Nickelback - All the Right Reasons

℗ 2005 The All Blacks B.V.

All the Right Reasons Tracklist:




It’s the best song I’ve had the honor listen to .. it truly came about when I needed it & still do need it most..ty the band 💔🤟🏻🙌🏻✌🏻


Instrumentals and lyrics are forgettable, Chad’s voice sounds like a constipated lawnmower, and people only liked this album during the short while when it was released. Most of those people realized how bad and annoying they sounded, grew up and moved on. Some did not...

cringy seal

It’s just a weird album not their best


A truly great song indeed it’s got that tone and can occasionally get stuck inside your head making it a unforgettable song in my opinion.


This album had a big part in my heart during my childhood, there was so many memories with many of these songs on this amazing album.


I already have this song downloaded on my phone but it won’t let me set it as a ringtone. I can’t seem to figure it out.


This is great, I wish they still made music like this. The swag is boss like pretty ricky ross.


Very talented


Nickelback is such an awesome band and I don’t understand why do people hate them??

Squak Squak

Kill yourself

Destroyer 21👾

Favorite cd to run over with my car


its great!!


Being the typical American man, I dig rock music(aside from Marilyn Manson) and nickelback is a good band. Not sure why people on YouTube hate em so much. I like their music, so....

Listen here fans


Awesomeness TV rocks

But none of your friends do so you gotta listen to it in secret 👌🏻


I can’t believe I bought a nickelback album


Solid album.


I first heard it in 2010. The songs have aged well, even after 12 years. I just bought 'if today was your last day' But I love the entire Album.Will be listening to the rest on Spotify.


Always will be a diehard Nickelback fan. First concert of my life.. Nickelback, Chevelle & Trapt. Amazing song writers, amazing vocalists.. Amazing Band Forever & Always. ❤️❤️


A perfect example of no creativity and even less talent. It might as well be 1 song played 15 times with little to no variation

Kc brooks

Love these songs


I know I'm not getting the answer because of how many reviews this album got but how do ALL Nickelback songs sound the same? (Not to be against the haters)


Im a country music guy but i love this band.


This is where Nickelback began to falter. The flaws are obvious, but at least the songs are kinda listenable. Not as much as their earlier works, but it won’t kill you if you listen to them. Many have grown up with this album back in the day (so it has a nostalgic feel to it (even if it isn’t pleasant), and if you want to buy it, stick with some of the more known tracks, because at least then you’d know what you’d be getting into.


Every musician hates you

Luio big

This the best album ever created


I'm not a big fan of Nickelback's music but this album is great, it's by far my favorite if theirs.


This was like Pre-Hater era, Dark Horse and Here and Now brought most of the haters. There were a lot of memorable songs and this you probably heard on the radio, meaningfully written though? Nah not really, meant for the mainstream.

Wang ch

This album is very good

Bub row

Love every song on this album seems like every single one is/was a hit at one point in time. Very nice album.


This couldn't be any better 1000/1000


awsome song


this is so good I can't recommend it. Especially that song photograph it's about a photograph amazing 1/10


I love this song i listen to it every time when I need someone to cheer me up


This cd is bye far the best rock album until avenged sevenfold's nightmare


Nickelback is a group that just won't die.Songs on All The Rigth Reasons is big Proof of that.Rock Star,Next Contestant,Fight for all the Wrong Reasons,Far Away,Side of a bullet,Were Rock Solid Songs from a rock solid group.Although VH1 Dose kind of Run that Gruop into the Ground,but they're still great.


My fav nickeblack cd !


This is why we can't have nice things


you sound like you're getting butt raped while singing. 1/10


I love how most of the people from 2007, say that they will be irrelevant in the next five years. You sound really stupid. They still make music today, and although it isn't like how it was it is still pretty good. For the fans, this was a great album. My favorite being Follow You Home. If you like it but it.

DL 12

They had such good songs back then but now the newer stuff isn't that good.


cool I guess


I felt like crying...not cuz it's good...but cuz it's Nickelback...


I love all these songs so much.

M5 Multitronic Unit

Truly a band of homosexuals.

Fleet North

In a world where Danko Jones, Monster Truck, and AC/DC exist, there’s just no excuse for this luke-warm rockabilly nonsense. Oooh, you like drinking and skanky women, how edgy… stop it. You’re embarrassing yourself. And the vocals, they’re like… it’s like he’s not really singing, so much as imitating someone else in a parody…