Nate Ruess - Grand Romantic

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Grand Romantic Tracklist:

Trust and Us


Itube roks

I’m not the type of person to venture out of my music genre, but one day I stumbled into one of his songs and it captivated me . This album takes you on a soft, mellow trip that basically helps you forget about the real world ❤️absolutely amazing. His vocals are actual raw talent. FAVORITE ALMUB.


plzz make another album your voice is so beautiful


I was listening to this on the way to work this morning. It really hit home on a few songs. I think we have all been there. No one sings like Nate. I hope to see another album in time. What an amazing voice with songs I wouldn’t have expected while going through this beautiful chaotic album.


This album actually saved my life.

All the names were taken 321

I could go into details about all the things I think could have been better in this album, but in all honesty, I love this album. I keep finding myself going back to it over and over again, and I don't find myself comparing it to previous works (in fun and the format). Beautiful works, and I'm looking forward to see where Nate Ruess goes next with his music.


Missing the band Fun. and now missing Nate. Feels like he's gone again )): [ig]

this album is easily on of the best i've ever heard. it's so good and well written. i'm in love with it


This entire album has been my saving grace on more than one occasion. From looking back on beautiful times during Moments and realizing that it's okay to not be okay, to letting it all go with Ahah, this album is perfection. I wouldn't change a thing.

TB Player99

I love every song on this album and I am a long supporter of Fun. for life


Great arrangement of music!!! Keep producing the great music Nate!! Love you!

Hot Chocolate155730

Overflowing with beauty and emotion.....his most gorgeous work yet. Thank-you, Nate.


Just like the album Some Nights, I like the story of the album.


Depressed Depressed , Sad Sad :(( . But what this album brings is a lot of emotions every song song has this weird feeling that brings my sadness into Happiness :))))✨ I've heard all of his songs from Fun they were all terrific even the Album Some Nights . But Grand Romantic is the best of the best . All of these songs are just different from any other artist . Sad Sad Sad :((( to Happy Happy Happy :)))✨ . It makes me get into these feelings which I want to cry I just think about this girl who I love with all my heart . But we're just the greatest of friends and last night this album made me cry . Nate Ruess by far the best Artist I've ever heard , I hope he keeps on working his magic . I wish to meet him one day :)))✨ "Great Big Storm" "AhHa" "It Only Gets Worse" "Moment"


This guy is amazing. What an amazingly versatile voice and what soul. Id like to sit down with Nate and discuss borderline narsicistic crazies and how they ruin lives.


Loved fun and Nate is taking their music to a whole new level by himself. The songs have beautiful lyrics and Nate's voice is perfect for every single one.


Grand Romantic (Intro)-7.5/10


This is really an excellent work with vigor running in vains! Many of these songs are attached to real feelings and very personal expression! Well Done😀

Spencer hubler

I've only rated like 10 albums 5 stars and something about ruess's voice is so lucid and rich and just so much good and unique qualities in it. I read some reviews in here saying he actually sounds bad live trying to hit these same notes which saddens me but what his voice is capable of here is honestly a talent very few posses. Songs like Ahha are so different from regular pop- alt. the intro and the albums flow is completely flawless it takes you almost thru a complete love story. Songs like you light my fire change later into songs like it only gets much worse (personal favorite) and you see the change in the album's direction and the story it's portraying. Although it doesn't end on an upbeat note. It is utterly complete and just amazing.


This album is worth a listen. While there are a few songs on here that sounds too poppy, there are some great songs on here! (Check out “AhHa” and “It Only Gets Much Worse”)


I had the amazing opportunity of hearing Nate live tonight in VT of all places. He sounds even better if that's possible. He puts on a great show. Buy this it's great. He wore Burnie T shirt and improved a song about him.


I've loved Nate for years now, at this point he could bark into a microphone and I'd give it a 100/3. In all reality, this album is SO GOOD. I am so obsessed with the album artwork, if that doesn't draw you in then I don't even knw man get out. Seriously though, buy this album, listen to Moment and Brightside(specifically the hair brushing part - I love it so much, I have no idea why) and Take it Back and prepare to listen to everything Nate related(The Format, fun., all of those covers!) for the next decade. Seriously! Everything he does is flawless, and his concerts are AMAZING. I really have nothing bad to say about him (or this album), other than the fact that he doesn't visit Portland(Oregon, Nate. My hopes have gotten high multiple times because of your recent trips to Portland, only to find out its the Portland in Maine) enough. PS- I've been listening to Sleigh Ride (from fun.) nonstop since August (I'm really off topic, buy the album).


I am definitely a fun./ Nate ruess fan, but once I heard this album I didn't really like it at first till I actually listened to it. Then I fell in love with this album. I mean I love every song on it. Can't believe how cheap it is. I plan on buying it soon. Absolutely amazing.


He is simply an amazing song writer and an amazing singer with this incredible voice!! Totally agree with the other reviewer(s), he deserves much much more attention and recognition!! Went to his Grand Romantic campus tour (10/14/2015 @ OU) and it was the best concert I have ever been to.


This album is just so beuatiful! Nate put so much passion and soul into each of these songs. And his concert is amazing too! If you have the chance to see him live, do it! He's happy and his songs really united the entire crowd.


