My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

℗ 2006 Reprise Records

The Black Parade Tracklist:


Okay so I can usually tolerate other people’s opinions but how can you give this album a 1/5???? Literally there’s fast songs, there’s slow songs, there’s ABSOLUTE BANGERS and there’s NO BAD SONGS LIKE bruh their next album is literally going to send me into orbit I stg


First album I ever owned, this album still holds up as an all time favorite.


Classic alt rock album. If you haven’t heard at least a song from this album then you don’t listen to music.


I'm doing Black Parade on the drums, so this is my first time hearing MCR, and honestly they're not as edgy as everyone makes them out to be, and I actually enjoy the music.


Ok ok ok. I get it. Some people are mad because it is and i quote “just 4 guys singing, why get hyped?” But this is a pretty good rock opera. You don't just go up to somebody and say you should die because you should. Get to know it before you judge it. For real some people are ruining the internet and rn the world seems to be in a purge bcuz of covid-19, so just leave the negativity behind and go play your own song.


One of the most iconic albums of the 2000s

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What has music become these days? Just stupid love songs. Nothing that actually means anything. This album is like an escape from the horrible world of modern music. Classic emo. I’m not a emo myself but this album is amazing!

Bi1lie Ei1ish

I love MCR and I brought this album in 2009 and I love it. The g note made me sob but this is a great album for all emos.


This album is iconic and amazing!!!!! It deserves 5 stars!


5 stars. This is quality music that everyone should be lisining to




You already know


Never can get old. Will always be my favorite band and Album🖤🖤🖤


People overhyping this reunion it’s just 4 men missing the attention 🤷🏻‍♀️


Such a powerful album ❤️

remy lowy

since they announced they're reuniting yesterday i've been re-listening to this and i forgot how amazing it is.


Need I say more?


I love this album, it’s amazing.


This album is more iconic than I will ever be.


The best album of the 2000s, hands down. If someone says they hate MCR, they're lying. Plain and simple. I'm not crying right now...I just have some March 22nd in my eye. :(

Elise Crismon



This will go down in emo history. Just amazing


I can’t begin to express how much I love this album. Sure, it probably means much more to other people, but this is simply one of my favorites. This album is what got me into MCR. Tracks like “House of Wolves”, “Sharpest Lives” and “Teenagers” are so over-the-top and fun, while tracks like “Cancer”, “I Don’t Love You” and “Disenchanted” just leave you thinking about how sad life can be—the contrast is amazing. The beloved song “Welcome To The Black Parade” is the anthem for thousands upon thousands worldwide. I can never get sick of Gerard Way’s tasty vocal delivery on this album. The instrumental on every single song is astounding. The lyrics never cease to amaze me (this is coming from someone who generally HATES hearing music on repeat). You don’t even have to get the theme to enjoy the album. It’s just so good!! (If you hate MCR, Gerard even tells you “if you think that I’m wrong, it never meant nothing to you”. Seriously, if you only have bad to say about them, don’t say anything at all.)

Im Not Yoda

To the Black Parade

crazy for billy idol

Make some noise if you still love mcr I love Gerard way mcr was the band I have ever herd since middle school until this day even though they broke up I cried when they said that they broke up it was a tragic day for MCR mcr fans rip mcr we still love you and you will be in are hearts the music was awesome they saved me and their music say to me my two favorite songs was Helena and killjoy these guys really did rock mcr for ever ♥️☠️🖤♥️☠️🖤♥️☠️🖤♥️☠️🖤♥️☠️

.*+The Singing Sylveon+*.

Meh not a fan, MCR has done better. But just sayin, the song "Cancer" wasn't the best. I wouldn't be surprised if it gave me AIDS...


MCR is just an amazing band!! Yessss I’ve cried all the time about them especially on March 22, the day they broke up. But till this day I’ll never forget how much they’ve saved me and their music also saved me. They’re all so lovable and inspirational. Killjoys make some noise!!


Thank you for making my life better MCR! every song is amazing, I’m blessed so this band came into my life! My personal favorites are “Teenagers” “Disenchanted” and “Famous Last Words” Thank you for everything!! I love you forever xx ❤️


So good 👏🏻👏🏻 iconic


The only problem is they should make where it says clean on the clean version clearer because I got the clean one by accident, and the loud beep is so annoying.


For all killjoys I got a loving message for ya mcr5


I had previously purchased this album and I loved it and then my phone deleted my music so I went through to get it back but I have to rebuy this album

Golden Sparkle

I.LOVE.IT. I just became a MCR fan about a year ago, and wttbp was the first song from them I heard. After that, I got hooked on the band. I love their music!!!!!! It’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Night Hawk 251

Such a iconic album, Perfect in Every way


Anyone realize he's talikin about shooting up a school😂 emo and I love it.


This album is freaking awesome! Why did I not listen to MCR until now???? All the wasted yearssss!

Quarter 120

Nothing comes close to the masterpiece that is My Chemical Romance.

Ke$ha Zendaya and R5 fan

horrible music, can't sing, and the members are ugly. this band is so overrated and everyone keeps talking about them but uh they aren't even a band anymore so uh why y'all talking about them? plus they're bad. sad to see what this generation has gone to. if you want REAL music, listen to Logic. you won't be disappointed.


still the best 😍


i don't love you has got to be one of the most depressing songs ever especially if ur already really sad

Kylee Preston

Does it comes with all the songs ?


a decade later, i still love this album with every ounce of my heart. i applaud these guys.

Hailey M G

it's because I always g note myself

We Need Luck

I've began my love of Rock in the Classic field of listening to great albums like The Who's Tommy, Led Zeppelin II, Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, Aerosmith's Rocks, Queen's A Night At The Opera, AC/DC Highway To Hell, GNR's Appetite For Destruction, Def Leppard's Hysteria, Weezer's Blue Album, Radiohead's Bends & Oasis's Definitely Maybe. All these albums help my taste in Rock music. And this is one of those albums folks. When I first heard this album in full, I never grasped it to it being a favorite of mine back then. Now that I matured as a music listener & critic, this album really has aged nicely & is a bright spot in 2000's Rock altogether (same as Green Day's American Idiot). Favorite Tracks (No Order): Welcome To The Black Parade, Dead!, Sharpest Lives, Cancer, Teenagers, Mama & Famous Last Words. Highly recommend this album to MCR fans & Rock listeners in general.


Enough said


I absolutely love MCR and I love this album but I will never be happy because they broke up R.I.P My Chemical Romance

Eve of the stars

I recently got into MCR. They're pretty cool! 🤗I really wish they had clean versions that were actually clean 😒




Even though this came out 10 years ago it should still be high on the charts cause this is a classic album that everyone needs