Ashley McBryde - Never Will

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Never Will Tracklist:


Saw Ashley on CMA’s, hadn’t heard her before, love her voice and this album is great


She topped her previous album with 'Never Will.' The songs feel like your favorite worn-out pair of jeans. Blown away at my first listen. Definitely worth your time and dollars!


Ashley McBryde is amazing! She makes music that touches you in ways that make it feel so real. She’s a great song writer.


Great song I keep on repeat


ear bleeding music


Had heard Ashley’s songs on XM the Highway, but did not truly listen to her until this Album came out. Her voice is the best in country music right now and this album is great start to finish. So glad I found Ashley and her amazing album!


Best. Album. Ever.


Never will go wrong with this beautiful and talented songstress. She takes me back to the 80’s and 90’s with her storytelling style. She reminds me of the late great Patsy Cline and the sassy and iconic redheaded darlin of the one and only Reba!


I have these songs stuck in my head all week. Each one has a unique feel and like someone else said- I laugh and cry all in the same album. Picking favorite songs is hard but as a consultant who travels for a living, Sparrow has resonated with me. But then Shut Up Sheila is amazing and then of course Styrofoam has to be on the list. Ugh- It’s too hard. I’m looking forward to concerts again and hearing these songs live.


She has a really good voice! Even though this is much better than the "pop" and "hick-hop" crap that's on radio today, this still isn't true country music.

The CountryJew

This girl has real talent. Great choice of songs. This is real Country music unlike the crap they are putting out today. Download this album immediately.


Thumbing through Apple Music, weeding through all the crap that is considered music, trying to find something new to listen to that I could stomach in any genre, and found this album, never heard of her before, played it once and said “hey not bad” Played it again, and then again and again, now in my opinion, it is one of the best albums written and produced in country music in the past 2 years, maybe longer. If she doesn’t get a Grammy nomination, I’ll be surprised And a winner for country album of the year, she’s got my vote


This album has all the feels, somehow it managed to make me party and tear up in the same forty-minute timespan.

Sammy smells

Ashley is the real deal


Ashley is an excellent songwriter and singer. I am thankful in today's "Country" there are still some artists putting out actual Country Music.


She is a great person and singer. She signed my Taylor guitar in Huber Heights Ohio. Talked a little and now she has gotten Awards and I knew she could do it. Proud of her and band. Stay healthy .


Didn’t know if Ashley could top her first album, but she did. Great sounding songs, with very meaningful lyrics about her experience and more. Ashley has a bright future ahead of her!


This is the best album of the year, all genres!!


Great songs! Thank you!


She is on fire!! Ash and the boys tell a GREAT story and stay true to themselves!!! #NeverWill


Her voice is one of the most unique on the radio right now!


Ashley McBryde never disappoints.


Amazing voice and great sound


Every generation of country music will arguably have a best male and female artist. Because of her ability to reach right into your heart and touch your soul with her music, Ashley is without question, the very best female country artist of her generation.


Another excellent and outstanding album by Ashley!! Looking forward to seeing her in concert again!! True class act! ❤️🎸🎼


Every single song is Awesome, Strong, Heartfelt, Lovely, Eye opening and You! Yinz did an AMAZING job! ❤️😍🔥


Wow wow wow! The entire album is amazing, but Sparrow and Never Will are my top 2! The vocals on Voodoo Doll and the lyrics and instruments on every other song. I didn’t think Ashley could top Girl Going Nowhere, but she did. Just give her all the Grammys now!


Very talented


Healing the soul one note at a time!


Every now and then an album will snag me as I’m looking for new music in iTunes. This one has a raw, unpretentious authenticity mixed with polished production quality. The songwriting is spot on and Ashley’s voice adds Country credibility for a solid album that represents the genre very well.




This is one of the most enjoyable diverse recordings on one record that I have heard for sometime. Love every song! Ashley McBryde is a gifted songwriter and she and her amazing Deadhorse band are 5star all the way.


Even when I was a young buck running around down south, my friends and I would blare McBryde through the speakers. I cannot remember the song, but it was one of her first I believe. Seeing she is still here holding more true to country music is a nice change of pace from the majority of them. Hold strong, and keep being beautiful McBryde.


Love her music!! It is so refreshing to hear her on the radio!!

Born Countty

Saw this lady in Columbus at the Bluestone. She is truly as good live as she is on her albums and full of life and personality. Down home country girl and her music is a reflection of all she is. Keep up the great work!




Ashley delivers once again 👏🏻

happy blue monkey7

This is poop


My soul's a flutter. Thank you!


This is what country music listeners want to hear not that Morris or Ballerini or Alana pop stuff. Keep it in the country lane Ashley👍🏻.


Whoever thinks this girl can’t sing must live above the Mason-Dixon Line Ha


To hear Ashley McBryde sing is as good as Loretta, Dolly, Pam or Gretchen. Even though she is newer generation she still sticks to the roots of country music. I don’t care what anyone says I’m proud to call her music true country music. Hope the album’s keep coming out


Girl Going Nowhere was awesome......can’t wait for Never Will.....


Just listened to "Hang in there Girl," and I'm already in love! Ashley is an amazing talent and I am so excited to watch her career soar.....well deserved. She stays true to honest and heartfelt lyrics and can kick *ss in a song (as evidenced by Hang in there Girl). Love listening to her music--she captures so many moods.


Love everything she puts out! It’s pure and honest.

Adriana M. Hillstrom

I find her? Annoying & not very good. Can’t wait for Kelsea Ballerini’s album to drop. Too bad. Maybe they should be an actor instead.


All I need to say is anything that come from or out of Ashley’s mouth is pure GOLD. I have been waiting along time for a true artist like Ashley. She stays tru to who she is and her band. Love all of u.


I discovered Ashley through the one and only....Miranda Lambert’s shoutouts to her. Which she also just came up as an auto-correct, so she must be big time. 😉. Anyway, loved her from the very beginning. My dad was not a preacher nor went fishing, but I felt every part of it. He is however a song writer and performer. I know the heart and soul put into the songs when it’s real. Whether these songs are written by her or not, they are amazing stories that were told and performed like they came from blood, sweat, and tears. Congrats on that girl!


I love real country music. I know almost every word to every real Country song!!! This is the one. Wow I am still blown away by the sound. It moves you! It makes you move.

Terri Shook

If the album is anything like the first two singles then we’re in for a dandy!