Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

â„— 2010 Warner Records Inc.

Nightmare Tracklist:


I HATE IT SOOOOO MUCH (thanks to the person who did)


A7X never disappoints!

Paranormal Pammie

This song- This Band- Epic Legendary. Awesome, A7X Rocks...

Dragon Born fist of death

This is some of the best rock music ever produced. Don't even try to disagree, should you do so then God will strike you with lightning and for the crime of blasphemy

One Word. EPIC.

best band evar!!

Zoola :P

No more needs to be said.


I am very in happy with this album because I bought paid and downloaded the song nightmare and it said it had finished down loading and did not show up in my library so right now I'm not happy and give it 1 starz if u can fix this problem I would rate it 10 starz if I could so please fix this


Avenged Sevenfold is one of my favorite bands if not favorite, and I can legitimately say that I personally think this is by far their best album so far because I've listened to all of their five released studio albums from beginning to end. And I still prefer this!! I keep liking every album better than the prior, so I can't wait for the new one coming out!! All of the songs on this album ranges from me loving it to slight obsession and nothing less!!! Save Me is by far my favorite Avenged Sevenfold song and an AMAZING work of art!!!! You can only get it with the album. That is enough reason to get it!! All I need to do is get Lost It All from the Deluxe Edition, and I'm set! But seriously, if you are a new fan, you can't go wrong with Nightmare!!! :)


If you are looking at this, you obviously like avenged sevenfold or are new, either way you need to buy this


God hates us is a good song but its way better with causing 😈


I thought Nightmare is a great album. The best song in my opinion to buy is So Far Away.


Nightmare,Welcome to the Family,Danger Line,Buried Alive,Natural Born Killer,So Far Away and Victim are the best on here. Bought the CD today and I love it!


It won't let me download nightmare on to my iPod

Me Luis

The REV is a god drummer and no one can beat the god drummer R.I.P the REV


I like to watch Synyster Gates fingers in the video Nightmare where he does that epic guitar solo. :) R.I.P Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan.


I heard of this band from a ringtone and looked up the full music and it was awesome and then heard another one from kick off weekend and it got me I to wanting the album

another ananymous person

As the title suggests, I have always been a fan of A7X since I heard one of their songs for the first time, which coincidentally was the title track, "Nightmare". I do agree with most of the A7X fans that are out there though, I definitely liked their older stuff more than the new stuff (even though I heard their new stuff before their older stuff). By the way, I just wanted to say that "Buried Alive",while I don't really care that much for the first four minutes, has pretty much one of the MOST EPIC SOLOS I'VE EVER HEARD!!!!!!! REALLY, IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! R.I.P. The Rev


best metal band ever!!!!


when I first heard the songs from this album the first word that came to my mind was EPIC. I owe my friend a big thanks for introducing me to this band.


You guys keep rocking and to Spartan dude the f bomb is censored just not very well but whatever they are still a beast band!!!!!!


on the song 'nightmare' the f-word isnt uncensored, it's just lowered volume...problem...


they had better release fiction as a single. just sayin'.


U guy that are saying this album isn't the best ur right but keep in mind their song writer died, RIP Rev u were awsome, so that's y it's different over all it's really good not the best but still the best band ever! :D

Franky Panic

If you ever remotely liked their first two albums, don't listen to anything past the first two god damn albums. well city of evil was a stretch but it's definitely appreciable. this band is extremely talented they just make such crap music, whether you're a jaded STST throwback or a new listener. the only reason they get two stars is because even through the rehashed, generic, flaccid, religiously undertoned garbage, the talent of this band is undeniable. MAYK MOAR BETTAR MUZIK PLZ KTHNXBAI

A7X for president

This album is simply ridiculous. Every song could easily stand on its own and be a successful single, but when you sit downand listen to the whole thing beginning to end, the effect is awesome. And imo Nightmare is the best song of the last ten years. Amazing


