Journey - Next

℗ 1977 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

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At the risk of sounding un-cool, I have to say that I think Journey were better when Steve Perry joined. Next is my favorite of the three pre-Steve Perry albums. I think it has a number of good songs, three of which come on the first side...Spaceman, People and I Would Find You. I particularly like the synthesizer intro to I Would Find You. I don’t like the second half as much, though it has the coolest instrumental in Nickel and Dime. A good album.


This is a fantastic album! Be thankful we will have this music forever. It’s too bad people have to trash SP. Unfortunately the 80’s brought different sounds and arena and stadium bands ruled. I loved SP as frontman too. Why can’t we just love Journey! Neil Schon is an incredibly talented guitarist. He has his own sound, a legend!


......Steve who?


I mean, it's good, but Steve, you just can't beat him.


Hey Neil I'm glad you finally talk to Carlos into reuniting the old Santana Band. So on the tour coming up this year. Carlos will be playing hits from his first three albums. So will Journey play songs from their first three albums also?

Closer to the Heart....

This is one of the best albums of the 70's. Neal Schon shows off his exceptional talent, playing everything from hard rock riffs to jazz licks... Whatever you want to label it, he shows those years w/ Carlos Santana were well spent. He learned from one of the best, the early Santana, before the commercial successes of the mid to late 70's, & 2000's. Greg Rollie shows off his beautiful, double tracked, reverb / delayed, vocals. Ross Valery w/ his technical, jazzy bass lines. And of course the brilliant drumming of Ansley Dunbar. This band was superb in every way. What happened ??? There has to be only one source that would destroy this band & replace it w/ the drivel, that happened when Steve Perry joined this band... The friggin' record company !!! Oh sure, w/ the"Infinity" album they became a world wide commercial success, but isn't there something more important than money ? How about Àrt !!! The idea of playing from the soul & not caring what critics, radio, & record execs say !!! Selling yourself to the Devil, is not my idea of success. I witnessed the destruction of this band when the "Infinity" tour, headlined the Day on the Green in Oakland, CA. I was there to see Black Sabbath's first album / tour w/ the great Ronnie James Dio. The album is Heaven & Hell, check it out ! You will not be disappointed. But back to Journey, I had hoped Perry would walk off stage & let the real talent play something off of those first 3 albums. Of course it never happened, Perry could not give up the spotlight, & I walked away knowing one of my favorite bands was gone, & the masses screamed in excitement for the commercial drivel. Maybe one day we can hope the 4 originals will realize what truly artistic brilliance they had created. And will grant us a wish for one single tour... We can only hope...


A good album, a GREAT band, until the following album which launched them into pop fame but musical meaninglessness. Steve Perry fronted “a perfectly good band, shot to h*ll”. True shame, but thanks guys for the first three terrific albums.


These pre-Perry albums are amazing Musicians' albums, but any serious musician will also confess that writing timeless commercially successful material like the legendary hits with Perry are not any easier nor do they involve any less musicianship. Enjoy it all!


.....Of Real Rock N Roll.. Journey Was so good in the early days, Rolie sounds a little Harrison on the NEXT album, but the musicianship of Dunbar and Schon, Truly amazing. All of us who grew up with 70's rock n roll were truly blessed.....feel so sorry for kids born in the 80's!!! .......oh well


Not sure how idiots can relate this band to Rush. The beginning of Journey had it hard core listeners and were dazzled by this band, the electryfying guitar riffs and speed of Neil made your jaw drop if you were luck y to see them live. I saw them by chance under Robin Trower. Didn't know who they were or had ever heard of them. At Winterland or any other place they held the crowd spellbound. No weaknesses in this band and Bill Graham loved them, promoted them and then told them how to make money. Radio Stations KSJO, KOME played them constantly. Eventually Perry joined as this band continued to explore new horizions. Beavis and Butthead saw the later version and made a rude comment on Perry. I just laughed because if they ever knew, listened or heard Journey in the beginning, they would have been wearing AC/DC and Journey shirts. This is a great album worth having. From a muscians standpoint you will also be amazed.

Centurion of Evil

Sandwiched between experimental first albums and the Perry-era, its no wonder it took me so long to take a listen to this. I'm so glad I did. This is currently my favorite Journey album. It makes you wonder how heavy they would have got if they continued on this path. I'm thankful they got Perry b/c of all the masterpieces that incarnation created, but It would be cool to take a peak at the alternate reality w/out him.


All the old Journey snobs - Journey began their trek to popdom before Perry got to the band, yet you demonize Perry. Hmmm. Seems they were going that direction already and wanted a frontman like Perry to push them further in that direction. Wise move. But I don't think Journey's thought was to "sell out." How did they know their music was going to be such a big hit? They just wanted to change their style up a little and it worked to make them commercially successful. And if, as artists, they were happy with what they were producing, they got the best of both worlds. How can you blame them for that?


They DID release a best of B4 Perry, it's a double album set. I bought it in 1980. 4 sides, out of 6 released. It's titled " In the Beginning". Aptly named. Been lobbying to the powers that be at iTunes, to no avail, but who cares... Buy the 3 first releases, and be complete.


This is hands down my favorite Journey cd.It really showcases how accomplished this band was. The comparisons to Rush are unfounded, I believe. Journey had a lot more soul. Also,to say they fell apart with the addition of Steve Perry is also,I think, off the mark. Early Journey was a progressive rock band and notably one of the best. But times changed and that genre of music fell by the wayside, for better or worse. Were they continue making records like these, (no matter how great) they wouldve faded into obscurity. The Steve Perry incarnation kept the music intact but made it palatable to a new generation of fans. Great Pop/Rock music that included some of the greatest guitar solos in rock history, which were thankfully usually under 20 seconds. That was the genius of Neil Schon. The music still stands up today. Which is better, old or new Journey? It's irrelevant. They're both great!


I saw this version of Journey open up for ELO in Pittsburgh. Half way thru ELO's opening number the crowd was still chanting Journey, Journey, Journey...Jeff Lynne showed true class by saying "the boys were amazing weren't they!" he won the crowd over but not before we were BLOWN AWAY by Journey. My only regret was that the next time I saw them Steve Perry was the front man and the transformation from jazz/rock fusion to pop/rock was complete. Can't blame the guys tho' for wanting to eat...


Man This is good album, it has now become one of my favorites. I am not going to say anything about steve perry he is great but after listening to this I am starting to like the old Journey a little bit more than the newer one. Man I wish they would release a greatest hits album with all this stuff before perry.


I can't believe you guys have the ordassity to say Journey copied any other band. I still have the original vinyl album, (remember those?) I purchased back in the mid 70's. I can't hear anything the same between Xanadu by Rush or nickle and dime on next. I also have listened to rush from day one. Why compare any band to any other band. Start doing that and you screw up each band's individuallity. Enjoy the music from each band it comes from. and stop trying to be judgemental about any music at all. it is a gift from God Dude!


This is by far the best of the pre-Perry Journey. Neil Schon & company are at their rockin' best on Next and Nickel & Dime.


After this one, enter Steve Perry. Seeing the hundreds of reviews posted here, I can tell how popular this Cd really is! It's always amazing to me how many people didnt know that Journey existed before Steve Perry! They started life as a post Santana combo of rock & fusion(ee) jazz. Great stuff but commercially not fullfilling apparently. Spaceman, I Would Find You, good quality songs. Did they copy Rush?...well, they've been accused of playing live to a tape recently at a festival in England so one never knows does one.....


Listen to the song Nickel & Dime, do you hear the same music in Xanadu? This is amazing that it was copied into a Rush song!