Katy Perry - Never Worn White

℗ 2020 Capitol Records, LLC

Never Worn White - Single Tracklist:


This blissful ballad is the awakening to a whole, new life, and a mini (but also huge) gift in the very near future. 😃Well done, queen. After a hurricane, comes a rainbow.🌈


this song is sad and it makes me cry every time but I love it so much :(

sharren G.



all y’all giving this masterpiece one star because it’s not a dance type song and ‘not like her older music’ obviously don’t know that this song means a lot to her and is about her finally being happy and engaged to her soulmate. it’s a beautifully written, produced, and overall executed song. stan ms. katy perry. period.

Picky Guy🤷🏾‍♂️

I’m so happy for Katy, she’s come a VERY long way. And she definitely showed us she’s still the queen with this beautiful,heartfelt, vocal filled ballad of excellence. Thank you Katy Perry, and we're here waiting for your next record/lead. ❤️❤️❤️

Boy Reloy

One of her best songs EVER. Amazing.

Sierra Dos Santos

I’m very happy for Katy! This is a really beautiful song and her vocals in this songs gave me goosebumps. I love it

B Jennings

Wow Katy you really are going down hill QUICKLY. This song is HORRENDOUS and totally should’ve been a B side song at best

jake is quaking

Such a beautiful song


U r history! Showing your stupid pregnant belly for this ballad! Raising your stupid voice for it! U need to get married and get out of the music business! All your old stuff never sounded like this! I still like ‘Roar’ ‘Rise’ and ‘Hot n Cold’ my best of u, but hearing this makes me vomit 🤢 God speed u this rest of the way! Congratulations on your baby coming in the summer like u said! 🍼 👶


Katy I miss your big upbeat pop anthems. I know people slept on your Witness album which to me was one of your best, but please don't go down the ballad route. We love you and I'm looking forward to your new album.


How could anyone like her old music more then this? She at a new stage in her life and is 35. This song is amazingly gorgeous. Just love it. Everyone should be happy she is finally happy. Not into the fact she is having a baby before marriage. God wants us to be married first. As long as she is happy and has a strong faith then I am so happy for her. The ten year old boy I baby sit for really likes this song too. This is her best song ever. Just gorgeous. She has nailed it. The way she told the world she is pregnant in her video for this song at the end is beautiful.


Ahhh😍 can’t express my love for this song in words.


She is a icon!


Say what you will - This woman has TALENT and it cannot be denied. Absolutely beautiful song. I started out as a Katy skeptic but she’s proven herself over and then over again.

[email protected]

Hey out of the box 123 you better watch your mouth because Katy Perry is going to be a great mother so back off


Katy’s beautiful voice strikes again, this ballad reminds me so much of the PRISM era, I’m looking forward to KP5 this summer, love this.❤️🌷


Well if you want to make a buck, make a song that would stir those “feelings” when wedding season approaches . What a bunch of crap.


Katy’s getting boring and redundant hope she returns to her roots


She is over


I really like this ballad. It’s a very mature song for Katy and try concept is so cute.


She lost her voice a long time ago.


This is the most boring song ive found in Katys discography, ive loved all her stuff before this other than Rise. This one is kinda boring and not feeling it personally. Still looking forward to her next album though!

Bongbong 1234512345

sorry gurl but i don’t feel this song. Thinking of u is better!


I miss her original work, and her old writing style. Stop trying to focus on making sounds that already exist all over pop music now, and focus more on lyricism and making something new and original


Wow what a beautiful song to announce her pregnancy. So so so well done


Not only can you sing Katy P but you’re beautiful as well, inside and out!




So good go katy


Looks Gaga Hello Kitty homage. Katy needs to work on her vibrato..

Kasen Sanders

it brought me to tears and she is just amazing. so inspiring. i love her

Anna Gambrell

This is probably the most personal Katy Perry has ever been through a song. The lyrics are so heartfelt and the way she exudes emotions are honestly the testament to her amazing vocals’ versatility. Her belts in this are crystal clear and powerful, and her tonal quality is arguably the best in pop music. Never Worn White is REAL. It talks about her being scared of taking the leap but finally being able to surrender forever. This is highly optimistic, classic Katy Perry but mature. You just can’t help but be happy for her after listening to this.

Josh Ibañez

This song is so personal to Katy and i love how she announced her pregnancy with such a beautiful song

Selfiekingjames💖 on Instagram

One of her best songs in her discography. Katy Perry never fails to serve us. I’m so happy for her expecting a child with Orlando Bloom and this beautiful song will be timeless for generations and generations!


Really romantic heart felt feelings, I love it 🥰


It’s so emotional and deep


This so is so beautiful congratulations on the baby as well! I'm so happy for Orlando and Katy she will make an amazing mom


Love her creativity and art!


she got a baby to be popped


Katy has grow over the years and healed my soul.🌸🌹🌷💐🌺

C Frey

Worst artist I ever heard.


My ears are bleeding!


Small Talk was the only good song you released recently :/


Omg I’ve never related to a song as much as this , I absolutely love it


At being THE WORST. Ugh more boring overproduced meaningless garbage. You should be listening to literally anything else. I don’t think Katy perry has ever written a single good song in her LIFE.


But ima be honest too and say that it’s not good 😭😰


Wishing the best for her and her family ❤️


It’s so beautiful to see Katy maturing into a thoughtful relationship-minded person ready for commitment. She’s helping Orlando in his efforts to feed hungry impoverished children and their families. Let’s hope the next step will bring her closer to respecting the preborn.


So happy for you❤️ I felt the real Katy in this one✨✨



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