Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

℗ 2010 Warner Records Inc.

Nightmare Tracklist:

brady r creasy

This whole album means so much to me and i own it personally and it means so much to me as I love a7x

Jayy vines

Dedicated To The Great Rev

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Avenged Sevenfold albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, great piano solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album.


best album ever made


A7X never disappoints!

A piTTbull

First song (Title song) and my favorite album from them


Honestly my favorite album out there.💯


The best thing about this album is how each song is completely different than any other on the album. I love a band that can write so many original songs that are simply amazing. The album truly starts for me at "Danger Line" and doesn't let up until the very end with the end with the epic, progressive "Save Me." The whole album takes musical themes from each prior album they have done and refines all the good about them, as well as adding new ideas. The two songs that stand out the most to me are "Fiction" which is as erie as it is catchy. The other is "God Hates Us" which is obviously a throwback to their earlier work, in particular the style of "Waking the Fallen." I will be listening to this one for a long time, and I CAN'T WAIT to hear whats next.


Its very rare that i love every song on an album, this the the second album where i love every song! Totally worth it, haven't been tired of any of it


Mike Elizondo gets a perfect 10 out of 10 for producing this album. Every song on this album is pure HEAVY METAL madness with a FANTASTIC ballad - Tonight The World Dies. I listen to this album religiously (no pun intended) and can’t wait for more!!! Time to go get another A7X tattoo!!!


This album it's so amazing! 😱😱


Got this album about 3 year ago, love every song on here,listened to all of them so many times,never gets old.


Nightmare is the best masterpiece I have on my iPod.


5-stars just because of buried alive


This album is tied with Self Titled for my favorite A7X album. Although I gave "God Hates Us" three stars (it's just not that good), songs like Buried Alive, So Far Away, and Tonight The World Dies make up for it. Buy the album, not just a few songs. I wish ITUNES would LOWER the PRICE.

Do Do dogs

I had an enjoyable time listening to welcome to the family and nightmare because i thought that they spent a lot if time trying to figure out what and when thy were going to do what in their performances and i really love this band .My friend Christian told me about Avenged Sevenfold and how they had great inspiring songs on a lot of things in life for everyone to hear in 2010. 3years later people are still listening to these songs. For anyone out there who wants great rock music for adult/teenager material i would suggest these songs for the multiple reasons i have said berfore

Bewildered Toad

To be honest, I was afraid of what would happen to A7x after The Rev died. Well, they are still amazing. Yes, you can tell it's not Rev anymore, but I don't think they could have chosen a better replacement. Buy it, you won't be disapointed.

Swimmer Freak

I may be late to the Avenged Sevenfold scene, but man, this is just some increbile music. I can not wait for Hail to the King!


Love this album. It has wonderful guitars in the album and a great tribute to the rev <3


All the songs are great, except fiction which is just good


this album is amazing! totally worth the money! R.I.P James "The Reverend" Sullivan!


This album is a true work of art. I did not know the Rev personally, but after hearing this album, an watching the making of it, and his memorial video, it makes me feel like I know him. We love and miss you jimmy. If you want to hear jimmy and Synyster gates old band, Fo look up Pinkly Smooth. Rock on \m/


This is an amazing album. Nightmare 10/10 Welcome to the family 8/10 Danger line 8/19 Burried alive 10/10 So far away 10/10 God hates us 9/10 Tonight the world dies 8/10 Fiction 7/10 Natural born killer 9/10 Save me 10/10 Victim 9/10 Sorry if they r out of order

Big fat sunset

Nightmare has come upon avenged sevenfold. I won't forget that bass on waking the fallen and sounding of the seventh trumpet

Zach Farrell

This album is solid, even in the wake of Jimmy's death. (God bless him) Some of this album just has sadness written all over it. They lost a brother. I really like So Far Away and Nightmare. It is just one of those dark albums that stick with you. Thanks Mike for recording drums! Love you! :)

seargent D



We love ya Jimmy rest easy bro.


I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this entire album all the way through-bought it when I was going through a divorce and had a kid in Iraq. I used to kayak Lake Tahoe, plug my iPod into my head and just paddle and listen to Nightmare. It's filled with love and loss and somehow it helped me. I still love it and listen to it from beginning to end.

Shy Guy 1

I've always been an Avenged Sevnfold diehard fan before the music they have produced even became popular. The music alone IS AND ALWAYS ALWAYS WILL BE killer to listen to. I truly believe this album is the best yet. As for the Rev, his drumming skills will live on and continue to make me speechless as I listen to A7X' s albums of earlier years. R.I.P. You will be missed.


Now A7x is going 2 be in the rock n roll hall of fame in the future. Now I like cover songs some R good & others R awesome but there R some that is crap & they did a good job. Now if I like see any other songs being cover by A7x I like 2 see back in black or enter sandman or any of Ozzy's songs.


