listening to this album, and I completely understand the need to finish this album: therapy and closure. The Rev’s presence is felt on every song, and is culminated in the haunting Fiction, his vocals recorded three days before he passed away. This album bares raw emotions: sadness, despair, rage. I suggest listening to it with the backstory in your mind, as that completes the experience. I can’t bring myself to find one single complaint about this album, it’s just that good and well put together despite their loss. 10/10. Will listen again.


Buy the album and let the feels come in. I love how Avenged Sevenfold makes songs with a lot of emotion. I think Jimmy would be happy(:

Slytherin chick

Buried alive has to be the best song on this Ablum..it starts of slow and sad and goes to fast and harsh,just they way rock is suposed to be. It's as though avenged seven fold have turn there art into the music and have become the "Poes" of Rock and Role I hope to hear more about them in the future! Keep it up! :3

Ratchet life

Amazing album so sad the rev died


This album is great!! I have been a fan for quite a while, and this is my favorite album!! Avenged Sevenfold foREVer!!


Coming from a long time fan this is probably their best album yet. Keep it up A7X


Okay . Avenged Sevenfold is the best of all albums.. To me it's a suicidal savior. I love them so much. But at the beginning it seems they're creepy. But when you listen to there songs you understand there story.