...this guy is wow... sings his heart out....sings his soul out....

2 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so great!


I realize that music is subject and that some people may not enjoy this album. I love fun. (the band) lol. So I may be biased, but I feel as though this is an authentic album. It appears to me that the artist really put a lot of his life experiences into this album. The first time I listened to this work of art I was a little perplexed. After a second listen I fell in love. Lyrically it is trully beautiful and vocally it is thrilling. I am glad that Nate could provide us with this work of art to hold us over while fun. is on hiatus. I hope that I am able to see him live one day!

Rosemary in Texas

Wow, I love every song on this album. I have never purchased an entire album from iTunes. But I did this time because every song is GREAT!!!! 😘. I love Nate, he is a rare talent. Anyone who has not listened to this album is really missing out on great artistry. 👏🏻


Please please bring back The Format!!!!!!!!! Ppl if you this be is new please check out The Format. So much better!!! Please Nate!!

It's Kamilahhh

I first had to realize this is Nate Ruess and not FUN. The music is going to be slightly different. However I love this album. The feeling and heartfelt descriptions of his life is the absolute best part of this album. It makes me just wanna spend a week with him and just talk to him about his whole life. He is very transparent with everything he sings. And it's not so much the music part that intrigues me (although in my opinion it is splendid) it's the messages he conveys. It's the point he tries to get across. The story he portrays through the lyrics. And it is an absolute masterpiece. That mixed with the nice tones and beat and here you have it. Step right up for the Grand Romantic🌹


Brings out a romantic side. All positive vibes. Beautiful album.


I can't get enough of Nate! This album has to be the greatest thing I've ever listened to! God has truly blessed this mans voice. He even gives Freddie Mercury a run for his money! Great job Mr. Ruess, can't wait to see you in Atlanta xx

Chocolate Teddy Bear

I love fun, I love Nate Ruess, I love every single song on this album, and I love his face. God bless Nate Ruess and God bless America


The idea of Nate branching off from Fun. was at first alarming, but this album is great. A great variety for whatever style of music you like to listen to. The songs are moving and you can tell he put his heart into writing each song. Wonderful album.


But not as good as the fun. Songs


I was on the edge of my seat listening to this album I can not wait to see him live How could you not love him❤️


I love Nate's work. He is an extremely good vocalist with a great personality. I've always loved his work, in the band or solo. He just keeps on impressing me. I honestly don't understand some of the bad comments some ppl are making- "screechy voice"?? What???? He has one of the most unique voices I've ever heard. No one is like him. His voice is amazing and I'm in love with this new album!


As much as these songs hit me in my feelings, I can't get enough. His voice is just... everything. The fan girl in me comes out whenever. I forget that they're on repeat when I start listening. Love it. ❤️


I so appreciate an artist who can interpret love into music and lyrics in a way that surprises the listener. I was hooked on Fun. after several listens; this showcases Nate’s songwriting and theatrical whimsy even more than the Fun. albums. And I find it brilliant! Nate takes us on a ride musically in his solo album. Each song is full of twists and turns as Nate shares a piece of his heart with the world. At times angry and frustrated, at other times longing and hopeful, at other times full of joy. So different and wonderfully refreshing! If you love Fun., buy this - you’ll get it and love it. :) If you hate Fun., move on and spare the negative reviews. You probably won’t like this either. :p


He did great on his own! Fun is an awesome band but he can hold his own and he shows it here with a album just as good as the fun albums if not better!


This is friggen real. Who cares if you think his voice is annoying?! It really isn't. Would you rather turn on the radio and listen to overrated garbage all the time? I haven't even listened to half the album yet but i already know that its amazing. I really do hope this wins some kind of award.... But i know what music has become today and i have doubts. Rooting for ya, Nate!


Nate hit the mark with every song on this album. I’ve been a big fan for the last two years, diving head first into fun. and enjoying every song they put out. I was upset to hear they’re on a hiatus right now, but Grand Romantic is basically fun. 2.0, which ain’t a bad thing in my book! Seriously great album from start to finish.


As a performer and vocalist, Nate hits everything just right. But mostly, the songwriter in him is what shines….Mix lyrics from Dog Problems with pounding vocals of Some Nights and add a dash of whimsy from Aim and Ignite, and you’re got a fantastic Grand Romantic.

Gabis Ribeiro

The best album 2015


This album goes beyond amazing. Anything Nate does is top-notch, but this is definitely his best to date! Love Nate, love his vocals, love his melodies, love, love, love his lyrics!


From “Interventions & Lullabies” with The Format to “Some Nights” with Fun. and now his debut solo album, Nate Ruess has a sound that ripples through genres and speaks to huge audience. This album is a little more on the slow side, but the music and lyrics don’t disappoint. Nate has the ability to speak profoundly while injecting powerful melodies into his music. His rise to fame is well-deserved and “Grand Romantic” is a testament to his ability as a authentic songwriter and artist. Buy this album.

Bobby Kim 1013

This album is pure gold. I love "Nothing Without Love."

Summer skin

Such a great album! Loved every song!

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