This will be the best and will be the most hardcore album by A7x!! And the way each album by them has at least 1 or 2 songs that are sad!!! Like "Fiction" or "Buried Alive" and "So Far Away"!!! 1. Nightmare 5/5 2. Welcome to the Family 4.9/5 3. Danger Line 5/5 4. Buried Alive 5/5 5. Natural Born Killer 5/5 6. So Far Away 5/5 I'm sorry REV 7. God Hates Us 4.9/5 8. Victim 5/5 9. Tonight the World Dies 5/5 10. Fiction 5/5 Jimmy Sullivan foREVer 11. Save Me 5/5 Even though I never really listened to A7X I learned that REV was a HUGE problem for every1.... So i want to say is that im sorry for REV and he will be with a great man foREVer or i am a REVlover (Revolver Backwards)


To the people who say it's not Avenged Sevenfold, this album was about The Rev (R.I.P you'll always be missed) nightmare, they're nightmare of him dying coming to life, welcome to the family. Almost every song. It's my favorite album by them

hello am angle

I also give two thumbs up (👍👍) to Mike Portnoy for helping them out!


This album is beautiful, it shows a more human side of A7X, does not dissipoint. R.I.P The Rev

dj advisory

I love listening to this album. amazing!!!


in the description it says "sullivan was greatly inspired by sullivan"


I love this album! I bought it last year and have been listening to it since! Avenged Sevenfold cannot possibly make 1 bad album! Keep on rocking A7X! R.I.P. James "The Rev" Sullivan. Gods learning drums from the best!


I was never into this kind of music but then I heard "So Far Away". From then on I heard the whole album and holy crap it is good!!Natural Born Killer, Victim, Tonight the world dies, Nightmare,Welcome to the Family, Save Me, Fiction, Danger Line and Buried Alive are just amazing!! I don't really care to much for God Hates Us. This is an amazing band and this album is great. A7X foREVer!!


This album is amazing,and so is this band.I originally tried out a few songs from this album,but then I decided to buy the entire album off iTunes so I can fill up my iPhone with music.It was well worth it.Obviously the sound quality on iTunes is superb.This album is what got me into Avenged Sevenfold.My favorite songs from this Album are Nightmare,Welcome to the Family,Buried Alive,Natural Born Killer,God Hates us,Victim,and Fiction.That's a lot of good songs on just one album.As a side note,Danger Line was very creative,so I liked it.Welcome to the Family,THAT IS MY SONG!! It got me started with Avenged Sevenfold,and I originally had it on a cheapy cheap MP3 player that ran on one AAA battery LOL.Victim is just beautiful.I absolutely love the way it sounds,and I understand now why the song is so popular.Nightmare:we all know it,and we all love it.That's only half of what makes Avenged Sevenfold an amazing band.They have so much variety in every album.They're hardcore.They sound great.Not to mention the harmonies along with the solos are very well done.I can't help but sing along,especially during the solos,with my favorite being in Welcome to the Family,as that one is in my vocal range.I've even used their songs in some of my games,mostly more action packed games.If you can't tell I love this album and I love Avenged Sevenfold as a whole.I absolutely recommend this album.PEACE


Where they explain Sullivan's influenced by his talented self. Should say Portnoy... How come no one else saw that? course i didn't read past page 2 of how great the album is..


This is awesome they did it i'm blown away all there songs are freaking awesome they are my favorite band they're like family to me it was hard for them to get over the passing of the "REV" but they were good in so far away and victim you can hear the emotion: foREVer if u dont like them go listen to your stupid bands


This album...is just...I can't even begin to describe the beauty, grace, and talent of Avenged Sevenfold, especially their latest album, Nightmare. Personally I just bought a $30 iTunes card and used it to buy Master of puppets and Nightmare, and after listening to both, even the legendary Metallica could not even begin to compare. May the Rev rest in peace.


I'm not too familiar with Avenged Sevenfold, but they're (so far) awesome. This album is awesome. "Nightmare", "Buried Alive", and "So Far Away" are the best. I like how they tried to go to the original metal sound, like "Nightmare".


Nearly every song is a masterpiece. Only thing that disappointed me was that to get "Save Me", you have to buy the whole album.

Real DrJ

Awesome album, standout track to me is Fiction, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the piano in it, heavy, melodic and sheer beauty

J David Kramden

this is a great album by A7X and I hope to go on to make more awesome albums even though the rev is dead. R.I.P. Rev

Nick Koto

i know all songs and words to this album..mostley...a7x has never dissipointed...i want to know if and when a new album will come out


I just don't see why this band is getting so much attention. Honestly, I think Matt has one of the most annoying voices ever, and I absolutely hate the song Nightmare.


Give me a break. This crap is diet metal. If you want watered down, half -hearted radio metal junk this band is for you. I'd rather listen to Vulgar Display Of Power for the 8 billionth time before spinning this in my cd player again. Weak.


This album may be the best ever! I love A7X and they are my favorite group ever! Anyone who says they don't like them obviously have never heard them