Avenged Sevenfold is probably one of the only good new bands since 2000 (along with Disturbed, My Darkest Days, Linkin Park and Nickelback). Me, being more of an 80s glam metal fan (such as Guns N' Roses and Motley Crue), fell in love with Avenged Sevenfold's 2007 self-titled album. This new album "Nightmare" is pretty good, but it's not the best. The beginning tracks such as "Nightmare" "Weclome to the Family" and "Buried Alive" would be great songs for Metallica fans, and they're not bad. As a matter of fact, the first half of the album is pretty much all heavy metal songs, and the other half is all their ballad songs, like "Victim" "Fiction" and "So Far Away." Songs like "Vicim" and "Tonight the World Dies" are comparable to Guns N' Roses "November Rain" and "Estranged" so this album I would have to say is great for any metal fan. Whether you like Guns N' Roses or Metallica, you would like it. The only problem I had with this was track #7 "God Hates Us" which is a screamo song and I completely hate screamo so I deleted that song as soon as I heard it. Overall, "Nightmare" is a pretty good album, but if you want a true Avenged Sevenfold masterpiece, get their previous self titled album or "City of Evil."


I always loved avenged sevenfold ablum this is one of the best RIP the rev sad that u passed


I love Avenged Sevenfold's older stuff, pretty much every album up to this one has been pretty sweet. But this album just let me down, utter crap. Save yourself 7 bucks and just get 'Nightmare' and 'All in the Family' as they are the only songs worth listening too on the album.


R.I.P. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan You will be missed! Fiction is the greatest song ever!


obviously if you are reading this you havn't bought the album yet. Shame on you! You should have bought this when it first came out because you have been missing out the last 2 months.


This album is unlike any other I own. Every song is so unique, and almost sounds like two different songs in one. You can definitely tell this whole album is focused on the memory of the Rev, and the sound is a little different than past A7X albums, but I think they outdid themselves. My favorites are Nightmare and Save Me, but all the songs are incredible and every time you listen to them you hear something different. I love the musical and lyrical complexity, and the nightmare theme that is heard throughout the whole album. The only thing I could possibly complain about is the editing in Nightmare, but other than that, it's perfect and definitely worth your money.


Another AMAZING album by A7X, great work guys!! R.I.P the rev



Big Ben Busy

Avenged sevenfolds reputation for incredible music lives on. Some of their best work yet. The lyrics are very deep and meaningful. The music is jaw dropping to say this least. Definitely worth the price.

Incorrect Location

The editing on the title track is horrible. I was really excited that I could get a clean version of "Nightmare" because it sounds like a great song. When I found out that the "clean" label means absolutely nothing because barely any of the word is faded out from the song, I have to say I was disappointed. Horrible job.


Too many words to describe how amazing this album is. Great tribute to the Rev, great music, and totally A7X. I bought this album Pre-Order and its awesome. If you love A7X, you will fall in love with this album. RIP the Rev :)


This is the best album ever.. R.I.P the rev.:[. iilovee nightmare. &++ god hates us


First off, Nightmare has terrible editing. Let's take off half the u in the f-word, and slap on a clean label! Nightmare sounds like a good song, it's clean version is terrible. Also, God Doesn't Hate Us. What is that about? One album M. Shadows sings a song asking God to look after his wife, and the next he's saying random lies about God? That's sad man. R.I.P. Rev. We miss ya. May your soul foREVer rest in heaven with God. Synester Gates (did I spell that right?), Johnny Christ, Zacky Vengence, and M. Shadows keep rocking.


this album is simply amazing. best tracks are natural born killer and god hates us


I love A7x but this album....not so much. Everything is just too soft and quiet. Their older stuff was way better. RIP The Rev


Worst band and album in history. Yup its a fact


The only reason I even looked at the album was Portnoy. Portnoy is awesome, but this album is crap.


