Ben Folds - Motor City (Live At Detroit, MI 10/9/08) - EP


The Frowne Song is awesome. Just saw him in concert in MN and I had to have the Live Frowne Song, or as he says, not the real Frown/Frowne Song. All the songs except for Kylie are songs not on the new album. Notice the spellings of the songs compared to the new album, Way to Normal.

sam the camel

i was at this concert, me an my brother were the youngest kids there ;) ben folds is awesome, but some of his new stuff is too techno.


This was my first Ben Folds' concert and it was amazing. I am so glad that I can buy the songs that I actually listened to live. I love Benny!


To see Ben Folds live is something that everyone should try and experience at least once. The showmanship is incredible, the crowd energy is at a maximum, and the chemistry between Ben and his devoted fans (whether in the front row or in the back) is something that many artists should hope to achieve in their live shows. I was at this show and it was absolutely incredible. This recording gives that night justice and I can't wait to play it for all my friends. The only thing that could possibly be offered would be a live video of Ben and the frown faces with keytars, but hey, we can't really have everything, now can we? Buy this. Whether you're an old fan or a new one. I guarantee this'll be one of your favorite live recordings of Ben's. Especially the Frowne Song recording. Absolutely incredible live.


I've seen Ben 5 times now, and this was easily the most fun and solid show I've seen. Great tunes!


Being able to purchase these recordings from the show I attended in Detroit is going give me and a friend a simple and easy way to remember a very special night. Thank you Ben, we waited 11 years to see you again and it was an evening to remember.


This was a great show and this is a really cool way to get the songs from his "fake album" that are just as good (if not better) than the "real songs." This is a fun way to relive the concert or get a taste of Ben Folds live.


Great music


I saw Ben Folds October 10th and I was so anxious to see it on iTunes so I could buy it and they put Detroit and not Chi-Town?!? What's with that? I'm overly disappointed that I can't listen to the same stuff I had heard that night. C'mon iTunes! I'm not buying this album, I want Ben Folds live from Congress!


I was at this show and it was so good. So happy to see I can enjoy parts of it over again.


First off stick to the music, and you can find this from a ben folds search. On t o the music, i love these live songs that are posted after each show he has. i think apple should do way more of this type of thing. if you have never seen him live, check these out, and even if you have still get them.


This album doesn't come up under a normal "ben folds" search. The only way I found it was through a Genius Playlist reccomend? WHAT GIVES!?

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