Nate Ruess - Nothing Without Love



This is absolutely one of the most wonderful songs I have ever listened to. Nate Ruess has an exceptional voice, and is an extraordinary talented artist. He is very artistically creative with this song as well as with the whole album “Grand Romantic". I am sure he will win a lot of awards for this album at the next Grammy Award :-). By the way, this video is also very nice, and the female model is also very beautiful with her pretty smiles. :-)

Nicky Lovable

First of all, I'm a huge Nate Ruess fan. I started listening to his music in 2013 and since I've been very supportive of him. "Nothing Without Love" truly defines him and his musical style. The video isn't that great but the song is phenomenal! I'm surprised it hasn't made Billboard or American Top 40 yet. ❤️

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