Up tempo, good lyrics, and awsome drumming is wat we hav come to expect wit these guys and they deliver here!!! Some of the lyrics are a litte creepy but it gives the album emotion. Welcome to the family (a REV original) is the best song!!! Rip REV!! Buy and he will smile


There hasnt been an album this inspiring filled with real true emotion, and musically solid of an album in quite a long time. This album will be the album that finally shows the world their true potential. Its just too bad the Rev couldnt be here in life to witness it. Avenged Sevenfold have come out with and album where every song is above average to simply amazing in its own way. Nightmare forces deja vu of the classics of And Justice For All... era Metallica (Buried Alive "the best song Metallica never wrote"), Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" (Victim, Tonight the World Dies), Iron Maiden (Natural Born Killer), Pantera (throughout the entire first half especially in the Rhythm guitar riffs(God Hates Us, Nightmare, Buried Alive, Welcome to the Family)) and early Guns N' Roses (Danger Line), as well as a heavily prog influenced closing to the album (Save Me) my favorite song. Nightmare is more then enough than to put Avenged Sevenfold to the forefront of the Modern Metal/Hard Rock genre. The boys more then deserve it with all theyve been through over the past 7 or so months, and with the death of their brother came their best album to date with beautiful and meaningful lyrics like theyve never written before that could bring a single tear to even the bands biggest skeptics. The lyrics are the MOST important part of this album as they tap into the listener and force them to feel uncomfortable listening to the band pour out their souls for their fallen brother......and then FICTION comes and that song will speak for itself. The musicianship in this album is undeniable, from Jimmy Sullivans soul transcending through Mike Portnoy covering the tracks that he wrote to the best riffs Zacky Vengaence ever laid on a track (Natural Born Killer), along with Synysters most emotional lead guitar solos (Danger Line, So Far Away) to some shredding that trumps "Beast And The Harlot" and "Afterlife" (Buried Alive, ESPECIALLY GOD HATES US, and Welcome to the Family). .......aaaaahhhh and the melodic lead harmonies we all know and love continue. SIMPLY PUT: Buy this. You wont regret it. Youll be listening to this for a long time and so will your children. "Gave you all I had to give Found a place for me to rest my head While I may be hard to find Heard there's peace just on the other side" - Fiction Jimmys Masterpiece RIP JIMMY "THE REV" SULLIVAN foREVer this was the perfect way to immortalize yourself in the history of music "We're all just Victims of a crime" Review By Pete Russo


Alright I kinda of like avenged sevenfold but this album doesnt help me like them any more, ALL OF THEIR SONGS SOUND THE SAME!!!!!!!!! and their songs are sooo long!!! so if you like hearing the same thing over and over again then i guess you will like it.


I hate Avenged sevenfold. it seems like they're only for kids in junior high. but damn, with portnoy on drums it's really good. heavy to say the least.


Seriously. This is a total must-buy. BUT!! Get the unedited version. It is so much better to be able to hear M Shadows swear when he's trying to get a serious depressing point across... I prefer unedited because it is streaight from the band, and doesn't go through censors... Thats one reason some bands have sold out... I beg you, get this album, but get the Explicit version... and while you're at it, get the Deluxe version. It's a steal.


Love it!!! FoREVer!!

MonToyA []-[]

it's not excactly waking the fallen but it's the closest since Sounding The 7th Trumpet with the screaming from shadows and syn and z.vengence haven't been bettr and mike p. is doing great covering 4 THE'REV' thier mor slow songs(#6,8,9,10,11) like on their last album but they make up 4 it with some faster songs(1,2,3,5,7) and buried alive speeds up about halfway through,anyway great album here's my track by track review #1 nightmare-good really wish it was edited bettr 4.9/5 #2 welcome to the family great im listening 2 it right now 5/5 #3 danger line anothr really good fast song 5/5 #4 a little slow in the beginning but speeds up nicely 4/5 #5 natural born killer good not anything special probaly worth getting 4/5 #6 slow but 4 THE'REV' 4/5 #7 really y would u name a song like that worst song on the album 0/5 #8 victim anthr slow song pretty boring 4/5 #9 T.T.W.D probably slowest song on the album 3.5/5 #10 fiction slow song #4 now not bad but not 2 good eithr #11 save me this song sums up the entire album a deticatoin to Jimmy'THE REV' Sullivan ,and the bonus track on the explict album # 12 lost it all this is 1 of the best songs on the album 5/5 OVERAL 6/5 Definatly worth getting 5 or 6 bucks to get a few songs. R.I.P 'THE REV ......click yes if u agree with anything i said

Rs rainwater

Avenged sevenfold makes another great album. It's awesome